Thursday, January 31, 2008

Everyone Will Get A Chance

Mormons believe that everyone will be given at least one chance to hear the truth and accept it. No one will be damned without first being given the opportunity to be taught about it.

If Mormon missionaries knocks on your door and you slam the door in their faces, then that was your chance.

The Mormons damn more people than they save...

Way to go, Jesus, you royal fuckup!

No Matter What Happens, It Means the Church Is True!

Let me give you an insiders view on how Mormonism works. How everything that happens to you is proof that the church is true.

True story... I had a female friend who dated one of my roommates. They were both LDS and decided to get married. Now, in Mormonism, one does not just simply marry the person they love. They take the matter to Heavenly Father, who then gives his approval or disapproval (through feelings which you are left to decipher yourself). If the answer from god is yes, then you marry that person.

My friend married my roommate and things were okay for a while. I was actually his sponsor when he went through the temple for the first time. Well, it turns out that this roommate of mine has a severe mental disorder. He cheated on his wife, and did some other things which I won't disclose. Their marriage ended up with an ugly divorce.

Now god, who knows all things, must have known that this husband would do what he did. And knowing that, he still approved their marriage. To a person like me, it simply means she was looking for a dick and a temple recommend. But to a Mormon, even though this marriage ended in disaster, it was meant to be. By going through this trial, it was designed by a loving Heavenly Father to teach her lessons and make her stronger.

I hope you're beginning to see my point. Why even bother consulting with god, if it was pre-destined to end in disaster?

You see, if the person had received that negative feeling to not marry the person, then no marriage would have taken place and the LDS would believe that god "saved" them from some terrible disaster.

So what is the point of revelation if you're going to have a disaster anyway? So you can see, that no matter what, god's infinite wisdom was right there with your best interests in mind. If you marry and have a disaster, then it was meant to be. If you marry the person and all is well, it was meant to be. If you don't marry the person and completely miss the entire experience, then it was meant to be.

So in other words, no matter what happens, it was meant to be!

Doesn't that undermine the whole damn reason for inspiration? If you pray to a rock, you are going to get the exact same outcome. So is the rock holy, or is god just fiction?

The LDS take every day experiences and intrepret them to mean that the church is true. It works exactly the same way with the priesthood. If a blessing heals you, then it was meant to be. If a blessing doesn't heal you, then it was meant to be.

Everyday, normal life is proof that the church is true. Sheer circumstance is their god. Regular life just taking it's course means the church is true. Based on that premise, every religion in the world is true.

Yes, this is how Mormon's think. It is sad and distorted. I know because I once did. I "knew" it was true.

Their entire truth is based on pure circumstance. I've touched on this before but I'll do it again just to make my point...

If you live in the Starwars universe, you know that a Jedi Knight is a real Jedi Knight. If you are a bad guy, he will kick your ass royal. He will pull your weapon right out of your hand and force choke you. No one messes with a Jedi because their power is real and there is definite proof of it.

However, Mormons are no more special than anyone else. As much as they believe they have all these special magical powers, they really have nothing. I've made challenge after challenge to TBM's to shock me with a bolt of lightning. Use your priesthood to destroy my house. Call upon the powers of god to strike down this evil and blasphemous apostate. So far it hasn't happened and I have a real strong feeling that it never will.

Keep in mind that feelings in Mormonism are more important than facts. If you have a feeling that the sky is pink, then it really is pink, even if you're looking at a blue sky. Mormons live in an imaginary dream world where they alone are elite and everyone else is hell-bound. It's your holy responsibility to convert them to Mormonism so they can be saved too. While Mormons will never admit this in their PR, they strongly believe that they are the only true church and any other religion was founded by satan to blind and confuse people to keep them from the real truth, which is, of course, Mormonism.

It reaks of cult. It is a cult. They can deny it all day, but it IS a cult.

Just another evil apostate...

Just Some Thoughts...

I'm just sitting here after a hard busy day, taking it easy, having a drink (alcoholic), and just in awe about how this whole system works.

I've just been to a meeting with some very successful people. They have built successful businesses and are very intelligent people. But they still fall hook, line, and sinker for the LDS religion. It just amazes me how smart and intelligent people still buy into the whole LDS / Jesus thing.

