Saturday, June 30, 2012

Things Mormons DON'T Want To Talk About!

A sure way to get the Mormons off your porch is to start talking about stuff that they don't want to hear. There are some subjects that Mormons would literally rather die than talk about.

First is the temple. They don't mind talking about the temple itself; in fact, they do it all the time. But the secret, I mean sacred, ceremonies that go on inside are top secret! They do not even talk about it with each other outside of the temple walls. And even then, it's not really a popular topic of discussion.

I had just newly been through the temple and went with a friend on my second or third session. After it was over and we were still in the temple, I asked my friend a questions and she didn't know the answer. So we stopped a temple worker and asked her. Her response, "We don't discuss those things." (And I thought she was kind of rude about it too).

Going along with the secrets of the temple is your new temple name.* This name should NEVER be revealed. It is absolutely taboo to ask someone what their temple name is. You do not ask, and you do not tell. The ONE time when a woman reveals her name to her husband is during their temple wedding ceremony. The wife will never know her husbands new name. The only other time you reveal your name is during the endowment ceremony, but then it is only to a temple worker who already knows what it is anyway.

So if you want the Mormons to really squirm, just ask them what their temple name is. They will scurry away like mice that hear the cat bell... like roaches when the light comes on... like children who are given vegetables for dinner.

* Whats in a name? They are usually Biblical or Book of Mormon names that are used in everyday religious discussions.

Next are the temple garments. Mormons are given this sacred underwear on their first trip through the temple and are instructed to wear it their entire life (they are even buried wearing them). The garments have Masonic symbols sewn into them and they represent different things.

Mormons believe that wearing garments can give them several benefits, such as a reminder of temple covenants. Another benefit is supposedly physical protection.

Garments are viewed as sacred and holy and should not be treated as just any underwear. They should never be left on the floor. As with the temple ceremony, Mormons are instructed to not talk about the garments or their marks and meanings.

Polygamy is another taboo topic in Mormonism. While the members will discuss it, they prefer not to. Many members don't know that Joseph Smith was a polygamist, having as many as 33 wives, many of whom were married women and young girls.

The idea behind polygamy (as taught in church) was for a few reasons. One reason was to populate the church so that it could grow quickly. Even the early church leaders knew the best converts are the ones they can brainwash from infancy. The second reason for polygamy was to provide husbands for the women who had lost husbands. Yea, stupid, I know.

The real reason for polygamy was to cover up Joseph Smith's secret affairs. When he got caught having an affair on Emma, he claimed he was doing it because god had commanded him to.

Personally, the idea of being a polygamist scares the hell out of me! One wife is hard enough to deal with and provide for. One kid is hard enough and expensive enough to rear. Why add so much more unnecessary complication to your life? The whole idea came about because Smith couldn't keep his willy in his pants.

Anti-Mormonism - Mormons would rather drink poison than see or discuss what they call "anti-Mormon literature". In the mind of a Mormon, the church is the literal kingdom of god and therefore, anyone who speaks evil of it, is an agent of Satan himself. That would be me. Everything that disagrees with the church or its doctrine is a lie made up by evil men, most of whom were once members that were deceived by the lies of Satan and fell from grace.

Being in this fallen state, they are bitter and angry, and they fight against the true church even though they still know it's true. They want you to be as miserable as they are. Thus, many Mormons comment here to me about how I "still know it's true". They ask why I fight against god. They literally believe that I know it's true and am lashing out in bitterness and anger in a fit of rage because either 1) I committed a sin and it's eating me inside, or 2) someone offended me.

Therefore, Mormons are warned to AVOID anti-Mormon literature at all costs because it can... catch this... be devastating to your testimony! So, if I make a good argument why the church isn't true, 99% of Mormons will shrug it off, because their leaders have warned them that the devil would make convincing lies against it. The very fact that I am fighting against the "true church" proves that Satan is real (at least in their minds) and can deceive many carefully down to hell. This is part of the reason why Mormons have such a persecution complex.

Anything that makes Joseph Smith or his successors look bad is a HUGE LIE!

