Monday, February 8, 2010

True Blue

I chuckled this morning as a humorous thought crossed my mind. I was thinking of Jim Carrey and his role of Fletcher, the hot-shot lawyer who can't survive for five minutes without telling a lie. But when his son makes a birthday wish that his dad can't lie for one day, Fletcher has to learn that there are certain people you should never lie to.

In one scene, Fletcher has discovered that he is physically unable to tell a lie and his day is going to pot. In the privacy of his office he tries desperately to "lie" about the color of his blue pen. Unable to do so, he eventually ends up on the floor of his office (with pen marks all over his face) admitting defeat:

"The pen is blue! The goddamn pen is blue!"

Watch the scene here:

I was laughing because not only is this a funny scene, but how it actually reflects the Mormon churches view of the world.

All the evil anti-Mormons who are so busy making up their lies, like Fletcher, have to lie. Without deception, they can't function. Lying is all they know.

Remember the statement: Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ. I couldn't help but notice the correlation (not only symbolic but also nearly word for word) between Fletcher and all the "anti-Mormons" who, at the second coming of Jesus, will wring their hands and shout in dispair:

"The church is true! The goddamn church is true!"

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