Thursday, April 14, 2011

Songs For Mormon Children

Wow, did this bring back memories!

I was on and someone made a post about child indoctrination using songs. I did a quick search and came up with this website:

I listened to these very songs again and again as a Mormon child. Some of them are really cute but others are just scary. Click on the title of each song to play it.

I Want To Be A Mother

When I grow up, I want to be a mother
And have a family.
One little, two little, three little babies of my own!
Of all the jobs, for me, I'll choose no other.
I'll have a family.
Four little, five little, six little babies in my home!

And I will love them all day long,
And give them cookies, and milk, and yellow balloons.
And cuddle them when things go wrong,
And read them stories and sing them pretty tunes!

When I grow up, if I can be a mother,
How happy I will be.
One little, two little, three little babies I can love!
And you will say, "Each sister and each brother
All look a lot like me."
Four little, five little, six little blessings from above!

This one is obviously for the girls and it backs up exactly what Heather was saying about how women are expected to be stay at home mothers. I have been preaching forever that children are indoctrinated from birth. Now you can see that I haven't been exaggerating.

Got A Dime In My Pocket

Got a dime in my pocket.
I can feel when I walk. It
Kinda rolls and bounces around.
Earned it working for
The man next door,
And now I'm going to town.

Got to do some arithmatic
And I've got to do it quick
Before I can use it, my friend.
Take ten percent for tithing first.
That leaves nine whole pennies to spend, to spend.
There's nine whole pennies to spend.

Maybe I'll earn a quarter
Doing work and you'll sorta
Think that I could buy a whole store.
Well, it sure sounds fine,
But it's not all mine.
That's what my figurin's for!

Got to take ten percent
Before my first bit is spent.
It's getting complicated you see.
One tenth of ten and half again,
Leaves twenty-two cents and a half for me.
There's twenty-two pennies for me!

And when I'm even taller
And I earn a whole dollar,
You can trust I'll know what to do.
I'll give back the dime that isn't mine.
For I'll be faithful and true!

It'll help righteous people
Build a church with a steeple.
I believe it's a wonderful way
A little child can serve the lord
Giving ten percent of his pay, ok!
Just ten percent of his pay!

Jesus wants his penny, damn it. Teach that child early to gladly fork over money. By giving your money, you are being faithful and true. Teach them while they're good and young!

Never Tell A Lie

My teacher told me I should never tell a lie.
Because a lie will bring you trouble, sure as pie.
It's an awful thing to do,
And it's true, as true, as true,
You'll get caught and then you'll start to cry.

You'll have a horrid, painful pounding in your head.
And you will feel your face get hot and turn bright red.
Then your heart will start to thump.
In your throat, you'll get a lump.
And you feel so bad, you'll wish that you could
Lie right down and die!
You're much better off to never tell a lie!

Not even sometimes!

Remember, never, ever tell a lie!

I agree that you should teach your children to not lie. But look at how this song conditions little children to feel if they have made a mistake. You'll wish you could die! This carries over into adulthood and intense guilt is felt for not completely complying with the 101 rules and commandments that we discussed earlier.

I Know The Prophets

I know what a prophet does,
And I can name some too!
They're men on earth who talk to god
The way I talk to you!

They can't be just anyone.
It takes a righteous man.
But first they have to be ordained,
For that's the sacred plan.


Adam, Moses, Jeremiah,
Abraham, Noah, and Mosiah,
Daniel, Samuel, Nephi too!
I know the prophets. Do you?

The music in this song sounds like it's straight out of a Nintendo game. Teach the children young that Mormon leaders literally walk and talk with god. Although the "prophets" themselves never admit it, it is taught to the children and they grow up believing it without a doubt. When they are adults, the years of brainwashing will make it very difficult for them to "stray". They will then turn around and do the same thing to the next generation.

I find the song "Won't Somebody Come and Play?" to be quite cute with a very catchy melody.


Tyson Devereux said...

I have grown up in primary (class for children), I have spent years teaching primary, and my wife has been the primary president and I have never seen nor heard any of those songs ever. They are factitious and fabricated, probably spread over the years.

