Wednesday, August 4, 2010

God Paid for My Movie the Other Night

That just drives me insane! How people take ordinary events and turn it into "god this" and "god that". I seriously want to slap someone!

I went to the movie theatre the other night and upon stepping out of my car, I found a five dollar bill just laying there on the pavement. If I was a believer I would have said, "God is rewarding me for being a good person."

But an unbeliever simply sees things as they are. God isn't rewarding me. Someone dropped a five dollar bill and I happen to find it. Simple. I don't add any imaginary friends into the equasion. I just see things they way they are.

"God" paid for my movie that night.

But it really gets me. Why give an imaginary dude up in the sky all the credit for everything?

I really hate the excuse for the absence of god by believers, "God works through other people."

I hate it! So you're telling me that your god is so pathetic that he can't do anything miraculous? He has to make a human being do the good deed? I'm sorry, but that does not prove anything other than that the person involved did a good deed.

I recently read an article in the good old Ensign. The moral: if you pay your tithing, complete strangers will give you money.

That's right. This couple was out of money and had a week to go until payday. As they were sitting in a public place, a complete stranger came up to them and handed them an envelope full of money.

First of all, that story is probably bullshit. Secondly, if paying tithing really did produce this type of reward, then it would happen all the time to everyone who pays. But since it only happens randomly, then it means that they would have received their good fortune anyway. And since non-tithe payers also receive good fortune from time to time, it means absolutely nothing! Tithing doesn't do squat!

Open your eyes people. Life without god isn't so bad. In fact, it's wonderful. I don't have to make excuses for god and try to explain why science disproves god on every turn.

Life without god is simply seeing the world the way it is. That is incredibly liberating.

I just wish that the human mind wasn't so gullible that they believe in a being that no one has ever seen and yet give credit to him for everything. If a good thing happens, that's proof that my god and my religion are true. If bad things happen, I'm being tested.

Our world will progress much faster once the superstition of religion is behind us.


Dean said...

Sorry, I deleted my first post because it came out unclear. Just wanted to say that I just found your blog and have quite enjoyed it so far. I find myself in a similar situation and it helps to know that I'm not the only once mormon atheist. Some things that you have said have articulated feelings and thoughts that I have, but have not been able to quite formulate into coherent thoughts. Thanks, I'll be back.

Mormon411 said...

Hi Dean,

You most certainly are not alone. In fact there are ex-Mormons everywhere! I run into them all the time. It's normal to feel anger at discovering that you've been lied to. Glad you enjoy the blog and I hope you'll stick around. If you want to tell your story, I'll be happy to publish it here.

dp in ia said...

I always loathed these ridiculous faith promoting stories about poor people tithing and getting a monetary surprise or praying to god and finding your car keys or many of the other trivial "blessings" afforded the faithful. I would hope that if god was real, he/she/it would have better things to do than pay for peoples' movies and find car keys.

But the faithful eat it up. Hook, line and sinker.

Mormon411 said...

Sadly, they do without even thinking about it.

Mormon411 said...

Holy fuck! What is the deal with all you spamming bastards that keep leaving your fucking shit comments!?!?! Get a life and stop putting your shit on my blog! Does anyone know how to block these fucktards? I delete several of them a day and I'm getting pretty fucking tired of it!!!!!

Mormon411 said...

I think I'm going to enable comment moderation for a while until these jerks get the message. I really didn't want to have to moderate, but honestly! Anyone is more than welcome to comment, pro or anti mormon, as long as it pertains to the subject.