Monday, March 31, 2008

TBM Defenders

In my last post, I talked about how Mormons are unhappy liars who are burdened down with guilt and shame from their precious LDS church. I am going to look at some comments left on various blogs by Mormons defending the church. I will show you with their own words that everything I have said is true.

Since I don't link to or affiliate with any organization or other website or blog, I will not link to my sources*. I will, however, guarantee that the quotes I will share were actually written by TBM Mormon defenders. Here is fabulous quote # 1:

"Reading over this stuff makes me think this [blogger] is a whiny exwife in reality. He resembles a bitchy exwife more than a man. If this is really a man, sounds like his wife left him for his mormon leader, his kids turned to drugs, the bank repo'd his broken mini-van, and his dog pissed in his cheerios "causing" him to blame the mormons en mass for his crappy life/outlook.

"I see this shit as an attack on freedom of religion, all the while trying to silence any opposition with filth and what appears to contextually inaccurate attacks, plus more. I find myself siding with mormons because of you and your ilk, even just to defend that freedom, which should be without persecution, and nothing else.

"Down with religious and emotional terrorism! Defend the mormons from these type of freaks! If not, you will be next when they cannot tolerate your religion, or beliefs and/or think you are too weird for their tastes."

First of all, this person starts out by personally attacking the blog author. Notice how this commenter admits that the blogger probably had a miserable Mormon life? Funny, how this commenter is actually admitting that Mormon life sucks.

His perceived "inaccurate attacks" are actually documented facts. But Mormons are blind to the real truth.

Then this TBM defender uses a swear word; very Christlike! Doesn't it make you want to be a strong Mormon defender just like this guy? He then states that anti-LDS bloggers are terrorists and opposed to freedom of religion. Do you see that if Mormonism ruled the world, anyone who does not believe it will be slammed into the ground? No one would have the right to free speech. Anyone who opposes the church will be labeled "terrorists". This commenter has the mindset that free speech against the church is terrorist in nature. Now you can see how Mormonism views the outside world. If you are not with them, then you are the enemy.

He then calls us freaks. This is what Mormons think of everyone who is not them. Freaks! We got out of the church and are simply expressing our feelings about it and this righteous, priesthood-holding TBM is saying that anyone who does not believe what he believes is a freak.

The bottom line, if you are not Mormon, you are a terrorist freak. Only their people have the right to share their beliefs with the entire world. Anyone else who does it is a terrorist who is opposed to free speech. This comment give great and wonderful insite into the TBM mind and Mormon brainwashing mindset.

"fuk u u dumb fuk we dont believe in cartoons u dumb fuk yes i am a member and i swear so fuk u dumb fuk. u give FUCK a bad name so i choose to use fuk u dumb fuk and i suggest u go and eat a dik u fukhead"

Do I even need to comment on this one? This Mormon defender can't say "fuk" enough can he? Where did this guy learn how to spell or use puctuation? Sure makes me want to go right back to church!

"You are decieved, and I will no longer converse with you, swine!"

This comment is short but says a ton! First of all, it shows that Mormons believe anyone who is not them, is deceived by the devil. Next is their true feelings about those who choose to exercise their freedom of religion by leaving the Mormon church and those who choose to exercise their freedom of speech by talking about it... swine. If you are not Mormon or say anything in opposition to it, you are swine. Again, a perfect example of how Mormons view the outside world. If you are not them, you are deceived swine.

Isn't the gospel of Christ supposed to be all about love? If someone "falls away" you are supposed to accept them and love them and try to lead them back by setting a good example. Well, this commenter must have missed church the day they talked about that. This guy seems to think that name calling is going to help me feel the spirit and want to repent and be just like him: a condescending name caller.

This comment further demonstrates Mormon arrogance. Again, if you are not Mormon, you are swine.

I hope these comments have helped give some insite into Mormon thinking. Their own comments prove that they are unhappy and miserable. They take that unhappiness and lash out at anyone who dares to say the church is not true. They are not reserved with the swear words or name calling, are they? They cuss and swear, all in the name of god. This behavior is shameful and pathetic, and is once again, a real testament to the fruits of Mormonism.

*I have since changed this policy.


The Huge Mormon Lie

This is a continuation of my last post. It was starting to go in a different direction so I thought I'd end that post and start a new one. This post will be all about the vicious Mormon cycle and how it takes a lie to live it.

First, I need to tell a story, which most everyone is familiar with. Then I'll show how several aspects of Mormonism follow this story to a tee...

There was once a great emperor who was one day approached by a clever salesman. The salesman offered the emperor something which only the elite could have. It was a new wardrobe of special clothing. The clothing was special because only the wise could see it.

Excited at the chance to own such valuable clothes, the emperor placed his order. When the clothes arrived, the emperor was excited to see what they looked like. He opened the box and saw... nothing. The emperor was dismayed to find that he could not see them; not being able to see them means that you are a fool. The emperor could not have his entire kingdom thinking that he was a fool, so he marveled over how exquisite and beautiful his new clothes were.