You're right, we shouldn't teach our younger generation morals or righteous virtues. They'll have plenty of time to learn those things in high school or college. (sarcasm) I don't get this argument. Should I now go tell my dad who taught me at a young age the value of honesty and hard work to F off because he brainwashed me and never let me think for myself? Please, the argument is weak. The groups who complain about this are doing the same thing to their children whether they know it or not. We have parents send their children to our church because they enjoy the morals and values they learn. The children enjoy it. enough said

Mormon411 said...

Did you even read my post? I GREW UP as a Mormon child singing these songs. This is just another testament as to how ignorant you really are about the church.

There is nothing wrong with parents teaching values to their children. But to brainwash a little girl that when she grows up she wants to do nothing but pop out babies? If you can't tell the difference between teaching values and plain out brainwashing, then you're pretty sad.

Tyson Devereux said...

Again, all I have to say is I grew up in primary and I have searched for those songs - never heard it them

Mormon411 said...

I should clarify, these songs were never primary songs. I don't know where they came from, exactly, but they were in my home as a young child. I listened to them on a tape player. My mother probably got them from a Mormon bookstore or something. I haven't heard them for years. I don't know if they were produced by the church or by an independent musician. But I DO remember listening to them.

Tyson Devereux said...

Thank you for your clarification

Mara Denti said...

I'm 17 years old and it crushes me to know that you knew all the truths and were raised to believe in what so many people want. Why would you bash us mormons? We do no wrong to anyone, and if you have issues, well buddy, sounds like a personal problem. All I'm saying is get your facts straight. If you're gonna hate, be smart about it.

Mormon411 said...

I don't bash YOU Mormons. I bash the Mormon church and its leaders, and, yes, there is a difference. You're right, the Mormon people do no wrong, any more than any other group of people. But the Mormon leaders teach you that if you don't give your money to god that you will go to hell, just after you burn in a big fire. The last time I checked, the scriptures claim that the gospel is FREE!

If I have misrepresented the facts, please, by all means, set me straight.

And please do tell... what in the world is "smart hate"?

Tyson Devereux said...

Mormon411, I was curious what your "scripture" is for church being FREE. Because I can certainly share with you scriptures about tithing, sacrifice, building up the church, and charity -

Tyson Devereux said...

Hey Mara - I enjoyed your words, but don't let things get to you, the more you say in frustration the more is used to create ideas. I checked out your blog, a little slim, but message me. I liked your topic and profile and would like to hear more -

Mormon411 said...

2 Nephi 9:50
Come, my brethren, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters; and he that hath no money, come buy and eat; yea, come buy wine and milk without money and without price.

2 Nephi 26:25
Behold, doth he cry unto any, saying: Depart from me? Behold, I say unto you, Nay; but he saith: Come unto me all ye ends of the earth, buy milk and honey, without money and without price.

Alma 1:20
...they did impart the word of God, one with another, without money and without price.

Isaiah 55:1
Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.

Is that clear enough for you? Buying milk and honey, which are sweet, are metaphors representing the gospel which is also supposed to be sweet. Free milk and honey means free gospel. NO MONEY.

I've said this before as well: I have no problem with anyone who wants to donate to their church. I understand that churches have operating expenses too. But any church who determines a set amount and then guilt trips the hell out of the members? Not okay in my book.

Tyson Devereux said...

Mormon411 - Nice try. The 3 scriptures out of the 4 are just repeats where Nephi is merely referencing Isaiah's scripture. Either way, neither one refers to FREE. Christ beckons all to come unto Him . . and then states AND those without money can also come unto Him - implying that it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, the gospel is for everyone. That is exactly the foundation of tithing and offerings of the Church. It's 10% for everyone. If you have no money, 10% is 0, so whether you're rich or poor - those with money AND those without money can come unto Christ. Right now I'm a graduate student living off of student loans. I have no income - so my tithing is 0. The key word in all this however is Buy. He says to come BUY wine and milk without money. To Buy something implies that it COSTS something which implies that it is not FREE. Sure, it doesn't have to be money - but we still must BUY. We buy with our time, talents, sacrifices, obedience and Faith. And that's where you miss the point on tithing. Tithing is not about money. Tithing is about sacrifice, obedience, and faith. But it doesn't have to be money. The early saints tithed with animals and crops. They also tithed with their time helping build churches and the temple. Tithing is about sacrifice. Right now, things cost money to build and develop, and as followers of Christ we need to have the faith to give and sacrifice a small portion to understand that possessions and money is not more important than God.

