Thursday, January 23, 2014

Name Removal, Update 3 - It Is Official

I am no longer a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I received official confirmation in the mail yesterday.

Other than the two-month wait and the unexpected visit from the local bishop (both of which I specifically requested in my resignation letter not to happen), the resignation process really wasn't that bad.

I was an official member of the LDS church for just months shy of 30 years.

I feel like partying! Like breaking 50 of the 101 Mormon commandments!


Brad said...

Reading about you getting your letter reminded me of what it was like for me. Before I submitted my resignation letter I didn't go to church, only on occasion when my kids were doing some activity. A lot of the members knew me and treaty me nicely. Some of them I knew at work and we would say hello when we passed in the hall or maybe stop for a small chit chat about this or that. All of that changed soon after the bishop came to my door and handed me the letter saying that I was out. The members no longer acknowledged me in the halls, didn't wave if I happen to see them out in the street. It took several years before they started to act as they have before. Obviously something was said by the bishop, contrary to my request to keep this in confidence. The whole thing was interesting to watch. One day their friendly, the next I don't exist. I was still the same person.

Again, I congratulate you on your journey out! My life has been the better for it.

Mormon411 said...

Wow, Brad, I'm sorry to hear that, but am not surprised. I stopped going to church while living in a different ward and since moving, have never been to church once in the ward I now reside. Somehow my records found their way here; strange how that happens.

Anyway, I don't know a single person in this ward so at least they won't openly judge me like that (kind of strange how the spirit somehow neglects to tell them they are in the presence of an evil apostate. They rely on rumors and gossip to get all their info).

This kind of behavior is only further evidence that we have both made the right decision to get out. If they can't continue to be friendly to a person simply because that person has changed their beliefs, then that shows the church for what it really does to people.

What was that phrase they love to quote? Something about "by their fruits"...

Anonymous said...

Good for you.

Heather said...

Wow! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

I left the church mentally at 30. I was 32 when I got the letter. And damn- you seem much more mature than you are age wise. Are you really only 29?

I had similar experiences like Brad. As soon as we left officially all of those "friends" were strangers. I had one lady see me in the grocery store aisle and blatantly turn and walk the other way. Such a jesus-y thing to do.

Now Mormon411- off to celebrate a free life!

Mormon411 said...

Take 29 and add the 8 years before I was baptized; I'm 37. I was either 29 or 30 when I left the church mentally as well. Part of the reason I didn't have my name removed years ago was because my ex worked for the church and I didn't want to jeopardize her employment.

Heather said...

Of course! 8. The "magical" official number. How could I forget? Maybe thats a good sign that I'm moving on. My 3rd daughter turns 8 soon- and it hasn't even occurred to me she's baptismal age.

I had no idea your ex worked for the church. Maybe you've posted that before. I have even more respect for your honesty and determination to live more authentically.

Mormon411 said...

I dreaded when my oldest was approaching 8. I knew they would pressure us to baptize him. I told them he could meet with the missionaries and go to church, if he wanted to, but that he would not be getting baptized until he is old enough to make that decision on his own. He is now leaning toward my views, which I am glad about, but ultimately, I want him to make whatever decision is right for him.

No, I've never posted before that she worked for the church. I kept that private to protect both of us. Now that she lives out of state and no longer works for them, I don't see the harm in sharing.

What can they do now? Excommunicate me?!?! HAHAHA!!

senigami said...

Congratulations Mormon411

Mormon411 said...

Thanks! It's nice knowing that I'm officially out, but also life is pretty much the same.. No better, no worse.