On another note, I met with a female "client" today and we began talking about religion. It turns out she is in my position: being raised Mormon and saw the real truth. The only difference is that she was baptized at 8 years old but didn't even believe it then. Wow, as an 8 year old, she could see it was all a lie.

We talked about Gordo's embarrasing moments in the spot light, basically admitting that he speaks to god the same way everyone else does: through prayer and feelings. Nothing more. This supposed "prophet" gets his inspiration through feelings. But isn't it pretty much Mormon lore that the man walks and talks with god? Out of Hinckley's own mouth, he does not.

Oh, and get this! When the leaders select a new prophet, guess how it is done?!?! You would think that the bretheren would meet and pray and then a voice from heaven would declare the name of the next prophet. Anything but... They vote on it. Can you believe that? If the vote is not unanimous, then how can they claim to be inspired? Why would god inspire Boyd K. Packer to vote for someone and then inspire Thomas S. Monson to vote for someone else? Um, duh!

It is so blooming clear that there is no inspiration involved whatsoever. I spent years of my life believing that I was born into the truth, into the only true religion where the leaders truly are guided by direct communication with god; they then turn around and pass that guidance on to us. Oh, no. It is nothing like that.

I find out that it is nothing but a huge cult and the leaders are living it up, and laughing all the way to the bank with your hard earned tithing dollars. Well, I've given my last penny to LDS, Inc. It's not like that will break them, but at least it won't break me either!

Just another evil apostate...

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Hoffman Case

Many of you know about Mark Hoffman and his story of deception and murder. What you may not understand is why it is significant. Gordon B. Hinckley was in direct contact with Hoffman and as a true prophet, should have acted differently.

I don't know the whole story myself so I'll just cover the main points. Mark Hoffman was basically a conman. He figured out a way to produce phony documents and make them look authentic. He produced false letters and documents about church history and presented them to LDS church leadership. These documents shed a negative light on the church and naturally, if they were authentic (which we know they weren't) then the church wanted them out of the public's eye.

Gordon B. Hinckley was directly involved in purchasing these documents for thousands of dollars from Hoffman. The documents were purchased, but were they ever shown to the church membership? Of course not! Gordon B. Hinckley, prophet of the LDS church which claims, "We believe in being honest," took the document and locked them up in the churches vault.

You see, the man believed he had purchased authentic documents from Hoffman. The documents were negative to the church. So that strongly suggests that Hinckley knows the church is not true and is trying to suppress any and all proof of it! If the church really was true and if Gordo was a true prophet, couldn't he just get a little message from Jesus telling him that Hoffman was a fraud? And what happened to his awesome power of discernment? Isn't a true prophet of god just supposed to know when he is being lied to? Apparently not, because Gordo had no idea.

Hinckley passed away yesterday, so it is too late to ask him: What do you have to hide, Hinckley? If the church is so true and if you are a prophet of god, why do you have to purchase and hide documents that suggest otherwise? Like all profits before him, Hinckley knows the church is not true and spent his whole life openly lying about all of it.

If the church is true, why hide the documents? Why not show them to the world and let "the Spirit" testify of truth? It's because those lying frauds know that, while many of their followers would still believe anyway, many would leave. This story is documented and it shows proof that Hinckley and all the other lying frauds would do anything to hide the real truth from public knowledge.

It turns out that some people began getting smart to Hoffman. They figured out what he was doing but before they could expose him, he killed them. He built bombs and blew them up. He killed two people before one of his homemade bombs went off accidentally and he nearly killed himself. Today he sits in jail.

Hoffman made up false documents and lied about their origin. Hinckley, and other church leaders who were desperate to make sure this did not come to public light, completely abandoned their spirit of discernment about his character and bought up all the documents he produced. Believing the doucments were real, their intentions were to buy they so they could lock them in the vault so that no average member would ever see them!

So much for "We believe in being honest." Hey, now if I lie and deceive people, I'm justified... If a prophet of god can do it, then I guess anyone can. This is a modern day example of the liars and frauds that are the LDS leaders. They preach that the "spirit" testifies of truth and then they turn around and suppress any negative information that they can. Some examples to live up to, huh?