He called in his wisemen to have them see. None of them could see the clothes either. But they were afraid of what the emperor would do to them if they admitted that they couldn't see the clothes. So they too ranted and raved over how beautiful the clothes were.

No one could see the clothes, and yet, for fear of the social implications, all played along with the lie, thinking that they were the only ones who could not see the clothes.

Naturally, no one wants to be labeled a fool, so the entire kingdom marveled and awed over the emperor's fabulous wardrobe. There was just one problem... there were no clothes. They didn't have any special powers and no one could see them no matter how wise they were, because they weren't there!

Finally, one day as the emperor was walking down the street, proudly sporting his new clothes, a child made the comment, "That man has no clothes on!" For the first time, the emperor realized that he was naked and that no one could see his clothes. It turns out they were all played for a fool and it took a child to state the honest and simple truth before anyone else would admit it.

This story is Mormonism. I'll start with the temple, which I mentioned before. All his or her life, a Mormon child is prepped and prepared to go to the temple. Making it to the temple means that you are cool! Many are called but few are chosen. That means you are one of the chosen! You are the fucking Mormon bomb!

When they come of age, they enter the strange and mysterious temple. They are expecting to be taught many great and marvelous things. Instead, they stand up, sit down, change their clothes a dozen times, bow their head and say yes, learn handshakes, passwords, and get threatened by the devil! It is a wierd and creepy experience and it is absolutely nothing like you were expecting or were told that it was. They promise never to talk about what they just experienced. Oddly enough, the new temple attendee is even given new clothes to wear, garments.

Seeing as how the temple is built up to be marvelous and wonderful, the newly endowed Mormon can't say what it was really like. So they return and report in testimony meeting and they all say the same thing... "It was beautiful and wonderful... I've never learned so much about god before... I felt the spirit stronger than I ever have before..." They can't say that it was wierd and creepy. They would get laughed out of the building. So they just go along with the lie, telling everyone how marvelous and wonderful it was. It is passed on to their kids and...

...the vicious Mormon cycle continues.

Shortly after attending the temple, most young men go on a mission. From the time they are able to speak, they are engrained with the idea that they can't wait to serve a mission. All worthy young men are called to go. Naturally, any Mormon young man wants to be the fucking Mormon bomb, so he goes on a mission... even if he has to tell a few fibs to his bishop to get there.

If you don't go on a mission, you go from Mormon hero to Mormon zero. No one will like you or date you. If you don't go, rumors will start and people will wonder what sin you committed. So, whether you are worthy or not, you lie to the bishop and go on a mission. Everyone goes. Almost everyone lies about their worthiness. But you can't not go... what will everyone think of you? What would everyone think if you admitted that you can't see the clothes? You must be a fool! So everyone goes!

The young man goes on his mission where he is monitored day and night for two years. He goes through hell and shit. He has tremendous pressure put on him by a greedy mission president who is only interested in numbers. When you don't convert a million people, you are given a huge guilt trip... you are not worthy enough. So a missionary goes through two years of hating himself for being so inadequate. It is literally mental torture.

The two fucking years is finally over and the young man returns home to his ward to report on his mission. Since a mission is supposed to be the most spiritual time of your life, the returned missionary tells everyone how marvelous and wonderful it was. It was so wonderful, in fact, that they made him leave... he didn't want to go home.

All the Mormon girls are extatic that there is a fresh young bachelor just home from a mission and it's not long before this Mormon studmuffin is married and popping out kids. From the time those kids can speak they are engrained with the mission propaganda and...

...the vicious Mormon cycle continues.

Let's talk about this returned missionaries wedding. You're only half a bomb if you don't get married in the temple. As soon as you get home, your ass had better be hunting for an eternal companion, to be married to in the temple for time and all eternity. Just attend BYU (which is nothing more than a dating and marriage service) and your eternal companion is sure to be there looking for you!

(Just a quick pause here. Are you starting to see how Mormonism eliminates all your need for thinking? Your entire life is planned out for you before you are even born. You just unquestioningly follow the schedule and everything will be fine!)

Your marriage! That special day! First of all, it takes place in a teeny room in the temple. There is only room for about 10 family members to witness. Keep in mind, only your righteous and worthy family members are allowed to be there at all! The bride is wearing her MODEST wedding gown but guess what? It's covered up by all those silly temple clothes! You both kneel at an alter, facing each other and do one of the secret handshakes you learned about in the temple endowment ceremony. Then you listen as the officiator gives a monotone and word for word ceremony. There is no exchange of rings and there is no procession music. There are no brides maids or bestmen. There are no flowers or special decorations. There is nothing. The temple wedding is a cookie cutter ceremony that is completely impersonalized.

