Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Absolutely Heartbreaking Story

Shunning - A Result of the Cult
Posted in the exMormon.org forums by: Anagrammy

Our ward was distributing Christmas presents to the old folks in the nursing home. I spoke with one sweet lady with hair still dark, no gray, but she seemed a little anxious. I asked her if something was bothering her and she said,

"Yes, I can't remember my children's names. I have eight, you see, and I can only remember the oldest two, Robert and James." I asked her if she had any grandchildren. She said she didn't know. I asked if her children lived far away. She said they lived in Orem (where she was!) I asked her if she had any pictures --because sometimes looking at their pictures would remind her.

She said, "Oh, no pictures... They took those away. They haven't spoken to me since I left the church. I am not a Mormon anymore. Are you Mormon? Do you know if I have any grandchildren?"

Where is the heart in these people? This is their MOTHER!

An awful chill went through me. What would it be like to raise all those children and then be thrown away like trash? There is no question this church hurts people ON PURPOSE. And the more people hear about it from one person after another, finally they will realize that this is the RESULT OF THE CULT, not some random meanie who didn't have the Spirit.



Brenda Gale said...

That's horrible!

Please understand that the Christians I know don't do things like that. I don't know much about mormonism but it sounds a lot like what the Jehovah's Witnesses do to people. They call it shunning.

I lost a girlfriend to them, she was no longer allowed to talk to me because I wasn't Jehovah's witness.

Very sad.

Mormon411 said...

It is horrible and I would hope that anyone who calls themselves Christian would never do something like this to someone, especially their own mother!

Yes, the JW's actively shun. Would any church that is run by Jesus himself condone shunning?

Jesus sat and ate with sinners, so that should answer that question.

The family trunk said...

I just happened upon your blog and thought I'd check it out. I can't leave it without at least saying something instead of ignoring it. I am a Mormon in Washington St. and have been my whole life. I don't know if this story is true but I would like to think it is not. My faith is so far from this story. There are good people and bad people in every aspect of life. I would never even think of shunning even an aquaintance in the church. What we are tought every week is so different from this web site. It is interesting how people can view things so differently. I love my faith and what it stands for. Thank you for your time.

Mormon411 said...

I would like to hope it is not true as well. It's hard to imagine how anyone would do something like that to their own mother, even if they have different religious views.

Yes, this site is different than what you hear in church because it brings up issues that most faithful members are not even aware of. These issues are real and the church does not want you to know about them.

I hope you'll stick around and read more. You don't have to agree but I hope you will at least read with an open mind. Maybe you'll find out a few things about the church that you didn't know before.

Doesitmatter said...

Wow that story was upsetting. If it's true. I hope some terrible shit happens to every one of her children. Fucking assholes.
A little more for The Family Trunk... Mormon411 already hit on it. When you attend church or do your home teaching, you typically hear uplifting stories. The lessons are well written and hit on very basic principles. People don't decide to leave the church because they are fed up with good values.
The reality is the church has an ugly past. This past is hidden from you. When it's talked about, they tell you to not worry about that. They label all material as "Anti-Mormon Literature". I have a challenge for you. Go to your bishop, or anyone you respect in the LDS church. Simply ask them to explain the circumstances surrouding Mountain Meadow. You'll need to be firm in your request because they will certainly try and avoid the question. There is a lot of material available from historians. They are not interested in converting you to some other Christian sect. All they do is study American history and report. Good luck. I surely hope you can at least do this one small task.