Of course, on the news and in his funeral, and most likely in his biography/autobiography, none of this will ever be mentioned. While he may have accomplished many things, I can't respect a man who preaches one thing and does another. No one is perfect and even I am guilty of it, but come on! This is a prophet of god! He holds his members to extremely strict standards, and fails to live up to them himself.

It's quickly becoming Mormon tradition... The church is true no matter what. Defend it, lie about it. It doesn't matter. The Mormon church is the one and only true church and there is no such thing as sucker punching when it comes to keeping the real truth under wraps. Even though the Hinkster is dead, "Lying for the Lord," is alive and well.

Just another evil apostate...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gordon B. Hinckley Dies

It's been all over the news tonight, the passing of Gordon B. Hinckley, the man who I once revered as a true prophet of god.

He passed away Sunday, January 27, 2008 between 6:30 and 7:00 PM. According to reports, his family was with him. Apparently, he just died of old age. After all, he was 97 years old.

He was born in Salt Lake City in 1910.

Married Marjorie Pay in 1937.

Became an apostle in 1961.

Member of the First Presidency since 1981.

Prophet and president of the church since 1995.

People are commenting on his life and accomplishments, which are many. He is being described as a great leader who loved people and never tired in traveling the world and meeting members. He may be most remembered for his temple building. When he became president of the church, there were only 47 temples in operation. Now, in 2008, there are just under 150 temples.

He sounds like a great man, and the only problem is that he devoted his life to further the cause of a cult and a fraud. He always had messages of love, peace, and harmony, and that is all good. But his devotion was to Mormonism, which I guess is neither good nor bad. It was his life and there is no question that he was devoted to his beliefs. I can't bad mouth him for that.

In some ways, this man helped me see the truth about Mormonism. When the Tsunami killed hundreds of thousands of people, I wondered why he did not predict it. When Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, I wondered why he did not predict it as well. When he came out with the "earring commandment" I was about 99% convinced that he was no prophet at all. Looking back on his life of great accomplishments, show me one thing he did that was truly prophetic... (making jokes from the pulpit doesn't count)

It is speculated that either Boyd K. Packer or Thomas S. Monson will succeed him as profit of the church. The next lying fraud will be....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mormon Sexuality...

... or more appropriately, the lack of.

I've touched on this briefly in the past, but I want to recap. Every normal human being has sexual urges and desires. It's normal. It's natural. But if you're Mormon, it means you're bad.

It's against the law to kiss too much, touch, make out, dry hump, go all the way, etc., or even think about any of the above. If you have committed the sin in your heart, you are as guilty as if you have actually done it. So what that really means is that no Mormon man alive is temple worthy.

I'm a man and so I know how they are. Men are accused of thinking about sex constantly, and they do! Like I said, it's normal and natural. There is nothing embarrassing or shameful about it... unless you're Mormon.

Mormonism takes man's basic urges and turns them into sin. They know that if they can make a person despise sex, while knowing that no one really despises sex, then this is a very confused individual. This person looks at his desire for sexuality as a weakness and therefore clings to the church even more. The church, in turn, tells this person that with Jesus' help, he can over come this weakness. But the more the person tries to avoid committing or thinking about committing sexual acts, they just become more and more frustrated. It's a nasty, vicious cycle where the church makes the person hate themselves and then that person clings to the church to "overcome" this weakness.

The result is a bunch of sexually frustrated people. Mormons are encouraged to date and marry their own. By the time a Mormon man and a Mormon girl get married, they are horny as hell. And since they live in Utah, they have no education and no idea how to "pleasure" the other person. Ever wondered why Mormons get married so young? Not only because of the tremendous pressure to get married right after the mission, but also because they know it is the only way they can vent their sexual frustration without being a huge sinner for it!

Remember, in Mormonism, a sexual sinner is only slightly less wicked than a murderer.

Many Mormon men look at porn, which is easily accessible. It's a safe way to vent some of that frustration without actually "doing it". Of course, Mormon men are railroaded for it. But what are they expected to do? They live in a culture that will condemn them to hell simply for having sexual urges. So naturally, a Mormon man lives a secret sexual life in porn and simply denies that any of it is going on.