Now, most people want their entire family, worthy or not, to attend and witness their wedding. What a special wedding it is when 90% of your family has to wait outside! You can then go to your reception where you can do traditional wedding "stuff". But really, the ceremony you looked forward to all your life was nothing but a huge disappointment. You walked out of the temple feeling like a number, just another temple marriage.

But your family is now safely sealed and your salvation is guaranteed. So even though the entire wedding sucked, you rant and rave about how wonderful it was. When your kids are born, you immediately teach and prepare them for a temple wedding, which will inevitably be exactly the same as yours was. Your children look forward to their temple wedding and...

...the vicious Mormon cycle continues.

The newly wed couple begins their life together. They attend church, pay their tithing, go to the temple as often as they can. In short, they do the whole Mormon routine.

Their life is just like any married life. They have their problems just like everyone does. They fight and call each other names. Money is tight (because they got married immediately and started popping out kids before getting a proper education). The marriage is stressful and yet they endure (because Mormonism is all about enduring).

They go to church where they learn that only by being Mormon can you be truly happy. Everyone else around them looks so happy. "Why does our marriage have problems?" they wonder. "We are doing all the right things and yet we're not really happy." They look around and see that everyone else looks so happy and conclude that they are the only couple with problems and that it must somehow be their fault. But they've got to fit in! "What will everyone think if they knew we were having problems?" So they go to church and they put on their happy, smiling faces and bear their testimony about how wonderful and true it all is. They look and appear just as happy as everyone else. Then they go home and fight. Then they return to church and bear their testimony again about how true and wonderful it all is, all at the same time wondering what the hell is wrong with them! "Why is everyone happy except us?" They never do figure it out... everyone is going through the same thing, miserable but putting on the happy face just for appearances. Remind you of any emperor's wise men?

They are all afraid of what everyone would think if they admitted that the gospel just wasn't working for them like it should be. So they keep blaming themselves, smiling, and bearing their testimonies about how happy it makes them. They get more and more miserable and...

...the vicious Mormon cycles continues.

And it is vicious! If you ever come clean about how you really feel, you will be shunned. If you admit that you are miserable, you are told that something is wrong with you. Just look around... it obviously works for everyone else; get with the program!

Mormonism is supposed to represent honesty and integrity... but what it really represents is the emperor's new clothes, which don't exist. In short, in order to be a functioning Mormon who fits into the collective, you have to lie! You can't be a Mormon and be truly honest. It just can't happen. If you are honest, you are shunned. Mormons don't want to know the truth. They can't stand honesty! They despise it with all their hearts.

To be Mormon is to live a lie. The products of Mormonism are professional liars. Just look at the general authorities. They have lived the lie for so long that they even lie about being able to see god! They have no problem telling you to pray, pay, and obey in exchange for your salvation. If you completely conform, you will be free and happy! That is a lie. Mormons are unhappy prisoners who go about their daily Mormon tasks wondering why everyone is happy except them.

So here I am stating the simple, plain, and obvious facts. Just wait, it won't be long before some "happy" Mormon comes in here and starts condemning me to hell with f-ing this and f-ing that. I challenge you, go read the comments on this blog and other blogs from true, believing, "happy", Mormons. The things they say will only confirm everything I've talked about in this blog. They are miserable, condescening, arrogant, fools who all swear on their lives that they can see the invisible clothes!

They are miserable and all I'm trying to do is show them the vicious Mormon cycle that they are stuck in. I found my way out and for once in my life, I can be truly honest. I don't have to lie about everything in order to fit in. Sure, I no longer fit into the Mormon community, but why would I want to? Why would I want to return to that vicious cycle when I have found such peace and tranquility out here?

Ironic, I am honest and they are all so willing and eager to condemn me to hell for it. That is the fruit of Mormonism! That is why I do what I do. I am honest and I am free.

I have never felt so peaceful than I have for the last three years knowing that the LDS "church" is nothing more than a cult and a fraud that produces liars and hypocrites. I'll never go back and I'll never stop until I die or until the Mormon cult ceases to exist.

Get out of the vicious Mormon cycle!

Just another evil apostate...

Mormon Discipline

I've been giving this matter a little thought lately and it has occurred to me that the LDS church uses harsh penalties to the "naughty" in order to keep the sheep inline.

Ever since I have departed from the fold, I have wondered why the church cares so much about peoples personal lives. Afterall, as long as the person is paying tithing, what does it matter? Right? Wrong!

LDS, Inc. knows that if they heap shame and guilt on people for their "sins", then those people will remain loyal to the church because they believe the church can help them "overcome" their sins and weaknesses. So the church heaps on the guilt, and the member clings desperately to it, and the vicious Mormon cycle continues.

What about those who go to their bishops, in confidence, with a serious sin? The church uses those people and makes examples of them for all others to see. A church forgives; a cult punishes. The LDS church has no mercy on the non-conformer.

