Monday, August 2, 2010

Religion Is Simply Modern Myth

If there was a god, would he/she/it correlate with religion?

What I mean by that is simply this. If there was a god, faith would not be necessary. It would be a fact.

I wouldn't have to believe in a god in order to be saved. If there was an all powerful being, he would not base my eternal salvation upon what I believe. He would base it upon what I do with my life. If religion is true and the god of the Bible is real, then you believe in a dumb ass god.

Many people believe that god is responsible for the founding of America. They believe, although it is not the case, that this nation and it's laws are founded on Christian principles. In this country, we are each guaranteed the right to believe whatever we want. We can believe that murder is okay as long as we don't actually commit murder. We can't go to prison for believing that breaking the law is okay. We only pay the penalty when we actually do break the law.

However, according to Christians, who's god founded this country, it is just the opposite. We are either saved or damned based entirely on what we believe. If I believe that Jesus is Lord, then I am saved, even if I am a murderer. If I'm in a gang and I go around raping people, I am still saved as long as I have accepted Jesus into my heart.

Can you see the problem? God founded America and her laws. Yet, the laws of god are not the same as the laws of the land.

Further, if you believe that you are saved because you have accepted Jesus, then you are a fool, especially if you think that you can murder, steal, and rape. It baffled me as a believer and it baffles me now how people can actually believe that they can do horrible things and still be saved.

Christianity is truly stupid. All you have to do is say a few words and then you're saved no matter what you do? If it was that simple, the Bible would only need one book, one chapter, and one verse.

You really think that an all knowing, all powerful being will let you into eternal rest for putting in minimal effort? "I accepted Jesus," will not be a good enough excuse. Let me make it simple...

If I buy a house, I borrow money. I agree to pay back the lender a certain amount each month until my debt is paid for. Is it enough for me to simply accept the money and think that I have no more to do? No, you have to work hard so that you can make your monthly payments. Simply accepting the loan does not mean that you suddenly own a home free and clear.

So all you "Christians" who run around thinking that you're saved because you've accepted Jesus, you'd better think again. If religion and god was real, you'd be in trouble. It would take a real moron to believe that the rest of eternity is based upon three words, no matter how sincere or insincere they may be: "I accept Jesus".

But then again, it would take a real moron to believe in Jesus at all. Pick and choose any religion. They are all the same. Their god is just a recycled story where the names have been changed but everything else is practically the same.

For example, I have a book of Greek myths and one of the stories is about the creation of man and how the god, Prometheus, formed man out of mud and breathed on him to make him alive. Hmmm, have I heard that story before anywhere?

Genesis 2:7

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Why is it considered a myth if Prometheus did it but it's considered sacred truth if "god" did it?

Really makes you wonder... at least it should.

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