Sunday, December 5, 2010

Boyd K. Packer: "Don't Look Here" - An Exit Story

I had about an hour long conversation with a nice lady today. She is ex-Mormon and I asked her to tell me her exit story.

I could hardly believe it when she told me... When she was 16 and in seminary, they had a special speaker: Boyd K. Packer.

She related to me how Packer proceeded to tell the group that they should not focus too much on church history. If they did, they would find things that are dangerous to their testimonies.

I wonder if Packer ever had any children? I mean, you tell a teenager NOT to do something, what are they going to do? Exactly what you told them not to.

So this young lady began reading church history to find out what "she wasn't supposed to know." At 16 years old, she came to the conclusion that the church was not true and that they have been dishonest about their past!

Damn! I would give almost anything to go back and find out the truth at such a young age.

Oh, what would I do differently?

Does anyone else find it a little strange that Packer would use a negative to direct young minds to inquire about church history by saying, "Don't look right here"? It seems to me, that the best way to keep it secret, IS TO NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! Is Packer really that stupid? If he had kept his mouth shut about the churches past, this lady would have never even thought to inquire into its history. She would probably be a TBM to this day.

The man is an idiot and a bigot, but he gets one point for helping someone leave the church.


Belinda said...

Congratulations on escaping from religion. To be free of religion is a blessing that not many people enjoy. Don't look back in anger, forget it and move on.


Fanny said...

Packer gets many more points for people leaving the church, especially since his last talk in GC. Yes, what an idiot, or dork, or dufus. Oh, an inspired "speaking for God" dufus.

Mormon411 said...

Hi Belinda,

Yes, it is a wonderful blessing and that is why I'm doing what I'm doing. I'm not angry, per se; I just regret giving so much of my youth to TSCC.


Exactly. Thanks for the reference. I'll check it out.