For example: I know a man who went on a mission and after the mission he joined the military. Overseas, he hooked up with a woman and had a sexual relationship with her for several years. Upon his return home (even though he married the girl) his priesthood was stripped and he was ex-communicated.

He worked hard to become worthy to rejoin the church. But man has his weakness and he messed up again just as his blessings were being restored. He accepted the restoration without revealing his current sins. Guilt got the better of him and he eventually confessed.

That was nearly 20 years ago, and the church is still punishing him. He has been working (I'm not sure how hard) to get restored again. But you see, he defied the church and they are making him pay hard. He has now been married to a good Mormon girl and they have been active for several years. During that time, they have been pushing and pushing for a temple marriage and it's been years in the process.

LDS, Inc. wants it's members to know where the authority is. You don't defy them. You don't question them. If you do, you pay the price and then some.

If someone seriously messes up, the church makes a harsh example. A sin should never become public, but a bishop can order an individual to stop taking the sacrament. Of course, as soon as the person stops taking the sacrament, everyone knows they are going through church discipline. I was always terrified of confessing to a bishop because I had an image to maintain. I couldn't let everyone see me not taking the sacrament (not that my "sins" were that bad, but I was still afraid of it).

The church knows that if they make harsh examples, people will quietly follow. And it works. How shameful is it knowing that the lords only true church kicked you out? Excommunication to a Mormon is like a life sentence to a convict.

Once a person is ex'd, they are no longer allowed to take the sacrament, but they are also not allowed to participate in church in any way. They can attend church, but are not allowed to give prayers, bear testimony, teach lessons, or talk in sacrament meeting. Of course, the church will still gladly accept their tithing! OMG, what a shocker!

To make a long story short, Mormonism is an organization that heaps guilt and expectations on its members. They are told that they are never good enough and need to give more. They give more and do more and still it is not enough. It will never be enough. The absolute best part of this deal, however, is that the member pays 10% of their income to the church in exchange for this privilege; in order to be told how inadequate and pathetic they are! And the church brainwashes them to think they have true happiness and true joy, whereas the truth is that they are miserable. But they put on their smiley masks, because everyone is happy in the church. If you are unhappy, then something is wrong with you. You don't have enough faith or you haven't prayed enough. The more they are told they don't have enough faith, the more they cling to the organization to help them overcome it. And so you see, the vicious Mormon cycle is not only alive, but very effective in keeping the sheep inline. Those who see the cycle and get out are labeled apostates, having been deceived by the devil. This scares all the other sheep into even more strict obedience.

Naturally, as all cults do, LDS, Inc. required strict obedience from its members. A call or command given by any Mormon authority came directly from god, so therefore must be strictly obeyed. To defy a Mormon leader is to directly defy god. Therefore, you just don't do it. The Mormon god hates being defied and will make you pay the price.

Mormonism is a cult that is full of vicious cycles. It reaks of cult. It is an elitist group that teaches its members that they have a special mission to save the world. They alone have god's approval to do this and so the burden is on the members to bring in as many new members as possible (another characteristic of a cult). Mormonism requires strict obedience (just like a cult does), teaches its members to never question authority (just like a cult does), requires heavy donations in both time and money (just like a cult does), teaches that life outside the church is miserable and confusing (just like a cult does), etc. Mormonism is a cult.

It's members are miserable and yet either think they are happy or pretend to be.

They pay their 10% expecting great blessings but never actually get them.

They give time, money, and talents to the church only to be told how inadequate it is.

They go to the creepy temple and come out declaring how beautiful and wonderful it was.

It's insane how burdened down the Mormon people are and yet the church has them thinking that they are happy. They only way to be truly happy is to be a conformin' Mormon.

Conform, obey, pay, work, you inadequate dogs! Just remember, that you're happy doing it!

Just another evil apostate...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad I'm Out!

I've talked about all of this before, but I wanted to reiterate some of my feelings about being an ex-Mormon...


There are so many reasons and I'll touch briefly on some of them:

10) Testimony; I no longer have the pressure of getting up and bearing my testimony about something I've never seen. Sure, I still have a testimony: I know it's not true!

9) Word of Wisdom; while I don't smoke and do agree that smoking is terribly unhealthy, I no longer judge those who smoke. It's their life and their body. I can have an occassional "drink" with my friends and it's okay! I feel absolutely no guilt at all!

8) Sexuality; I can look at porn and masturbate and guess what?!?! It's not only okay, but it's normal and natural. No more guilt for thinking I have this sexual "problem".

7) Missionary work; I now realize that people don't want me shoving my religion down their throats. The belief that I will suffer for their sins if I don't manipulate them into Mormonism is extremely wrong and unhealthy. In fact, it's a load of shit! If there is a god, he doesn't care what religion you are as long as you are a good person. Yep, I no longer have to be a recruiter for the lord; what a relief!