That is the natural product of a culture like Mormonism, liars. You can't be Mormon and not be a liar. The society expects impossible things of you and will only accept you if you are perfect at it. Since no one is perfect at it, everyone is a liar! To lie is the only way to fit in as a Mormon. Although they profess honesty, they will boo you to the door if you actually are honest.

Porn itself can be a good thing, in my opinion.

There are different kinds of porn. There's the hardcore slam-bam porn. Or there's the solo girl porn where the woman may just pose nude or may masturbate for your viewing pleasure. Personally, I like the nude posing girl. Whatever each man prefers, doesn't really matter. What does matter is how it's used.

I'm going to talk frank, so if you're offended by explicit sexual language, then you'd better stop reading now.

A man is horny and wants to get off. It's not like there's an abundance of chicks all waiting around to help him out so he shuts the office door and sits down at the computer. He finds his favorite site and pleasures himself while looking. Now, while many people might consider this man to be a porn addicted freak, he's actually being very responsible.
  • He is not cheating on his wife
  • He is not out raping some girl
  • He is not molesting his young daughter or other young girl
  • It's a safe way to vent sexual frustration
  • It is completely harmless
  • It is done in the privacy of his home or office
  • He is viewing women who have given their consent to be viewed
Now what is wrong with that? Instead of promote rape and infidelity, the viewing of porn actually helps prevent it. Porn provides a safe, harmless means for a man or woman to vent their sexual desires and frustration. It also provides sexual education, and partners who view porn together, with an open mind, can have a wild and exciting experience!

Many woman are devastated when they discover their husbands are involved in viewing porn. I'm not a woman, so I can't elaborate, but I do know of many couples where the man looks at porn and the woman is completely okay with it. In fact, the relationship where the woman does not hate and condemn her man for it, is a good relationship.

Many woman may say, "Porn is degrading to women." Porn is made by "willing" women, so don't tell men to stop looking, tell women to stop posing! If the time ever comes where ALL women feel that way, then the production of porn will cease. But I seriously doubt if that will ever happen. If you feel that porn is degrading, then don't look at it! No one is forcing you to.

But if you know a man who looks at porn, and most likely you do, don't judge him. He could be out doing much worse things. He is simply trying to be a man and fulfill those sexual desires. A recent survey done by BYU on over 800 people revealed some interesting facts, as reported by Fox13. 9 out of 10 men admitted that they view porn and half of college women say they think porn is okay!

Even right here in SLC, there are titty bars and adult magazine stands. Many people may not know this, but Brigham Young ran whorehouses right in downtown Salt Lake City. On the outside, Mormons appear to be clean and pure of any sexuality, but a deep look into Mormon history reveals some very distrubing images of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young pertaining to sexuality and sexual conduct. If anyone would like to know more, I would be happy to do some research and post my findings here.

Yes, unfiltered Mormon history is scary and disturbing. There were times when I walked away from my computer literally feeling sick, like I was going to throw up. The Mormon past, the very existance of Mormonism, is based on deep, deep sexual secrets, adultry, rape, and murder all in the name of god. It's a nasty story and I don't even like to think about it, but if any of my readers show an interest, I will be happy to abridge it here.

On a lighter note, anyone know of any good, free porn sites? JK!

Just another evil apostate...

Friday, January 18, 2008

What Is This Blog Even For?

There are two purposes of this blog.

The first and most important is just to express myself. As a Mormon, you don't question, you don't doubt. You just obey.

The second reason is to reach out to anyone who might feel suppressed in the Mormon faith. Hey, if you are a true believing Mormon and honestly love the church and all it's rules, then great. I'm truly happy for you. But if you're like I was, that is, believe in the church but feel weighed down by all the rules and expectations, I'd like to show you why I came to understand that it is not true. By making this discovery, I had a huge burden lifted off me and my life will never be the same.

A TBM will most definitely ask the question, "How can you possibly be helping someone by trying to convince them to leave the church?"

Well, you see, from my point of view the church is a cult. It does nothing to save you. I don't believe you'll be damned by being Mormon and I also don't believe you'll be damned by not being Mormon. A lot of people will come knocking on your door with a warning: join my church or you'll go to hell. No, no, my message is nothing like that. I don't even believe in damnation.

