Saturday, December 11, 2010

My TBM DH just admitted Joseph Smith was "creepy"!!!!

On the forums: A comparison of Joseph Smith and Brian David Mitchell

CA Girl said:

My Facebook status talks about how glad I am that Brian David Mitchell was convicted and reads, in part, "What kind of middle aged freak marries a 14 year old child as a plural wife?" A subtle dig at Joseph Smith that I am very proud I had the nerve to post, with all the TBMs on my Friends list. I figured it would go over their heads. Anyway, I read it to DH and he said "I agree." I paused and gave him that look wives give and said "Uh, you know Joseph Smith married 14 year old girls, right? You remember looking that up with me on Family Search, don't you?" and DH said "Yeah, that was creepy of Joseph Smith to do that."

And suddenly, despite the cold, rainy day where I am, I swear I saw the sun shine. Some days are just sooo good. ;)

Summer replied:

The evening news tonight (12-10-10) showed the following photo of Elizabeth Smart, at fourteen years of age:

Her photo should be shown to every missionary, and they should be told, "Joseph Smith took two fourteen-year-old girls as plural wives. They were the same age as Elizabeth Smart was when she was kidnapped. Does this girl look old enough to be anyone's wife? Why did Brian David Mitchell choose Elizabeth, do you think? (Carefully consider her account of being raped EVERY DAY.) Why did Joseph Smith choose his two fourteen year old girls, do you think? Are these the actions of a man who is trustworthy? Are these the actions of a man who should be offering direction and moral guidance to ANYONE AT ALL?"

"Brian David Mitchell was caught, prosecuted, convicted, and jailed because the larger community was fed up with him, and understandably so. The larger community of the people of Illinois were fed up with Joseph as well. He wasn't a martyr to his beliefs. He was a despicable man, and was recognized as such by decent people."

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MontelloOffGrid said...

THANK YOU for drawing the comparison between two pieces of SH!$'s interesting how with Brian David Mitchell the case is so cut and dry, but with old Joe the rationalizations are a plenty!!!

Mormon411 said...

Amen and amen!

Weston Krogstadt said...

OK, point taken. However, according to Rough Stone Rolling, Fanny Alger was "14 when her family joined the church . . . In 1836 after a time as a serving girl in the Smith household, she left Kirtland and soon married. Between those two dates, perhaps as early as 1831, she and Joesph were reportedly involved" (page 323). The Nazis used to say "repeat a lie often enough and it becomes fact." This is the case with Joseph Smith and his wives, give it enough time and Fanny will be 6 when Jospeh married her. After Joseph's death, Alger's brohter asked her about her relationship with Joseph, she replied "That is all a matter of my own. And I have nothing to communicate (page 327). Fanny wasn't talking, and Joseph wasn't talking, so how do we even know the marriage was consumated when she was 14, if ever?

Weston Krogstadt said...

I think you would also have to agree with me that there is a big difference between kidnapping a girl out of her room at night and getting permission from her parents when the parents "considered it the highest honor to have their daughter adopted into the prophet's family" (page 325). Joseph talked to "Alger's father, then mother, and finally to Fanny herself, and all three consented" (page 325).

pollypinks said...

I've been watching Brian D.Mitchell on "In Session", and this idiot knows exactly what he's doing, but let me tell you, it won't work with the big boys in prison. They won't play his games, and pedophiles are not treated well. I hope they don't segregate him.

Mormon411 said...

We know it was consumated because there is a record of it on family search, an LDS owned website.

Yes, I do agree with you on that one: kidnapping a girl vs. getting her parents permission. But when one considers the fact that JS threatened the entire family with hell if they did not let him marry her, (and promised them all heaven if they did allow him) it's not kidnapping, but, in my opinion, is spiritual blackmail.

pollypinks, I have had the opinion all along that the guy is completely competant and that he is just trying to manipulate the system. I'm sure that he will get what he deserves.

Mormon411 said...

I'd like to see Mitchell try to sing a hymn while some dude is shoving his schlong down his throat!

Doesitmatter said...

Weston it seems your trying to justify things a little bit. 14 years old is too young no matter the condition. Your reference to the family considering it to be the highest honor is total bullshit. Maybe if he was adopting her and was filling a father figure role then I would concede. Joseph, Brigham, and other leaders took these young wives for one purpose only and it wasn't to teach them good values.
I'll be sure to read your blog and follow your input. If this post is any indication, I am guessing you believe all critical/negative documentation of church officials to be false.
I watched a documentary on a break off sect of the FLDS. I believe they reside in Canada. The leader as a shit load of wives. I mean he must be pumping all day long. Anyways to make a long story short, he was facing legal problems because accusations arose that he was having sex with a girl this same age. She admitted they have, and she feels "honored" because he was the "prophet". She loves him... Now I hope you can see a problem with this. Girls this age aren't capable of making decisions like this and they shouldn't be put in that situation. Men who sleep with young girls are perverts no matter the situation.