6) Temple worthiness and attendance; it is such a comfort knowing that I never have to go into that temple and go through that creepy ceremony ever again. Even as a TBM, I seriously felt creeped out, especially during the "prayer circle" and "conversing with the lord through the vail."

5) Repentance. The church tries to make people hate themselves for being human. If you have a sexual urge or thought, you need to repent. I committed some "sins" that literally haunted me for years. Yet I was so afraid to go confess because I didn't know what the bishop would do to punish me. What if he made me stop taking the sacrament? Then everyone would know I sinned! Eventally I did confess and surprisingly, I didn't feel any better about it. The guilt finally disappeared the day that I realized the church is not true.

4) Superstition. I used to believe that Jesus was the ultimate superhero who died for all our sins and will save us if we follow him. I now live with the knowledge that Jesus is a myth and there is no such thing as sin. I don't have to hate myself just because I am human. I've ditched all those rediculous superstitions and my life and self esteem have never been better.

3) Church. I can honestly say that I liked (and still do) the members of my local ward. That was the only highlight of going to church. It's too damn long! Three hours! Plus if you have a calling like I did, then it usually required me to go to church early for stupid meetings and stay after to see to ward business. I thought the Sabbath day was for resting... not if you're Mormon.

2) No more home teaching. Lets face it, no one wants to do it. My ward had horrible statistics each month for home teaching (and probably still does). We sat in Elders Quorum meeting Sunday after Sunday getting HT drilled into our heads. And I also believe that no one really wants HT's to come over. It's inconvenient! It's funny... as soon as I stopped going to church the EQ president was assigned as my HT. He was faithful about it for the first few months but then it slowed and eventally stopped. Even the EQP doesn't want to do it!

1) No more damn tithing! As a TBM, I reluctantly paid tithing, but it was not because I loved the lord; it was because I was afraid of burning in the big fire. My tithe was not always full and, of course, I felt extremely guilty for that. However, I and my family were not exactly making a lot of money and some months we barely made it by. But LDS, Inc. doesn't care about that. They will guilt trip you for a full and honest tithe even if it means you have to either starve or foreclose your home.

That's my top ten, but believe me, there's lots more! I know it's not true...

Just another evil apostate...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

They Are All Around Us...

I'm talking about ex-Mormons... There are more of them than people would think. Today I got talking with a neighbor and it turns out that both she and her husband are ex-Mormons. It was a pleasant surprise. Her husband even served a mission.

I had heard them talking in the past about how one of their parents is always trying to drop the Mormon subtle bomb on them by sending Ensign subscriptions to their house and stuff like that.

The church is losing members at a rate faster than ever before.

It's a good thing, considering that Mormonism has many mind games in place to keep members loyal and faithful. The thing about getting out of Mormonism is that no one can convince you that the church is not true... You have to discover it for yourself. TBM's have their testimonies hard-wired and the only way to break it, is to do it yourself.

I've talked in the past about how Mormonism is a prison and yet the door is wide open. Most of them cling to the prison bars especially when ex-Mo's try to encourage them to leave. Truly, the only person who can set you free of your mental prison is yourself; and that can only happen when YOU want it to.

For the past several years, the church has had a decline in it's growth rate. This is due to several factors which are:
  • A reduction in full time missionaries
  • Bloggers and web masters who take the time to publish their information and thoughts
  • In general, all the information that is now available online
We need to keep fighting. Some people may say that Mormonism may be good, even if it is not true. I don't disagree that for some people it is good. But any organization that lies to it's members about it's past, while claiming to be the only true church literally lead by Christ himself, is not even worthy to be called a church. They talk about being honest and yet those liars and hypocrites knowingly keep millions of their followers in the dark about real and important issues. I have discussed most of those issues already.

Any TBM can come in here and tell me that everything I've talked about is just "my opinion" but the fact is, they are not my opinions, they are documented facts.

As a TBM myself, I had heard some of the anti-Mormon claims and I had heard the Mormon answers to them. I really thought that Mormonism was true and could not be confounded. I really thought I had all the answers. I thought all anti-Mormons had been permanantly debunked.

But now, seeing the whole big picture, I realize that those Mormon explanations are desperate and pathetic. They contradict themselves and each other. They force apologists to deny and/or change Mormon beliefs and traditions that have been accepted as facts by the Mormons for a century and a half! If you want to lose your testimony, just visit an apologists website.

I got a little off topic and soon I'll write a post dedicated to how ridiculous and phony those apologists are.

Just another evil apostate...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two Ex-Mormon Stories

Individual Responsible For The Failure And Success Of The Mormon Cult
Original Author: Chad (Swedeboy) Spjut

The entire program is nothing but hammering into the heads and hearts of its membership that the very salvation of their families, neighbors, nations of the world, and even their dead ancestors are depending upon their worthiness and loyalty in keeping the dream of Mormonism alive and converting others unto it.

