Monday, January 7, 2008

Why Do I Call Myself...

...Just another evil apostate?

Just another... With all the information about the real Mormonism so readily available online, people are leaving the church faster than ever before!

evil... Anyone who leaves the church is just plain dag-nasty evil. Ask any TBM and they will tell you! (TBM = True Believing Mormon. Actually most TBM's don't know they are TBM's. The term TBM is more commonly used in the ex-Mormon community. LDS is used in the TBM community. )

apostate... Satan is working hard to deceive souls and drag them slowly down to hell. I was once a noble soul and am now apostate. Having had the truth and then outright rejecting it means that god will have no mercy on me come judgement day.

By calling myself evil, it is a way of mocking the church, because obviously I don't really believe that I am evil. An apostasy is a falling away. I call myself an apostate to mock the church because instead of falling (which implies going down) I have actually taken many steps up! So by acknowledging that I am an evil apostate, I take away all the churches pleasure in calling me that! They can call me any name they want, but the real truth is that I have opened my eyes, called them on their lies, and risen to a new plane of thinking. While they sit there judging me with their dogmatic superstition, I am exploring new worlds and new heights. I call myself "evil apostate" to keep them in the dark about what I really am... an enlightened individual who is thoroughly enjoying this "whole new world".

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, LDS Inc. Oh, I forgot, you don't smoke... Then shove it where the sun don't shine!

A rare, enlightened individual...

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