The scripture in Alma is more helpful with the references previous. It states that those not belonging to the church grew in riches and persecuted those that did belong to the church. The passage of them imparting the Gospel without money is in reference to those that opposed them that grew in riches drawing a contrast between those who defiled the word of God and cared more about wealth and those that followed the gospel and did not need wealth to be a part of the church of Christ.

Again - BUYING milk and honey = COST = Not Free - I surely hope that clears that up for ya

Mormon411 said...

If you're in graduate school, which BTW I wish you well in, then I assume that eventually you will be making good money.

If you want to justify forking over 10% of your wage, be my guest.

Tithing is about money, no matter how it is described. They want your money and try to make you feel good when you give it over by telling you that it's a trial of your faith, obedience, etc. That way you will fork it over gladly and be happy doing it and even defend it like you are now.

It is about money. Religion is a business. No, actually it's a scam and you are a victim. The church has billions of dollars in assets. They don't need your money. God doesn't need your money.

Why don't you count your service and time to the church as part of your 10%? For example, you fulfill your calling and it takes 10 hours a week. That ten hours is worth maybe $75. Your paycheck was $1500 and so the tithing you "owe" is $150. Subtract $75 from the $150 and give them a check for the remainder: $75. And tell them why you are doing it. They will very quickly correct you and call you to repentance and state that they want your "faith" in the form of cash.

Try it and see if I am wrong.

Don't kid yourself. It IS about the money. If it wasn't, they would accept your other donations as well.

Tyson Devereux said...

If that's the way you want to see it. I see it differently. You may say I'm just blind. I know that the church has money . . but I've also seen Pres. Hinckley's tiny apartment when he was alive - Let's just say he was't getting "Paid" - You make it sound like people are getting rich off of tithing which is not the case. The money is utilized in assets and charities. So you just see what you want to see.

Tithing is not about money. You say it is because that's the way you choose to see it. But for me - it has nothing to do with money. It is about sacrifice. Tithing is defined as 10% of your gain. That is all the church can really instruct. It is for the individual to determine what their gain is. When I mentioned the early saints giving crops or time, they did so because they had no money - not as an option to opt out of paying money. I really don't understand your scenario and how you fabricate these ideas in your head. The church does not regulate your tithing. It is up to each individual to pay their tithing as much as they feel is necessary.

If you want to create the idea that your time is worth the value and pay to make up the rest . . go right ahead if you feel that is correct . . . if that is how you truly feel, but if you choose that way to opt out of having to pay so much money and cheat the system and cheat the Lord . . . then it would be better if you didn't pay tithing at all because you truly didn't understand the concept. To know what is expected, and decide to do it another way . . . that kinda defeats the purpose of sacrifice when you choose the option that you want and is easier.

You make tithing as this demanding thing. I don't feel that it is demanded out of me. Yes, it is sometimes talked about and counseled, but not demanded. I guess the guilty take the truth to be hard -

Mormon411 said...

Tiny apartment? He lived in a penthouse overlooking temple square with bullet proof windows.

No one is getting rich from it? Nearly everyone in the church hierarchy is the CEO or chairman of some business owned by the church.

The church is false. There is no god. Religion is just a way for con men to legally cheat you out of your money, and get away with it tax free!

Tyson Devereux said...

You just need to man up- instead of giving this weak A to Z logic. You just repeat what you hear because this guy heard it because this guy read it from a book because he heard somebody report it because he heard it somewhere. Really- you call yourself logical but logic is really a relevant term.

The first part of the video concerning the early years of the church, I cannot say much about. This is the first time hearing of anything of the sort. From the way it sounds, most if not all of those "facts" are either out of context or fabricated. However, the topic of discussion is the church being rich and during those early years, the church was nothing close. To even consider someone getting "rich" during those times is a deceitful assumption

What is being questioned is the church today. And this is the best part - wait for it - they fail to show any proofmwhatsoever. This guy blows smoke and mirrors, discussing Point A: Some people get compensated for being directors and goes right to Point Z: Church leaders are put on Boards. Without any proof of compensation - it is a mere assumption and a weak one at that masked as harsh fact. And you call the church deceitful when you are the one who can't even show proof of your own claim.

Most people I know on Boards are not compensated. Most Boards I've ever heard of are not compensated. Most apostles have had and achieved success in their respected careers. Not by being on some Board. And each one have given up their successful careers to serve in their capacity. I'm tired of your mean-less parroting. Man up-

Mormon411 said...