The temple ceremony enforces this mentality through the covenant of the law of consecration:

"You and each of you covenant and promise before God, angels, and these witnesses at this altar, that you do accept the Law of Consecration as contained in the Doctrine and Covenants, in that you do consecrate yourselves, your time, talents, and everything with which the Lord has blessed you, or with which he may bless you, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for the building up of the Kingdom of God on the earth and for the establishment of Zion."

EVERYTHING YOU HAVE OR WILL HAVE is to go toward the Mormon church. If you hold anything back, too tired, not enough money for offerings and tithes, not enough time to fulfill your callings, not doing your genealogy, temple work, family scripture study, home/visiting teaching, etc. etc. causes this guilt, and the only way the average Mormon gets any internal relief from this insanity is to make sure that all of those boxes are checked off each day, week, month and year.

The guilty burden of a Mormon life is absolutely insane. I can't believe I survived as long as I did.

GUILT, FEAR, COERCION, EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION are the means by which the Mormon cult functions.


Setting Yourself Free From Mormon Induced Fear, Guilt And Cultural Standards
Original Author: Cr@ig P@xton

As a TBM, I envied other TBM’s who claimed to live the gospel because they loved it. Although I put on a good face, I rarely found being Mormon easy or comfortable, even as a member of the Bishopric or High Council, I found being an active Mormon hard and demanding. Living up to the peter priesthood model by being an example to the world 24/7, the requirement of being on constant guard lest I give someone a negative impression of Mormonism was always difficult, even though I lived it to exacting standards. I knew in my heart that I never measured up to the perfection that was required of me. I knew that my best efforts were never quite good enough for the Lord or his church. No, Mormonism was never easy for me. I felt weird, different, and peculiar…particularly when associating with Non-Mormon’s. I hated being pigeon holed by non-members as being Different…once my church affiliation was disclosed.

In my youth, I resented my non-member friends (all 2 of them) being able to play outside every Sunday without having to go to church. Although I often attended the high school keg parties, I was always the driver…never the partier. I was the sounding board for my non-member and TBM friends sexual antic’s…but never the participant. They all knew I had standards, that I was a rock…and despite their best effort to break me…I always stood strong to their every attempt.

As a TBM, I believed that I loved the gospel…but the truth is that I lived the principles of the church out of fear, guilt and cultural expectations NOT because I LOVED doing so. I keep the commandments because I didn’t want the consequences of not doing so… eternal damnation and separation from my family in the hereafter. I admit that my motivation was fear, guilt and cultural expectations. But don't mistake... I did Love the church...but it was an unhealthy love....because Mormonism was taking more than it was giving.

Since leaving the church, I have come to embrace life. I no longer fear living. I no longer feel that I must live up to someone else’s standards or expectations.

Yesterday I attended sacrament meeting with my wife (an occasional concession I make for marital peace). The sermon topic was “Having enough faith in Christ, to believe in the power of the atonement.” The speaker spoke of freeing ourselves from guilt and fear through submitting ourselves to the atonement of Jesus Christ…he described how literally free we become once we submit to Him. As a TBM I would have eaten this stuff up and rededicated myself by once again trying to measure up to the Mormon standard by attempting to be a better person, father, husband and yes Mormon. But in my Post-Mormon state…I had an epiphany… With a smile on my face, I realized that true happiness comes by NOT having to meet someone else’s standards. I only have to meet my own standards. I love who I am, I never feel or experience guilt and I believe that I am a better person today than I ever was as a TBM. True freedom and happiness come from being and loving who you are…not being what someone else says you should be. Another Mormonlie.

Freeing myself from Mormon expectations has been the most mentally healthy thing I have done in my adult life. I no longer fear death, I no longer fear living, I no longer fear being me…and the most powerful realization was that I didn’t need to have faith in Christ to be free…I just needed to have faith in myself to gain an appreciation for life.


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Picture of Joseph Smith?

Most everyone has probably seen the controversial picture that is supposedly Joseph Smith himself.

I really don't have much to say about it. In my opinion, it would be kinda cool to know what he really looked like, but then it doesn't really matter. He's been dead since 1844 and it's not his face that is important... it is the work and the religion he started.

If he was telling the truth, then truly it is an amazing message that the entire world needs to hear.

But if he was lying, then the entire world needs to hear that as well. The people trapped in Joseph's Myth need to be given an opportunity to hear the real truth.

Joseph Smith once made the prediction that his name would be spoken of for good and evil. At first, it sounds like a correct prediction. People do indeed either revere him as a true prophet, or as a lying horny scum bag. But keep in mind that by the time Joseph had written this prediction, he was already well established into his church and already had many enemies. He knew that his story was so convincing that his new religion would last for many, many years, which it has so far. He also knew that there were those who saw him through different eyes. There were those who didn't buy his story and wanted to expose him. His prediction was already taking place by the time he wrote it.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Amazing Predictions!