All I'm trying to do is offer a new perspective to someone who might be sitting on the fence. I'm just offering my thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. I couldn't care less if anyone agrees with me or not. If you choose to stay Mormon, that's entirely your business.

All I know is that for me, once I did the research, added up the facts, and put two and two together, I came to the conclusion that I no longer believed in Mormonism or even Christianity.

I want LDS people to know that the church they believe in has a very shady history. Naturally, the church isn't going to print all the negative things about themselves. No, they are going to try and keep you from it, which is exactly what they do. They know that if they come clean about their past, they will lose members by the thousands. So while they hide the truth from you, they are lying to you indirectly by not sharing all the facts.

LDS church leaders are lying scumbags. I've already proved it in this blog. But a brainwashed TBM will not believe me. They see me as having been deceived by the devil and now working overtime to tear down the lord's only true church. That's exactly what the church leaders want them to think, which is why I say they are lying scumbags. They work overtime trying to keep ignorant people in their very profitable cult.

If you are superstitious, believe in fairy tales, and like having someone else tell you everything to do, then you should be Mormon. If you are logical, common sense oriented, and like to make your own decisions, then you should not be Mormon. Why do you think the church tells people to stay away from evil anti's like me? Why do they tell you not to read certain books? Why do they tell you to only read their approved materials? It's because they want to keep you from the truth; they want to keep the blinders over your eyes. If they have the real truth, then what are they so afraid of, I wonder?

There was actually a time in church history where the leaders boldly challenged anyone to prove Mormonism wrong. They claimed that science, history, and common sense were all going to prove the church true. Once science, history, and common sense began actually proving them wrong, their tune changed. They no longer want people to challenge the church; they now want people to leave them alone.

Mormonism is like a two-legged stool. It just can't stand on it's own.

The day of reckoning is coming. There will be a time when the church is forced to come clean about their past and about their lies. Until then, evil apostates like me will do our little part to spread the real truth... the church is not true and the leaders just want your money and unquestioning obedience.

That's the purpose of this blog. To bring out and expose the real truth about Mormonism, it's past, and it's horny founder. I want to show everyone the other side of the coin and let them make an informed, rather than ignorant, decision about whether or not to remain a Mormon.

Free yourself from the Mormon lies and discover a whole new world.

Just another evil apostate...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


"A child who is protected from all controversial ideas is as vulnerable as a child who is protected from every germ. The infection, when it comes- and it will come- may overwhelm the system, be it the immune system or the belief system." Jane Smiley

Thanks, Michael, for posting this quote on your MySpace page. When I read this, I almost fell off my chair because it was me to a tee...

When I was growing up, I was Mormon. I had no choice. My mother was devout to the point of not caring who she offended in the name of the "truth". I was extremely sheltered. I and my siblings were not allowed to watch any TV without explicit parental permission. To my mother, a picture of a woman in a bikini might as well have been a XXX movie. As such, I was not even allowed to watch Starwars: Return of the Jedi because of the scene with Princess Leia in her golden bikini. No joke.

As much as I love my mother, she had no tolerance for anyone who was not 100% in compliance with the church. I can't blame her for being that way. She was raised in Mormonism too and didn't know any other way.

In order to keep me from the evil influences of the world, I was home taught. Seriously, the only kids that I knew existed were those at church. When I finally went to public school at about age 13, I was blown away by how many kids there were. It was there that I met the fore mentioned Michael, who has become my lifelong friend.

One time, walking along the road near my home, I found a porno magazine lying on the road. It was not XXX, but solo girls posing in the nude. Curious, I took it home and hid it in my room. I looked at it often, knowing how wicked, and yet how awesome, it was. As luck would have it, my mom found it. She asked me where I got it and I truthfully told her it was on the side of the road. She told me that if I had gotten it from a kid at school, that she would have immediately pulled me out of school.

Somewhere during my high school years, my father apostatized from the church. That was VERY hard on my mother. Her intolerance of his new beliefs drove them to divorce. Of course, I have to admit that even being an apostate myself, I would never do some of the things he did. I don't need to mention them... you can probably figure it out.

