Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Don't Teach Creationism In My School...

...and I won't preach evolution in your church!"

I'm not sure who said this, but it really brings out the true nature of believers... whiny!

Have you ever heard of even one example of a scientific community boycotting religion to teach evolution in church? I'll pay $20 to anyone who can show me where this has EVER happened! (Not really, but if you can show me, it would be appreciated)

Last night I went to a meeting sponsored by The Walk For Life Foundation (which I would encourage everyone to get involved with if possible). I happen to be sitting close to a family with 5 children, 4 of which were unruly and disruptive. I observed as the chubby children fought with each other during the meeting and whined about how this and that wasn't fair. The parents were no better than the children, making a scene to keep the children quiet.

Religious people remind me of children like this, always whining that "it's not fair!"

"We want creationism taught in schools! It's only fair to share both sides of an arugment."

To quote the great Bill Maher: "You don't have to teach both sides of a debate if one side is a load of crap!... "Babies come from storks" is not a competing school of thought. In medical school, we shouldn't teach both."

And religious people don't understand why their nonsense isn't taken seriously.

Religious people:

  • If you don't like contraceptives, don't use them!
  • If you don't like cigarettes, don't smoke them!
  • If you don't like alcohol, don't drink it!
  • If you don't like strip clubs, don't go to them!
  • If you don't like science, don't use it!

If we taught creationism in schools just to make things "fair" then pretty soon we would have to teach the creation story for all religions. When would it stop?

Besides, would the religious agree that if creationism was taught in schools, then evolution should be taught in church? HELL NO!

"Don't teach creationism in my school and I won't preach evolution in your church!"


Diary of an Ex-Mormon said...

Great post!!!

Faery Chaos said...

Love it!!

Jack Mormon said...


Mormon411 said...

I'm glad you all liked it! The one coming out next Saturday is even better!

littlemissattitude said...

I appreciate your comments on "teaching the controversy", since the controversy is only in the mind of the creationists.

However, was it really necessary to point out that the children were "chubby"? Would you have thought to mention it if the children, behaving exactly the same way, were all thin?

Mormon411 said...

I'm sorry if the term "chubby" offended you. Yes, I would have mentioned the kids, but I probably would not have used the adjective "thin" to describe them. I was just telling is like it was. I try to be as clear as possible when relating my experiences.

littlemissattitude said...

It isn't really the term that offended me, to be honest. What I find problematic is the tendency in our culture currently, whenever anyone is behaving in any way we don't like, to make a point of mentioning it if the person exhibiting the bad behavior is overweight.

When you do that, you imply that the weight is causing the bad behavior, or that,"Well, of course, they're behaving badly. They're fat, after all." It is as if someone who is over the threshold of a perceived "correct" weight is, by definition, stupid, uncivilized and generally unacceptable.

Considering that a whole lot of bad behavior is exhibited by people who are thin, to mention stature only when criticizing behavior by fat people is perpetuating a false perception.

Mormon411 said...

I completely understand your point, and I can see how it looks that way in this case.

While this is certainly not always true, it seems that many bratty children often are chubby as well, but it is not the chubbyness that causes bad behaviour or vice versa. I think that is mainly due to lack of parental intervention (for both brattiness and overweight).

I never meant to imply that chubby or overweight people are stupid by any means. I know for a fact that is not true.

This same idea can be applied to other areas. It's like someone looking at an atheist who behaves badly and blaming the bad behavior on atheism. Or different races, or marital status, or religion, or anything else.

In the future, I will try to choose my words a little more carefully.