Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hunting the Edge of Space

Science produces information and sights that religion could only guess a fraction of.

"God" can part the Red Sea.

Science can peer 14 billion lightyears into the cosmos and see the beginning of time itself.

In the last couple hundred years, science has made leaps and bounds in the quest to ease human suffering and make our existance quite comfortable.

  • Light & heat
  • Transportation
  • Mass communication
  • Medicine
What has religion done?
  • Enemy of truth
  • Supressor of knowledge
  • Grinding upon the faces of the ignorant

This is the 21st Century. We can no longer afford to make life decisions based upon a 2000 year old myth. We can see the edge of the universe for crying out loud! What has religion ever done to improve the quality of life? Nothing!


Bob lehcror said...

Lots of people share your thoughts, but I ask you.
How does people that believe in a age old myth and social structure affect you?

When I meet persons, talk to them, tell jokes/stories I don't care whether they are Moslem, atheist or Christian or whatever...

Mormon411 said...

That's a great question, Bob. For the most part, they don't affect me one-on-one. But they do affect our world, usually for the worse.

Religious fanatics try to stop stem cell research, which has the potential to be one of the greatest medical break throughs, ever.

Religious fanatics fly airplanes into buildings, believing that they will be highly rewarded because their god wants everyone who is not of their faith to die.

On a more local level, I can't even go to a decent bar or strip club here in Utah because the Mormons have made so many damn laws restricting them.

And on a personal level, I was brainwashed with poisonous religious thinking from the moment I was born. I lived in a cult and believed in a myth for many years of my life. Those years are wasted and now I'll never get them back.

Even though I am now free of religion, I do what I do because there are many people out there who are religious prisoners who don't even realize they are prisoners. In fact, they fight to defend the system that oppresses them becuase they are so heavily brainwashed.