Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Collapse of Evolution

To be fair, I found an 8 part video documentary on YouTube that claims to be able to refute evolution. I will post them all here. This video is pro-creation and even quotes passages from the Quran. Many times, it refers to the creator, Allah.

This video does bring up some very good arguments. Some of the arguments are better than others. If evolution is accepted by the scientific community in spite of these arguments, then they must have a good reason for rejecting them. I will attempt to find pro-evolution refutations to these arguments.

This first video establishes well that the origin of life is still unknown.

This second video makes the argument that even a single cell is so complex that it couldn't have possibly come about by chance.

The third video makes the argument that "natural selection" has no evolutionary power. Acquired traits, such as losing an arm, does not change the genes that are passed from generation to generation.

Video 4 argues that "irreducible complexity" makes slow, gradual changes over time impossible. It also argues that the idea of "mutation" is always harmful to the species and never beneficial. And it argues that no genetic mutation or evolutionary process can increase the information in the genome, thereby leading to more complicated organisms.

Video 5 argues that "transitional forms" are not present in the fossil record. Species appear suddenly in the fossil record in their fully developed forms.

Video 6 talks about some supposed "transitional forms" found in the fossil record and how they actually were not.

Video 7 talks about how man could not have possibly evolved from apes.

Video 8 talks about evolutionary fraud.

By posting this documentary, it does not mean that I agree with it. I am posting it here so that no one can accuse me of cherry picking. However, if the video brings up valid points, which it does, then they must be given some credit. I will attempt to find pro-evolution refutations to these arguments and post it here at Mormon411.

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