So for a long time I lived with the belief that the devil had deceived my father and that only made my resolve to be a good LDS member even stronger. I went on a mission, against my fathers wishes, and had some eye opening experiences, which I will share in some future post. At one point on my mission, I wrote a very chastising letter to my father but I could not bring myself to mail it. I'm so glad now that I didn't.

As you can probably see, my "decision" to join the church and get baptized at the age of 8, was not really a decision at all. I was born Mormon; I was one of the lucky few who were born into the truth. Almost all the rest of the people in the world were heathens. I remember being asked in church and in seminary, "If you hadn't been born into the church, would you have embraced the truth once it was presented to you?" I think most of us believed that we would have.

I recently took a psychology class where I was able to get some very good insite into myself and some of the possible reasons for my apostacy. Most normal adolescents go through the "identity crisis," where they discover who they are. They try alternate hair styles, wardrobes, friends, hobbies, etc. Most people come out of this period just fine, with a true sense of their identity. However, in some cases there is an event called "identity foreclosure". For example, this referrs to the kid who always wanted to be a doctor and grows up to be a doctor. Or someone becomes a police man because his father and grandfather were policemen.

I now strongly believe that I experienced identity foreclosure. I was Mormon. Bottom line. There was no need to experiment with different lifestyles, because they were all wrong. So I never found my identity. I was never Mormon because I wanted to be... I was Mormon because I had to be. So here I am, half my life later, struggling to find my identity. Interestingly, people who experience a "mid-life crisis" are usually those who experience identity foreclosure. Me to a tee. It is very likely that the same thing happened to my dad.

So even though I am into my 30's, I am 17 at heart. I have the desire to go out into the world and try all the things that I never got to before. I want to explore the world and see it from a non-LDS point of view. I wasted my entire childhood trying to please god and obey all the Mormon commandments. As Michael can testify, I was not always perfect. I looked at his dad's girly magazines which were easily accessible, although I always felt guilty for doing so.

My childhood, while not bad by any means, was extremely sheltered. Naturally, when a person is told that something is bad, they are curious about it. So when I find a girly magazine on the road, naturally I want to look. But if I had grown up being taught that the female body was beautiful and natural, I might have a totally different outlook today.

My philosophy, which most people will disagree with, is that life is life. Why do we have to hide sex from our children? It's not like I sit down and watch a porno with my son, but our household is liberal about being nude. I don't try to hide nudity from my son. I want him to understand that girls have a vagina and boys have a penis. It's not ugly and sinful; it's just a fact of life. Why should I hide facts of life from my children? I don't believe I should. They were hidden from me and I don't believe it is healthy.

I'm not saying I'm a sex freak, but I honestly believe that rapists and pedophiles become what they are PARTIALLY because our society says those things are bad. They grow up curious about the facts of life and when they are finally exposed to it, it becomes a fascination which they are never able to break away from. I honestly believe that if our society was more open and liberal about sex and nudity then rapists, pedophiles, and sex offenders would not be nearly as common as they are.

It is especially bad in Utah. There is no sex education in public schools. Kids grow up not knowing what a condom is. I didn't know what one was until I had a girlfriend who explained it to me. Mormons live with the delusion that if they don't talk about it, it will go away. Therefore, Utah has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation. Kids experiment with sex and have no idea how to protect themselves. Sure, they learn abstainence in church, but come on! These are horny teenagers we're talking about! I was one. I fooled around with Mormon girls with their complete concent. Let's face it, kids are horny and are going to experiment. Even me, myself, one of the most believingest Mormons did. So with no education, kids mess around and end up getting pregnant. I never actually had sex until I was married, but I touched girls in private places (and knowing what I know now, I would have touched a whole hell of a lot more!)

I hope my point is clear. Don't shelter your children. Don't hide the facts of life from them. Teach them what is right and wrong, but don't teach them to hate themselves when they do wrong. Teach them that everyone makes mistakes and it's okay to be wrong as long as you learn from it. Teach them that it is okay to be human. It's not a sin. You're not evil just because you were born. That's a lie.

If god made me and god is perfect, then I am perfect. A mistake is simply an opportunity to try again.

This is more valuable information than you will ever hear in General Conference.

Just another evil apostate...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who Is the Mormon God?

Just like many religions, the Mormons believe that their god is the same god who spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai. However, their beliefs about his physical appearance and our relationship to him is very different.