In fact, if anything disagrees with Mormonism, they don't want to discuss it. If any discussion does occur, the Mormon will be on the defense the whole time. In the end, they will accuse you of attacking them and will try to bear their testimony to you.

Heavenly Mother - Yes, just as we have a father in heaven, we also have a mother in heaven whom is god's wife that he was sealed to in a temple on a planet before god was god. Together, they progressed to perfection until "BOOM" god became God. He and his many heavenly wives had sex and made spirit children to start the cycle all over again. (How can two people with physical bodies make spirit babies?)

Heavenly Mother is not discussed much. The reason is for her own protection. You see, the name of god is taken in vain all the time, and god, who respects his wife, does not want his wife's name to be used in that manner. Therefore, speaking of her is very limited. The Mormons do not want the world to know that they believe in a heavenly mother.

Personal experiences - Mormons receive the example from their leaders who often tell members that they have had experiences that are too sacred to share. Therefore, members will also do this sometimes. They claim they have had sacred visions or whatever, but will refuse to share. From the highest levels of the church to the lowest, I think it's a cop out!

The following is a true story, I swear on my life! I had a companion on my mission who, while saying a prayer, would stop right in the middle of a sentence and start snapping his fingers. I wish I was making this up! He would snap loudly three or four times and then continue on with the prayer. Sometimes he would do two or three reps in a single prayer. (No, this guy was NOT normal). Anyway, when I asked him one day why he always snapped during prayers, his reply was (and I'm not making this up), "I can't tell you. It's sacred."

I have heard many members claim, usually in testimony meeting, that they have had personal experiences too sacred to share.

Can anyone else think of something that Mormons don't like to talk about?


Brad said...

Book of Mormon Evidence I'm talking about physical evidence. Since there isn't any, they tend to shrug it off and say that it just hasn't been found yet. Or, they may say that it is by faith that they know that the Book is true. They don't really like to talk about the fact that there isn't any physical evidence.

cara lou said...

This is so great and made me laugh. Oh Mormons. So silly.

Mormon411 said...

Brad, you are right. There is no evidence for it... in fact there is evidence against it! But remember that to a Mormon ANY explanation is good enough as long as it IS an explanation.

Cara Lou, it is silly! The idea that god gives you a new name and you can't tell anyone what it is... Try it sometime. Ask an endowed Mormon what their temple name is and watch them squirm!

postmormongirl said...

My parents really don't want to talk about why I left. Refuse to even bring the subject up, change the topic if I try. They are claiming that I was "offended".

Brad said...

postmormon girl, I would have to agree. Most TBMs don't want to talk about why you left. When I was married to a TBM, she didn't want to hear about the reasons I was troubled. They were negative towards the church, from her point of view, even though everything that bothered me was true.

Brad said...

@weston krogstadt

Your loving christ-like comment just makes me want to run back to your church.

Joe Sixtop said...

They probably don't like to talk about what a douche Willard Mitt Romney is and I'm pretty sure the LDS faith used to have policies that were very racist against black people and that might not be a topic they'd be into discussing either. Great post, btw

Mormon411 said...

Postmormon girl and Brad, my ex-TBM wife didnt want to talk with me either about my issues with the church. Anything negative about the church is taken personally and defended (or avoided) at all costs.

Weston, seriously dude. Please don't comment anymore unless you have something intelligent to say.

Joe, yes the LDS church has a strong history of racism, while they try to pretend it never happened. Just Google "Mormon Racism" and I'm sure you will find plenty of quotes.

Carol said...

I have a question.

Why are there so many Mormon bloggers?

~SoACTing said...

I think most Mormons believe that there IS phyiscal evidence for the BOM; and both Mormons and Christians (or non-Mormon Christians if you like) believe that there IS evidence supporting things in the Bible like the exodus, the flood, etc.

My DL (dear lover) who is currently still in the church, but was a TBM until about a year ago, was absolutely convinced that the Smithsonian used the BOM as a reference guide here in the America's on historical and archaeological digs; believed that the Lamanites = America Indians = ancient Israelites, and was completely unaware of the word change in the intro to the BOM that took place in 2007 (??) where it now states something to the effect of "....the Native Americans are AMONG the ancestors of the ancient Israelites..." as opposed to the "principle ancestors".

