Saturday, May 5, 2012

Childish Creationist Arguments

Evolution... you probably can't accept it as a fact because you are too insecure with the thought that humans are really just animals with reason and that a bacteria is your great, great, great (a million times) grandfather.

Evolution... a complete series of total random events, right? Wrong!

Just because you can't see evolution happening, doesn't mean that it's not. A common creationist argument is "show me". They claim they will believe when they see it. Personally, I find it funny as hell that they use that argument when it is a great reason to NOT believe their nonsense.

Anyway, they seriously try to make the argument that since you can't see it happening, then it isn't. Dumb, dumb, dumb! It is impossible to witness evolution. It happens very slowly over millions of years. Since a human life is only a split second on the timescale of the universe, we only have a teeny fraction of the entire picture.

So their arguments of "show me" is just a pathetic cop out. They know you can't show them and so they feel that they have won the debate.

I watched a televangelist once. His argument, that he wanted all his listeners to use when confronted with evolution, was "Were you there?" What a weak and pathetic argument! Was he there when Jesus was nailed to the cross? No, no one was there, but the animals were and they left traces and clues of their existence.

Their "were you there" and "show me" arguments are like trying to argue that China isn't there because you've never seen it. It's childish, immature, and very pathetic.

And yet, when atheists use the very same argument right back at them, they claim it's all faith based and since theirs is faith based, ours must be too.

The reason it is okay for an atheist to use the "show me" argument is because they (creationists) are defending a position which has no evidence.

Evolutionist to creationist: "Show me the evidence of creation."

Creationist: "I can't because there is none. God wants us to take it on faith."

Evolutionist: Rolls his eyes and can't believe that there are humans beings who are this foolish and gullible!

When the scientific community makes a claim, the non-scientific community wants to spout their opposition and call it a debate. No. You can't debate something you know nothing about. It's like me trying to tell a Chinese person how to speak Chinese. That person won't take me seriously for a second because I know nothing about the Chinese language.

And then the religious community whines and throws a fit because science won't "include" them and take their views seriously. They want so badly to have their made up fairy tales hold as much weight as scientific, empirical evidence.

It ain't never gonna happen!

Then the really funny thing is that since they can't beat science, they try to discredit it anyway they can. All of a sudden it becomes "illogical" to believe in evolution and to be an atheist. Wow! That's the worse case of the kettle calling the pot black that I have ever seen! Yes, it is totally illogical to base your beliefs on evidence, and, on the other hand, it is totally logical to believe in a magical sky daddy. You got us! We surrender to your overwhelming arguments!

At least that's what they think. They can spout their irrational beliefs and quote scripture verses all day, but in the end, their holy book is a work of fiction and their god is pathetic. He's so pathetic that he can't even come down and end the debate once and for all. Any god who bases the eternal salvation of his children on "faith" is a moron! If you take a wild stab at something, hope for the best, and put all your "chips" in, chances are you're gonna get burned big time! Human kind could (and has) dream up a million different gods and paths to heaven. What are the chances that YOU got it right? Your teeny, one-in-a-million chance has some pretty high stakes! But it's logical to blindly believe...

"God's ways are higher than our ways" is just an excuse for the everyday things that happen. Having been on both sides of the fence, I can truthfully tell you that my life has been NO DIFFERENT since I kicked god out of it. My lack of faith does not bring any curses or hardships that I did not have as a believer. My luck hasn't changed. I still have ups and downs just like everyone else. I've stopped praying and nothing is better or worse.

Why invest all that time into such a one-sided relationship? Why devote your life to god when he requires you to take it all on blind faith? It seems that god is a "do as I say and not as I do" type of figure. Add that to my list of reasons to not worship his pathetic ass.

When the religious community learns to speak scientific "Chinese" that is when they will be taken seriously. That will never happen because it means they will have to admit they were wrong and that is something that we all know will happen on the day when pigs sprout wings and fly. Their god is never wrong, so they stand in the face of evidence and deny it until their faces are blue!

The only thing they are accomplishing is proving to the world how childish they are. I've never heard one good, solid reason to believe.

And I suspect that I never will...


Citizen Atheist said...

Well said!

Oh and here's a site you might be interested in blogging about. Supposedly the author wants to free people from Mormonism... only to make them agnostic, believe in ghosts and other superstitions.

Diary of an Ex-Mormon said...

This has recently started to astound me. There is so much evidence supporting evolution but if there are ANY missing pieces it's completely denied by the religious. Why is that? Yes - show me the evidence supporting YOUR clam that evidence doesn't exist for evolution. Show me the evidence supporting this belief that the earth is 6k years old. It's baffling that we STILL live in an era where so much ignorance is prevalent.

msteinman said...

Good for you, I went to boarding school in utah and didn't realize until then how horrible mormons are. I am glad you had the balls to leave, all of the mormon kids I knew were just brainwashed and ignorant. I hope this helps some other mormons realize the truth in there messed up religion.

AngryDuck! said...

I would contend that there is evidence for evolution. I recently saw a YouTube video in which the poster described how mice living in Central Park in New York City have genetically drifted from the ones living in other forested areas of the city, and how all of them have wildly diverged from the country mice. In only two hundred years, enough evolution has occured that by testing a random mouse from New York, you can determine from which forest it came. Seems to me that's pretty definitive proof of evolution.

Mormon411 said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments. I enjoy reading them even though I can't always respond.

Thank you for that video, Angry Duck! While I agree with you 100%, there are some creationists who will argue that this is an example of micro-evolution (which it is) and animals only micro-evolve so therefore the whole evolution argument is still invalid.

What they fail to realize is that micro-evolution and macro-evolution are really no different. Macro-evolution is simply the combined effort of many, many micro-evolutions. And over enough time, a new species is created.

Msteinman, I would argue that Mormons themselves are generally good people. It's the doctrine I have issues with. And sometimes that doctrine leads good people to do odd things.

Diary, believe me, I feel your frustration. Religion has 0 evidence and yet it's the absolute truth. If evolution is missing even one small piece, then it all falls apart. Yes, I am baffled by it too.

Citizen Atheist, thanks for sharing that website. I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is where the Austrolopithecus Afarensis picks up the bone and starts whaling on that pig-like creature.