Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For Only 10%...


Dan said...

Has it occurred to you that it may be God's will that you be an atheist?
The reason you can't find the true church is because the true church doesn't need the church. The Children of God have God within, they don't need the church to guide them or save them. The church (all church) is not for those believe and have God, it is for those who don't. Those who don't have God, and never will have God, pay the church to make themselves feel better about not having God. That is the function of the church. The church provides the Koolaid that pacifies the masses. That is the function of the church. There is no reason to not believe in God. There is a good reason not to believe in church. I hope you do not turn your back on the possibility of something more because of your disillusionment with the establishment.

Mormon411 said...

Why would god want me to be an atheist? If so, why did he send me into a staunch Mormon family? It makes no sense.

The rest of your comment makes even less. The church is for people who need it and don't need it? People who don't believe pay the church so they can feel good about not believing? I have no idea what you're trying to say.

My decision to dump god was thoroughly researched and pondered. I didn't leave because I am disillusioned with the Mormon church. I left because I had to apply the same critique to both Mormonism and Christianity. To do any less would be lying to myself.