I think the Mormons that ARE aware that there's not only NO physical evidence that supports the BOM, and that the evidence that IS available directly contradicts the narrative anyways make up a tiny, tiny minority of the church. In which case you hear either: 1) God couldn't provide evidence or there would be no need for faith (which is stupid considering satan supposedly had all the evidence right in front of him), or 2) As a missionary on the net actually told me (and I swear I'm not making this up!), he said that when the spaniards came, they dug all the evidence up, like the precious metals used to build the temple and the swords, etc....And God let the Spaniards do it to try modern Mormon's faith!!

Cute huh?

Sorry for the long rant,

~ SoACTing

~SoACTing said...

Oh, to answer your question about "what Mormon's don't like to talk about"... They don't like to talk about the FLDS group at all!! Even if its not mentioned in conjunction with the Brighamites AKA Salt Lake City Mormons.

The reaction has got to be tantamount to Catholics when they hear pedophile priest.

(Hopefully that's not out of line...feel free to delete if it is!)

~ SoACTing

Anonymous said...

I don't want you Brad, my Home Teaching list is long enough as it is and all you would do is complain the whole time. Stay apostate.

Mormon411 said...

Carol, I would guess that there are so many Mormon bloggers because those who do see the truth about the church feel a strong need to voice it and share what they have found out. Mormons, of course, will explain it by the anger that the spirit of Satan has placed in our hearts and we fight against the kingdom even though we still know it's true!

SoACTing, very good answer and yes, I have heard that Smithsonian claim before. The Institute had to issue a special statement to the contrary. They have NEVER used the BoM on ANY type of archeological expedition, ever! Thank you for sharing that. And no, your comment is not out of line. You draw a very good comparison.

Weston, I have to echo Brad and say "What a Christlike attitude you have. Really makes me want to come back... NOT!"

Anonymous said...

Stay apostate it will be better for all of us. However, I must admit, I like your blog and posts.

Anonymous said...

Mormons dont care about the FLDS at all, that is simply not true. Thanks for letting me post. You are like 1 out of 200 guys who have not blocked me. You must have a big ol dick like my God's dick. Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

I will talk about Book of Mormon evidence all day long. Yes EVIDENCE, and there are thousands of pieces of it if you take off your "Mormonism is so fricking stupid" glasses and look at it like a true detective (yes, I said detective, oh yeah). Very few people, both Mormons and non-Mormons have actually studied what anthropologists knew about Mesoamerica in the 1830s compared to what they know today. Lawyers priests, soldiers, class-systems, astronomy etc. Serious expeditions to the region didn't even take place until the 1850s. And here comes the smart-ass remarks! Take it away . . .

Anonymous said...

And if someone wrote the Book of mormon, where is the rough draft? Or even a small piece of a rough draft in someone elses handwriting? Do you really really think a conspiracy with 11 witnesses to the gold plates could hold together all the way into the 1880s? You know what people are like, they talk, they ALWAYS talk. And none of these guys did, EVER.

Mormon411 said...

Weston, if there is evidence then please, by all means, do share! I'd love to see it. But keep in mind that I will look at it skeptically. Just because something has an answer, doesn't mean it is the right answer.

I'm glad you like the blog. Compliments from TBM's are few and far between.

And I let you post even if you disagree with me because everyone has the right to express their religious opinions.