I was at a family function recently where a TBM sibling was beaming over how wonderful the Book of Mormon is. She was saying, "Did you know that the BoM describes, in detail, the Constitution of the United States?"

Whoa! Not hard to do considering the Book of Mormon is fiction and was written after the Constitution. It's not too hard to predict something that has already happened.

The Book of Mormon also talks about Christopher Columbus. But again, it's not too hard to predict the discovery of America in 1492 when the prediction takes place in 1830!

You'll have to do a little better than that to impress me! LOL

Just another evil apostate...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cognative Dissonance At It's Finest

Thus far, I have tried to reveal as little about myself as possible in order to maintain my privacy as well as sanity. I believe I have mentioned before that I was married in the temple, and as such, have a TBM wife. I normally wouldn't do this, but we had such an interesting conversation last night that I have to share parts of it in order to demonstrate how indoctrinated some people are.

As we were talking, about my feelings about the church, she asked me if I have ever cheated on her. I told her no which is a truthful answer. However, she didn't believe me. She said that she has a feeling that I have been unfaithful in the past. When I assured her that I never have, she looked at me skeptically and said, "Well, you're the only one who knows the truth, and there is no way I can ever know for sure that you're telling the truth." I had to agree with her. I could be lying; there's no way she will ever really know.

She trusts the "spirit" more than me, which is nothing new.

Well, later we got on the subject of god and she says she knows he's there because she feels it. So I asked her, "You feel it? Just like you can feel that I'm cheating on you?" I decided to give her a dose of her own logic... "You can never really know for sure. How do you know 100% that god is there just based on a feeling?" Of course, she couldn't answer that.

Our conversation progressed, with her getting more and more defensive. All the evidence I show her is just my "opinion". Why can't I leave her alone? I informed her that I was not forcing her to sit there and talk to me.

So in the end, my "opinions" were wholeheartedly discarded and she chooses to continue relying on that special "feeling" which is totally misguiding her. The spirit that testifies of the literal existance of god is the same spirit that has her convinced that I'm having an affair. Truth my ass! I do know the truth; there is no affair which tells me that the "spirit" she is relying on is nothing more than her out-of-whack female emotions.

When I asked her how does she know 100% that god is there and that he has ever done anything for her, she couldn't answer. But it's all true, folks!

The really amazing part, is that she will totally agree with me one day and then turn around and totally disagree with me the next day. Last night she even admitted that all religion is nothing but business. And yet, somehow the church is still true. I guess god is running a huge business and it is very profitable! She is drowning is cognative dissonance.

And this is what Mormonism does to people. It makes them deny outright evidence. It makes them follow their emotions to completely absurd conclusions. It makes them deny reality. It makes them unrational and impossible to have an intelligent conversation with. It destroyes families. She is so loyal to the cult that she would pick it over me, especially since her cult has her convinced that I'm a lying, cheating bastard.


Just another evil apostate...

The Spirit: A Follow Up

It is necessary to continue my discussion about "the Spirit" because the last post only covers one aspect of the Mormons "constant companion". This time, we are going to talk about the whole thing.

The first degree of guidance from the holy ghost is known as "the light of Christ". All people, no matter how evil or righteous have this. It is guidance from the spirit to a small degree. (This is how a TBM will try to justify my speeding ticket experience). From time to time, when it is really super necessary, the spirit will give promptings and feelings to anyone who needs it. A great example is an investigator of the LDS church. It works like this:

Obviously, this investigator does not have the constant companionship of the holy ghost, like the missionaries who are teaching him do. However this person has the "light of Christ" which means that occassionally they can feel the spirit. One of these times, without fail, is when the investigator is receiving lessons from the missionaries. After the lesson, it is normal for missionaries to ask the victim how they are feeling. Usually, the person will answer that they feel good. The missionaries will then tell that person that the good feeling they have is the holy ghost testifying of truth.

Of course, we who know the real truth about Mormonism know that this is nothing more than a huge manipulation scheme. Who are the missionaries to tell this person what they are feeling and what it means?

So this light of Christ is available to everyone, but it's main purpose is to convince people to join the only true church. Oh, and help evil apostates avoid getting speeding tickets!

Then comes the next step. If that investigator buys into everything, he will be baptized. When a person is baptized, they are immediately afterwards given "the gift of the holy ghost". It is no longer a random feeling. Now they can experience it constantly to guide them through the rest of their lives. From here on out, they should never make a wrong decision again, because of the mighty and awesome power of this amazing gift.

It is bestowed upon a person in the following manner: the person receiving sits on a chair and is surrounded by several (at least two) priesthood holders. If there are only two, they place both their hands on the person's head. If there are several, they place their right hand on the persons head, and their left hand on the right shoulder of the person on their immediate left, forming a circle around the person.

