Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why Are People Loyal to Mormonism?

I'm sure that there are many different reasons why people remain loyal to the church. Some people genuinely love it and are very happy in it. Many people stay because of the comforting teachings the church has. I don't know all the reasons why people stay but the reason I stayed is because I was scared. I was afraid of god.

Mormonism is supposed to be all about free agency. We have the right to choose to follow god or follow men. If we "choose" to follow god, we will be rewarded with riches, mansions, and royalty. We will be allowed to be with other worthy family members. If we do not follow god, we will end up in a state of continual misery.

Now when comparing these two choices, it is clear to see that there is no choice at all. I mean, who would willingly choose to be miserable forever? So what we really have here is a jealous god who says "follow me or fry!" I was afraid of frying, so I followed.

God, who loves me unconditionally, would sentence me to hell forever just for trying to follow my own path through life??? That just doesn't make any sense. What exactly does "unconditional" mean? The god of Christianity is anything but unconditional; especially the god of Mormonism. There are 1001 conditions that must be met before you earn your place in heaven. It's all too looney to actually be real.

I can't even describe what a huge relief it was when I finally realized that god is just a man made entity and has no real power to do anything to damn me. I no longer had to follow out of fear. I could tell this god to go fuck himself and it was okay!

I'm not afraid anymore! For many years I was so afraid that I might not make the "Celestial Kingdom". That place is just an imaginary place plagerized by Joseph Smith to keep people paying, praying, and obeying.

Tithing was a big issue for me. Every time I didn't pay it, I felt guilty. I was afraid of the great fire that would burn me. The church uses guilt and fear, all in the name of god, to keep the money flowing and the members doing anything they want. It's all about fear. I'm not afraid anymore.

Just another evil apostate...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My New Title

As people like myself voice their opinions and stories about leaving the church, we get several new titles: apostate, anti-Mormon, son of perdition

According to the leaders of the LDS church, an apostate is more dangerous than a stalker. The leaders know full well that they really do not walk and talk with god. They know the truth about things and they are desperate that their members do not find out about it. Wow, for being the 'one and only true church' they sure have a lot of secrets.

In this blog, I will explore many possibilities as to the existance of and purpose of LDS, Inc.For example, why are members discouraged from watching R rated movies? Is it because the saints should not expose themselves to the evils of this world, or because the leaders do not want them to see the reality of this world? By keeping members away from real life, the fantasy of Mormonism is easier to maintain.

Word of Wisdom: those who live longer pay tithing longer. That's a simple one.

Sexuality... oh shit, I could write a novel on this one, and I will. LDS church members are so sexually frustrated. It's a sin to even think about sex until after you're married. What does this do to people? It makes them entirely dependant on Mormonism. I'll write a post very soon and elaborate.

God... Seriously, some guy on a planet billions of light years away really cares about what I do with my life. (Laugh). If god cares about me so much, where is he? I'll share my thoughts and feelings about god (so called) and why I completely believe the Christian god is just as big a fraud as Mormonism.

In this blog, I will also discuss the issues surrounding Mormonism and the proof that exists that Joseph Smith was nothing more than a liar, fraud, and horny con-artist. According to Smith an angel with a lightsaber (flaming sword) made him secrety commit adultry against Emma. So according to Smith, god commanded him to have secret affairs. WT holy F!?!? A true prophet of god needs lots and lots of pussy in order to carry out gods holy mission.

Changing doctrine... Did you know that for nearly a century, the church's official doctrine on the nature of god is that he was a personage of spirit? Now they teach he has a body of flesh and bone. I'll show you the proof.

The most amuzing thing to me is that people like myself who speak out against the church and receive such labels actually are telling the real truth. The truth is out there for anyone to see. But the doctrine of Mormonism and Christianity is potent and many people openly deny and/or ignore the plain and simple proof against it. Why? We'll talk about that too.

This is going to be a fun and interesting journey. Mormons, I challenge you to defend your faith. Show me where I and many others are wrong. But don't look too much, or our evil influence might start to poison your mind and make you doubt your faith.

Just another evil apostate...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My New Blog

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