Most Christians believe that god is everywhere and he is nowhere ( a concept that I always found confusing ). Mormons believe he is an actual man with a body of flesh and bones. He got his body by coming to another earth and passing all the tests. When he died, he was resurrected and continued to progress until he became a god. Just as god went through this process, i.e. lived on an earth, had a god of his own, died, resurrected, and progressed to godhood, so can we. Each of us is a potential god and if we pass all the tests, we can become gods and goddesses and create our own worlds and have our own spirit children. It is a cycle that never began and will never end. The Mormons have not always believed that god has a body.

Unique to Mormonism is the belief that we lived with god in a pre-existance. We were only spirits and since we had no body, we could not progress. God loved us all so very much that he wanted to create an earth in order to allow us to gain a body. Once we came to earth, we would be tried and tested. We would suffer and be miserable. Only a few would pass all the tests and return to live with god again. Those few would eventually become gods.

In Mormonism, heaven is known as The Celestial Kingdom. There are other kingdoms as well, the Terresterial and Telestial. The Telestial kingdom is basically hell. The Terresterial kingdom is a place for people who were not really wicked, but not really righteous either. Even though the Telestial kingdom is hell, Joseph Smith said that if we could see it, we would kill ourselves in order to get there. Obviously, hell isn't such a bad place!

There is a special place reserved for people like me. Once someone has been given the "truth" and then rejects it, they go to a place like purgatory, only it is called perdition in Mormonism. The "Sons of Perdition" are the most wicked and deserve no kingdom at all. They will live in perdition forever with Satan. (A good scare tactic to keep people in the church, huh?)

A Mormon apostate is a "Son of Perdition" and yet Hitler is not... go figure.

The name of the planet on which exists the Celestial Kingdom, according to Joseph Smith, is Kolob. It is an actual, physical place. This teaching is one that the church doesn't talk about much and would like to forget. However, this teaching is in the D&C (Doctrine & Covenants) and there is also a Mormon Hymn about it, # 284, the first verse of which reads:

"If you could hie to Kolob
In the twinkling of an eye,
And then continue onward
With that same speed to fly,
Do you think that you could ever,
Through all eternity,
Find out the generation
Where Gods begin to be?"

Not only do we have a heavenly father, but a heavenly mother as well. She is not talked about so as not to defile or disrespect her. She is god's wife and they were sealed together while they were both mortals living on a planet somewhere. No one knows much about her. All we know is that somehow, two immortal gods with physical bodies have sex and make spirit children. How this is done is never explained. I guess you have to become a god to find out!

God even has a name, Eloheim. Of course they just call him "God" or "Heavenly Father".

God's time is different than ours. When 1,000 years have passed on earth, it is one day to god (so each "day" in the creation process was actually 1,000 years). So our "trip" to earth is VERY short. From god's perspective, we are only gone a few hours. However, those few hours are critical to the rest of eternity. You get once chance to get it right and if you screw up, sucks to be you.

According to Mormon teachings, god's ONLY appearance to any human being was to Joseph Smith during the supposed First Vision.

This god loves you so much. Yet he is a jealous god. If you don't obey every commandment, you fail the test and end up in a lower kingdom. Up until 1978, god was prejudice against blacks. I guess he had a change of heart. Actually not, because his mouthpieces on earth, Mormon prophets, have never apologized for a century and a half of racism.

More people are becoming aware of the simple phrase, "As man is, god once was. As god is, man may become." This has been a fundamental concept in Mormonism. And yet Mormon prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, denies knowing much about it... "I don't know that we teach that." You certainly do teach it, you lying fraud.

Mormons believe the Bible version of the creation and the fall of Adam and Eve. However, their concept of it is different. Adam and Eve were given contradictory commandments. They were told to multiply and replenish the earth (have lots of babies, a concept that still exists strongly in Mormonism today) and were also commanded not to eat of the fruit of the tree. The problem, is that until they had eaten the fruit, they were infertile; they could not have children. They had "celestial" bodies and would live forever in ignorance. Partaking of the fruit, and the resulting "fall" changed their bodies and they were suddenly aware that the other looked really good naked!