One of the priesthood holders will pronounce a blessing in which they are required to call the reciepient by their full name, state the authority of the priesthood, and bestow the gift of the holy ghost. They may then go on to pronounce other blessings as they see fit. It would usually sound something like this:

"Brother or sister so and so, by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek priesthood, which we hold, we lay our hands upon your head to confirm you a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we say unto you, RECEIVE THE HOLY GHOST. ETC."

This person now has the constant companionship of the holy ghost. If they obey all the commandments and follow all the rules, it will always be with them. If they sin or disobey a commandment, the spirit will be offended and it will withdraw itself. Only by repenting of that sin can the spirit return. Members of the only true church truly believe they have some special spook that is guiding them through their lives.

If you go to a Mormon Fast and Testimony meeting, you will undoubtedly hear someone tell a story about how the spirit saved them from something. They will be sobbing and full of tears as they blubber, "I know it's true".

So to get back to my post about an evil apostate feeling the spirit, Mormons will justify my having followed it by claiming that I used my "light of Christ" spirit. This, of course, contradicts everything they teach about it. Since I am an apostate, all light has withdrawn from me. In fact, according to Boyd K. Packer, "not only is there an absence of light, but a presence of darkness." An apostate from the lord's only true church loses all their blessings and abilities, including the ability to feel the spirit to any degree.

Even the Book of Mormon talks about those who fall away, stating that even if the spirit does prompt them, they are beyond feeling. Since this is me to a tee, why was I able to feel it just fine, then? 1 Nephi 17:45

...he hath spoken unto you in a still small voice, but ye were past feeling, that ye could not feel his words...

This just goes to show that, once again, no matter what happens, the church is true. If an apostate gets in a car wreck and dies, it was because the spirit couldn't warn him of danger. If that apostate does feel the spirit and gets saved, it was because of "the light of Christ" that is in everyone. If a righteous Mormon dies in a car wreck, it was meant to be; they have a job to do on the other side. If the Mormon avoids the car wreck, the spirit was protecting them. So can't you see that no matter what happens, the church is true? Isn't it wonderful?

If the spirit works for a Mormon, the church is true.

If the spirit doesn't work for a Mormon, then either, 1) that Mormon didn't follow the prompting, 2) that Mormon wasn't worthy to receive guidance, or 3) they had to make that decision on their own. No matter what, the church is true.

If the spirit works for an apostate, it was the light of Christ and the church is true.

If the spirit doesn't work for an apostate, WE TOLD YOU SO! and the church is true.

God, it makes me sick. How come these people are so blinded that they can't see that it only randomly works and half the time is wrong anyway?


Just another evil apostate...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Last Week I Followed the Spirit!

Mormons believe that if they fully comply with all the rules and regulations of Mormonism, then they will have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. It serves to give warnings and promptings to the worthy. ONLY RIGHTEOUS MORMONS are entitled to this special gift.

Last week I was a little late to somewhere I needed to be and when one is late, it is natural to push on the gas petal. However, I entered a certain area and had a distinct feeling that I should slow down, despite the fact that I was running way behind. I followed my gut and slowed down to the posted speed limit.

I hadn't even gone a block when I noticed a uniformed state revenue officer hiding there radaring drivers. If I had not slowed down, I definitely would have gotten pulled over. And cops in Utah do not give warnings. If you get pulled over, you know they are going to hang you out to dry by your toenails.

So anyway, I avoided receiving a ticket because I followed my feelings. What does this mean?

According to Mormonism, only the righteous are allowed to have the privilege of this "defense system". However, I am apostate and openly blog against the church. So obviously the spirit is no longer with me. So how do you Mormons explain that warning I had? Isn't the "spirit" only reserved for the elite Mormons?

What this really means, folks, is that the "spirit" (whatever it is) is not only reserved for elite Mormons. Maybe it was just a feeling; maybe it really was a warning from the supernatural. I don't know. All I do know, is that it felt just like the Mormon spirit and it saved me from getting into trouble with the law.

Maybe this post will get some of you thinking. Maybe it will demonstrate that you alone do not have all the special powers and promptings. Maybe it will help you see that non-Mormons benefit from that special feeling as well. Maybe that will help you realize that you're no better or worse than any other religion.

People in other religions get blessings and they get well, just as often as Mormons do... Doh! But they don't have the priesthood! How is that possible? Uh, maybe it's just random chance like I've been saying all along. People in other religions get their prayers answered just as often as Mormons do. They take it as a sign that their religion is true.

Can't you see, Mormons, that you're no different or special than any other religion (or even the average apostate for that matter)? You have no more special powers then them and you get blessings and healings and prayers answered no more often than they do. Open your eyes and see that you're just in another religion and since the occassional good thing happens to you, it must mean your church is true.

Human beings truly are gullible. Open your eyes and see the truth!

Just another evil apostate...