Unknown said...

look. I get what you're saying mormo411, but a lot of the things you say aren't true and you make them seem worse than what they are. we aren't idiots. we know joseph smith wasn't perfect. but he did defiantly lead us to the true church I strongly believe. sometimes it IS hard to believe things about god and sometimes I doubt. but what you say things are and how you make them seem is so naïve and not 100% correct either. and your reply to a reply to Brad on July 1st 2012 1125am isn't entirely true. were not like little kids. we don't just take any explanations that comes along. your saying it like we're all immature children . and im not saying your wrong for feeling the way you do. I am sure you have several reasons for feeling against the LDS church, but if the way you feel about the church is for the reasons you post and say. then you've really got it all mixed up. and COME ON we dooo talk about lots of things that happen in the temple. I'm 14 years old and I do things in the church once every two months. and if you asked me I could tell you IN DETAIL. and I'm not about to go ramping off to you how you've been taking over by the "devil" that's so stupid. but it's okay I've got lots of friends of all ages from 9-33 years old who feel the same way. I just thought I should tell you. I bare testimony that this church is striving to help u live ahappy live. that following the commandments of this church ARN"T easy at all, but the keep us from harm and they keep us from wrong.

Unknown said...

As a past member of the Mormon church, I can say you hit the nail on the head!
sheesh, hard to think that I ever believed in this crap!

Unknown said...

I am an LDS i love my church with a passion without this church i dont know where i would be i was born into the church or the gospel and i am so grateful for this if you guys have questions on the church ask me

titanic said...

u people are so fucked

Unknown said...

Why do Mormons ask for your full name when they come to your door. I tried not giving it to them but they literally begged me and wouldn't leave until I did

pesicolacat said...

Joseph smith said, Native Americans were the lost Jewish Tribe. DNA says they came from Asia and Africa. Nina Jacobs biography said, Joseph smith told her after she was married she had to marry him or an Angel would strike her down and take her position in the Church. After Joseph Smith her husband was sent to England on a mission and she married Brygham Young. I'm sure they didn't have sex while living together and making babies. Wow she had one magic

pesicolacat said...

why did Joesph Smith and Brygham Young Marry Nina Jacobs? Why are American Indians DNA from Asia and Africa when Joseph Smith claimed they were from Israel and Jewish? Why did Joseph Smith say to marry Indians and Blacks so we could breed their race out? Isn't that racists? Do You believe their skin color is a sign of their ancestors sin and that we should breed them out?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

do you guys wanna know the truth about us?
Go to

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with poptart dale
Alot of the things you say about us are not true at all
You know deep in your heart that what you say is not true
Please come back to us we welcome you with open arms
REMEBER your baptisim
REMEMBER feeling the holy ghost
REMEMBER the peace

Unknown said...

I am a Mormon and there is physical evidence of the Book of Mormon and the information on this site is all fake if you want to know the truth about the LDS church try going and they would be glad to explain our church. But these remarks are extremely offensive and this information is false. There are no secrets to our religion.
Sorry for the long rant
-Ari the Mormon
P.S we are not polygamists committing adultry is against the Ten Commandments

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Yes please do this because you obviously need to know the truth about our church

Unknown said...

I looove the church and I know it is the true church all of this is information is false if you have any questions go to church one question is: What happens in your temples, and why are you so secretive about it?

We don’t think of it as secret so much as sacred. In the temple we participate in sacred ordinances and make covenants with Heavenly Father. We learn about His plan of salvation and the role of the Savior, Jesus Christ, as well as the glorious promises He makes to us if we are faithful and obedient. Also, the temple is where we are married and sealed together as families for all eternity. There, we can also participate in these ordinances vicariously for our deceased ancestors. If you would like to learn more about our temples, see
answers to commen questions new era

Unknown said...

I think that the mormon church is all bullshit and that the mormons need to calm the fuck down when people ask them about there secret names and all that other fuckin shit that they claim is a big fuckin secret and supposedly they can't talk about

Unknown said...

In admiration of their dedication to their religion, I provoked an invitation to their church, was invited and attended an Area Meeting today. The area meeting does present a depth of information which few would be willing +/- able to absorb. As such, I'd say Mormons ARE willing to share ALL of their faith. But, they take no chances that it may be misinterpreteted. So, they refuse to skip ahead or reveal the sacred parts of it. I totally understand & admire it even more.
As absolutely sure as I am that that Mormonism is far too complicated to be the most immediate path to God, I am that sure, again, that they believe AND practice it. So, as long as it's not forced on me, I will continue to admire Mormons and Mormonism. Even if they believe and practice things w/ which I disagree. I'm still happy for them.

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