I just wonder, how come they couldn't have children with their celestial bodies, and yet god can?

If there are contradictory teachings in Mormonism, it doesn't matter. They justify it by saying, "God's laws are higher than our laws. We will understand someday."

So, god Eloheim lives in the Celestial Kingdom on the planet Kolob and has a physical body of flesh and bones. He loves you and can't wait to damn you!

Oh yea, and he needs your money!

Just another evil apostate...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Why Do I Call Myself...

...Just another evil apostate?

Just another... With all the information about the real Mormonism so readily available online, people are leaving the church faster than ever before!

evil... Anyone who leaves the church is just plain dag-nasty evil. Ask any TBM and they will tell you! (TBM = True Believing Mormon. Actually most TBM's don't know they are TBM's. The term TBM is more commonly used in the ex-Mormon community. LDS is used in the TBM community. )

apostate... Satan is working hard to deceive souls and drag them slowly down to hell. I was once a noble soul and am now apostate. Having had the truth and then outright rejecting it means that god will have no mercy on me come judgement day.

By calling myself evil, it is a way of mocking the church, because obviously I don't really believe that I am evil. An apostasy is a falling away. I call myself an apostate to mock the church because instead of falling (which implies going down) I have actually taken many steps up! So by acknowledging that I am an evil apostate, I take away all the churches pleasure in calling me that! They can call me any name they want, but the real truth is that I have opened my eyes, called them on their lies, and risen to a new plane of thinking. While they sit there judging me with their dogmatic superstition, I am exploring new worlds and new heights. I call myself "evil apostate" to keep them in the dark about what I really am... an enlightened individual who is thoroughly enjoying this "whole new world".

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, LDS Inc. Oh, I forgot, you don't smoke... Then shove it where the sun don't shine!

A rare, enlightened individual...

Mormon Terminology

This blog is written from the perspective of someone who was Mormon their entire life. As such, there are probably some things that I say which some readers might not understand. My target audience are those people still involved in Mormonism and know it very well... the cliche, so to speak... the Mormon terminology.

I will do my best to avoid this, when possible, and provide explanations when needed for the sake of non-LDS readers. I can't promise I will be perfect at it, but I will try.

For example: I think most non-LDS know that Mormons wear garments. However, I would bet that most non-LDS do not know that when a pair of garments is worn out, it is not simply tossed into the trash. As long as the cloth bears the marks (V) (L) (-) it is still considered holy and sacred. Only after the marks are removed is the cloth no longer sacred. After that, it can be used to scrub your toilet, if you wish. The marks themselves must be destroyed. You can cut them into tiny pieces, or burn them. But if you defile a pair of sacred underwear while it still contains the holy marks, your salvation could be at risk.

So in the post when I talked about throwing my garments into trash complete with markings, (Holy Sacred Underwear, Batman!) I was talking about the holy markings, not the skid marks, although they contained them as well! Funny though, even as a member I wondered why the sacred garments were allowed to get shit on and pissed on and stained with other bodily discharges. It seems that just by the very nature of wearing them, you are defiling them with your humanness.

Just another evil apostate...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Salt Lake Tribune: Help Wanted

Needed: One self-righteous, priesthood-holding TBM male to fill a vacant spot in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Must be humble and have proof of humility. We need another special witness to carry on the tradition of "too sacred to tell". Current Temple recommend required; RM preferred. Experience: At least 50 years in high-level church positions, including bishop and stake-president. Must be able to produce faith-promoting stories right on the spot; tears on the spot is even better! Don't bother submitting your resume. We have already received it by revelation and will be calling you shortly if we feel you qualify for the position. Feel free, however, to submit any brown-nosing, ass-kissing documents you wish as these will greatly increase your chances of being selected. If you are wealthy we will put your resume on the top of the pile. This position has no pay but the benefits are awesome and include: instant celebrity status, license to lie, everything you say is God's will (even the lies), zero liability for anything you say (after all, you're just a man, right?), you can sign your own temple recommend, someone to write your inspired conference talks for you, billions of dollars in church assets to do whatever you want with, and a very generous living allowance (don't worry, because it's not acutally a paycheck, you don't have to pay your 10%). If you have no problem deceiving millions of people, WE WANT YOU!