Of course they are fabricated! After all, ex-Mormons are so full of hate and anger that all we can do is make up any lies we can to damage the church. We are going to hell and want to take as many as possible with us.

Again, if you want to justify forking over your hard earned dollars, that is your business.

You tell me to "man up" and that my arguments are weak because I can't provide any proof of my claims. First of all, I just shared the video. They are not my claims. And people who do find out this information have found it somewhere. I am sure that if you really wanted to know, you would be able to find it too. But you prefer to keep wearing your blinders and be ignorant of what is really going on.

Secondly, there are plenty of other arguments against the church that I have shared on this blog and provided references for. But no matter what, the church is true, so anyone who says otherwise is just full of the devil. Did you ever stop to think, just for a moment, that you might be the victim of a 180 year old fraud?

I write these words in the hopes that I can set a mind or two free of the lie. Obviously, yours is not one of them.

Your so-called prophets are nothing more than wolves in sheeps clothing that the Bible warns about.

Tyson Devereux said...

I like your cowarding "They are not my claims" line. Fantastic. What are your claims? Claim #1 - the scriptures prove that church is supposed to be free - not only did you not share one scripture that stated that church is free and refutes the concept of tithing, but the scriptures you did share only supported my argument. Claim #2 -Church leaders profit from the members - again showing no proof of compensation, but using speculation to fit your ideas. Claim #3 - I am ignorant of what is really going on - I see, your other claims have no validity so you result to the "ignorant" route. Wow - and this you don't even have proof of either. You don't even know me, don't even know what I've gone through and experienced and you're going to put judgement on me. I thought you were open minded - and the second a challenge your ideas I become "ignorant" - resulting to name calling . . . it must have been your nap time -

You are just words. I may not agree with your intoxicated "truths", but at least back up your claims -

Mormon411 said...

Read the scripture in Malachai carefully... it says bring the tithes into my storehouse.

Wait a minute! If tithing is supposed to go to the store house, how come it doesn't? Why is there a separate fund for that which is optional?

Further, that scripture says that if you pay you'll be blessed. It doesn't say anything about not being temple worthy or buring in a big fire at the end of the world. That stuff is all made up by the Mormons.

You claim that I don't back myself up. I claim that if you had read my blog, you wouldn't be saying that.

The bottom line is that you believe in a fairy tale and if you want to live your life in dream-land, be my guest. It doesn't take that much brain power to see the real truth if you just take the time to use it.

Tyson Devereux said...

Don't worry, this will be my last post on this topic. It's getting old. Really, you're going to quote Malachi? (Not Malachai - if you're going to quote somebody, at least have the decency to spell his name right). Stop . . . please just stop quoting scripture. I don't know whether to laugh or just feel sorry for you.

Look, you made a claim on tithing and I called you on it. It's not my fault you can't back it up. Again, you claim something you can't back up (I'm starting to see a pattern) I do read your blogs. I actually read your blogs more than anyone else. I actually read it, instead of salivating over every overused cliche of childish spat. "It's a fairy tale" - goodness, I think it's time you use your big boy words. Look, I've never said to stop posting. I've never threatened you in any way . . . you're going to do what you do and I'm going to do what I do . . . but if your going to share incorrect info or make incorrect claims, I'm going to call you out. Sorry to back you up in a corner -

Mormon411 said...

Who wants money? Man. Not god. "God" created the universe. "He" doesn't need your money.

You haven't backed me into a corner.

You are making claims that you can't backup. You believe in Jesus. Can you prove he is real? Can you prove Joseph Smith was a prophet? No, all you have is your special feeling that its true, so don't even talk to me about backing up your claims.

I didn't bother to look up the proper spelling of Malachi because I knew you would know what I was talking about. And you didn't even address my question. The reference that I brought up really makes it sound like tithing is supposed to be used for charity.

How come it isn't?

Rose said...

The songs your blog discusses were not produced by the Church. I had the tapes when my kids were young. It was an independent recording. I am reasonably sure it was members who wrote and recorded the songs but I know for sure the LDS Church did not have a part in it. I found the brainwashing idea interesting. Kids grow up today watching TV and other media. You think they aren't affected by everything they see and hear over and over? And how many of those messages are of any kind of important value? Is the idea of finding motherhood important a bad thing? Really?

