Saturday, April 28, 2012

Religion Is Threatened By Science

I had an interesting thought today.

Over the years, I have encountered many people on this blog and in other areas who are believers and, naturally, try to defend their faith.

Scientific advances have disproven stories in the Bible right and left. Science is not out to "disprove" god but simply to learn about our world. However, as an atheist, that is one of my arguments against religion. Religion has many stories about how the world came to exist and they have been shown to be false.

So what do religious people do? They try to retaliate by disproving science. If science can be disproven, then all their stories are true again!

Science does not attack religion. Science is not out to discredit religion. However, in order for the religious to continue believing, they must justify their beliefs. And they do that by directly setting out to disprove science, particularly the origin of the world and evolution.

When scientists set out to make a new discovery, their goal is truth, whatever that truth might be. They don't start out with an "evolution" mindset or a "creation" mindset. They look at the evidence and then make a determination.

Science doesn't give a shit about what religion teaches. Science is not threatened by religion. But religion sure the hell is threatened by science!

Keep in mind that hardly any religious people argue with science when it lights and heats their homes...

But when it disagrees with their pre-determined dogma, there is a HUGE problem. All of a sudden, they become the victims, whining because creationism is not considered a valid science.

And guess what? No one cares! Just because the "stork" theory is an alternative to sexual reproduction, should that be taught in schools too? No!!!!!!

I just laugh and laugh when religious people seriously try to claim that science (only that which disagrees with them) has been disproven! Do they really expect anyone to take them seriously?

What if I walked into a church one day, wearing a beard, and claiming that I was a prophet? And I would tell them that god has been religiously disproven. They would laugh me out of the church and not a single one of them would take me seriously! Well, that's exactly what they are trying to do and they actually expect to convince FREE THINKERS that they are 100 percent correct.

So when religious nuts come in here and try to convince me, without any references, that science has been disproven, I split my sides laughing!

To sum up... religion is threatened by science. The teachings of science are dangerous to your faith and your dogma. Science doesn't give a bat shit about religion. No matter what religion teaches, science is not threatened in the slightest and will be just fine. Is the teaching of human conception threatened by the stork theory? No, just like science is not threatened by religion.

If religion has all truth, then what are they so afraid of? From Galileo to stem cells, religion has been trying to stifle progress and silence anyone who dares question! For that one reason alone, I would be against religion even IF there WAS a god!


Andy said...

Theists want it both ways: 1) Their faith does not need to be supported by "facts"; 2)They cry foul when scientists bring "facts" into discussion on such varied topics as biology, cosmology, etc.

Exhalted Outcast said...

The most respected biblical scholars all agree: The Bible was never meant to be taken literally. It was written to be taken as an allegory to the world in which the authors of the books lived. They were commenting on political issues etc. They were trying to use 'morality tales' to get the point of being a good person across.

Sadly, religion has turned a book of 'morality tales' into a religous constant. It is NOT the case. The authors didn't intend it to be taken that way. That is why all the contridiction in the bible. each author saw it there way.

When a 'believer' tries to use the bible as support for their 'creation theory' they are idiotic.

Diary of an Ex-Mormon said...

I love this post 411. Really makes me think. what ARE they afraid of? hmmm... not getting tithes and offerings, power...etc... idk.

Mormon411 said...

Thank you all for your comments.

Andy, Amen! You couldn't have said it better! Facts are dangerous to dogma.

Outcast, good point. And many of the teachings in the Bible couldn't have possibly come from a loving god, like stoning your children to death.

Diary, I see that your blog is gone. What happened?

Diary of an Ex-Mormon said...

It's temporary. Just needed to think some things through. Ill be back up.

Mormon411 said...

Glad to hear. I like your stuff.

Lincoln Cannon said...

Hi Mormon411. You might find the Mormon Transhumanist Association ( interesting.

pam said...

pam says
how sad for you to trust in science have given up on god. science can tell us how the world was made how babies are made but they never even consider a creator that started it all.because he loved us so very much. and if science would step back and look at what they see they would know that if it was not for the lord they would not be here look inside your selves and pray thats all you have to do and he will do the rest.

Mormon411 said...

Lincoln, thanks, I'll check it out.

Pam, I think it's sad that you believe in fairytales. Yes, I have given up on god. Why? Because the Bible is made up. Because god is a violent individual. Because your god is just one of thousands of gods worshipped by humans throughout history. Because there is no evidence for god. Because he is a myth. Because he doesn't answer prayers.

If you would stop and think for two seconds, you would realize it too.

God isn't there! Enjoy living in your fantasy world!

JCosta said...

I'm not posting to debate your beliefs. I'm not a debater, if there is such a word. My post is simply to express a hope for you. That you find peace in your beliefs, or lack of, whichever way you want to look at it.

I personally am proud of you for looking beyond what the Mormon faith taught you as a child. I don't buy it either, though I have not dove into the specifics of that faith, I know that it was concocted by a man or two even. I don't choose to follow man or religions.

I'm no scholar. But I'm also not an idiot. My studies in the Bible, what I believe to be the word breathed by God, has led me to a life of hope and peace. Not a life free of problems or crisis. I was never promised that. I've found that keeping my lifestyle in line with the scriptures and opening my ears to God's voice, I've found peace, happiness and hope which cannot be measured by science.

I just hope you find that too. No debate. Just relaying my hope for you.