Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Hate and Intolerance Brought to You by SPAMLDS

Greg, of SPAMLDS, is up to his usual stone casting from the safety of his lair:


Unfortunately, some Baptist people were arrested while trying to take some kids out of Haiti. While it was illegal, most people believe they were genuinely trying to help.

Greg, who can't stand it unless he's stirring the pot, wrote a little blip about one of these Baptist preachers who isn't actually a baptist preacher, but an "anti-Mormon preacher". He accuses the man of using his pulpit to spread anti-Mormon hatred and intolerance.

Come on Greg, don't you think you're pushing it just a little bit too far?

If, by simply being Baptist, he is automatically an anti-Mormon, then you, by being Mormon, are anti-Baptist. By labeling the guy as you have, you are the one spreading intolerance. So someone has a different view point than you...


Have you actually been to his church and heard him preach hate and intolerance? If not, then you're actually the one guilty of spreading hate and lies. He might have shared with his congregation the reasons why he believes the LDS church is not true, but I have news for you:


To Greg, if you're not Mormon, then you are anti-Mormon. If you're not with him, then you are against him. If Greg has EVER told anyone the reason why he believes the Baptist church (or any church) is not true, then he, by his own definition, is guilty of hate and intolerance.

You have a serious persecution complex, Greg.


You know how annoying and holier-than-thou those Evangelical Christians are? Greg makes them look like pussies! Greg is a Mormon extremist and if the prophet told him to defend it with violence, I wouldn't put it past him.

I despise this Greg guy more than I despise the Mormon leaders... and that's saying something.

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