Jennie said...

Apparently none of y'all were raised in the South. No matter what religion you are, or even if you are atheist, it is a WONDERFUL thing to donate your money to people who don't have any or to a place you *hope* is doing the right thing, whether it's your church of choice, or your charity of choice. Angelina Jolie donates a third of her income because she thinks it's the right thing to do. I will teach my children the same thing, but I'll start with the 10% idea.

By the way, those songs--I heard them, too growing up. Scary I know--the mommy of 6 kids one. But they are NOT church sponsored AT ALL. Those songs were popular among "members" in the 80s, not the church. THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN IN THE CHILDREN'S HYMNBOOK EVER. It was one person's intrepretation of gospel principles. So they were a little off, just stick to the scriptures and pick the ones you like I guess. But in the South, you're bound by all the scriptures, including the ones that encourage you to donate to the poor, etc. And many people think a great way to do that is through their churches. It IS God's money. Or if you're an atheist, I'm sure you have more money than your Central America or African neighbors and could possibly increase their quality of life a little by giving to your favorite charity.

Although my mother played those songs to me, she said every child is a blessing whether it's one or none ('cause you only have a goddaughter or niece or nephew) or more. I won't play them for my kiddos, but we were smart about those songs.

Mormon411 said...


I'm sorry I didn't see your comment sooner. I am not saying that motherhood is a bad thing at all. I am saying that Mormons condition young women into believing that all they can ever be is a mother. Motherhood is not for everyone. Shouldn't it be their decision if they want to have kids and how many?


Yes I realized that it was produced independently of the church. But, the church has never hesitated to let members know if something is inappropriate and I don't recall them ever saying not to play these songs to their children. The reason is that they (the songs) are spot on when it comes to church doctrine. Women are baby factories. Pay your ten percent. Feel extreme guilt when you mess up.

I'm surprised that these songs WEREN'T produced by the church!

I have no problem with people giving whatever money they would like to their church or charity. But when that church demands a set amount and guilt trips you out of it by threatening to take away eternal blessings, that's when I have a problem!

The LDS church uses fear, intimidation, and brainwashing to control it's members. It is a cult.

Caleb said...

Mormon411 Keep up the good work. You may be the catalyst needed for someone to begin asking difficult questions. The LDS church disgusts me especially because it is such a blatant scheme. Strong minds will at least consider what you have to say. Weak ones will cover their ears at the mention of anything contrary to what they already believe. The thing about brainwashing is that the victims defend their antagonizers. It's frustrating, but we can't help everyone.

Caleb said...

Mormon411 Keep up the good work. You may be the catalyst needed for someone to begin asking difficult questions. The LDS church disgusts me especially because it is such a blatant scheme. Strong minds will at least consider what you have to say. Weak ones will cover their ears at the mention of anything contrary to what they already believe. The thing about brainwashing is that the victims defend their antagonizers. It's frustrating, but we can't help everyone.

Berit Davidson said...

Thank you for posting these lyrics! A few years back I scoured the internet and finally found the lyrics "When I Grow Up" which I had once performed at a family wedding as a young girl! Tonight after seeing my cousin's new baby with her other little ones, it made me think of that song, so I googled the lyrics and was excited to find it here along with some of the others from that album. My other favorite from this album was "Look at the Baby", such a beautiful lullaby! These songs were not part of the primary program; we never sang them in primary as they were not part of the Primary Sing With Me Songbook. That's not to say it wasn't popular in the LDS culture although I don't recall any of my closest primary friends having this album. As for myself, I loved listening to it!

Amy said...
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Melissa said...

My family had a copy of these songs and a tape as well I think. I LOVED them. I do see your point of feeling the brainwashing although for me it was not. It is also important to point out that it was "Mormon" songs about teachings, but it was never approved by the LDS church. I am active in the church and respect your views for what you have chosen for your life. I am not here to judge or tell you right or wrong. As a primary president at one point I was constantly encouraging teachers to use church approved materials. I do laugh at the "When I grow up, I want to be a mother"... song. I loved singing it as a kid and always wanted to be a mother, but I don't know that I have ever bought my kid a yellow balloon. I appreciate and value my faith and testimony, but it is mine. I do things out of belief and not blind following. And again, I totally respect your decisions in life. I think there is room for everyone.