Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why Religion Is Harshly Inferior To Science!

Let's start at the beginning!


Religion states that god built the world in 7 days only 6,000 years ago. There is no evidence for this other than a really old book that just says so.

Science states that the earth is about 4 billion years old. There are mountains of evidence and studies to support this. 

Life on Earth:

Religion teaches that god created each creature on the Earth separately. This is taught in the Bible but it provides is no supporting evidence. It is simply a story.

Science teaches that all life on Earth evolved from a common ancestor.  This is universally accepted in the scientific community as fact. However, this is not just because everyone believes it, so it must be true. Instead, it is because almost every branch of science validates it separately.

Origin of Man:

Religion teaches that the first man, Adam, was formed out of clay by god and he came alive after god blew on it.  Even religious people know this is not how men are formed.  Woman was formed when god took a rib out of Adam and turned it into a woman.  Even religious people know this is not how women are formed.

Science teaches that human beings evolved from other life forms over a period of millions of years. Again, this is not just a popular belief, but the culmination of thousands of studies that all arrive at exactly the same conclusion. 

Origin of God:

Religion teaches that god has always existed and created everything.  Religion claims that the true test of human's worthiness to go to heaven is, in fact, all based on blind faith. If you believe in something you cannot see or prove, this is considered a virtue.

Science has no comment on the origin of god since science does not deal with the supernatural.  Science only studies what can be observed and tested.  If god could be observed, science would study him.  Those people who identify themselves as "free-thinkers" believe that god and religion first came about by early humans asking the questions of why we are here and making up stories to answer those questions.  Modern science now has much more informed and accurate answers to these questions.


There are thousands of different religions that all disagree with each other on who god is, what his doctrine is, and what the conditions are for being saved.  Even people within the same faith often disagree among themselves.  It seems that no one really has a clue.  Old teachings and doctrines are recycled from one generation to the next and generally do not change.

Scientists almost universally agree across every branch of science.  Each branch validates the others.  Studies done by different scientists yield the same results.  Each new scientific claim is tested to be repeatable.  If enough different people get the same independent results, then it is accepted.  As newer discoveries are made, older ideas are put aside.


Religion really has no benefits other than giving people a sense of superiority and false hope.  In fact, religion has been one of the main driving forces behind most of the wars and violence in human history.

Science provides countless benefits.  To name a few: corrective eye wear and surgery, automobiles, airplanes, computers, internet, e-mail, cell phones, heat and light, medicine, vaccines, information storage and retrieval, and much, much more.


Religious teachings are all expected to be taken on faith, even when there is no supporting evidence.

Science is firmly built upon reason, studies, and evidence.

Religion whines that creationism isn't taught in schools.

Science couldn't care less if evolution isn't taught in churches.

Religion teaches that faith can move mountains.

This has never been observed in the natural world.

Religion teaches that natural disasters are the result of god's wrath.

Science understands and can explain the causes of these disasters.

Religion teaches that animals can talk.

This has never been observed in the natural world.

Religion teaches that all evil came from a fruit tree.

This has never been observed in the natural world.

Religion teaches that it is possible for a virgin to be pregnant.

This has never been observed in the natural world.

Religion teaches that dead things can come back to life.

This has never been observed in the natural world.

Religion uses science to promote itself (microphones, televisions, recording devices, printing, and claims that science "proves" god).

Science has never once used religion or faith to promote itself.  Anyone claiming that science has proved god is LYING!

Religion is threatened by science.

Science is completely independent of religion.

Religion is based on feelings, faith, the impossible, the invisible, and the incomprehensible.

Science is based upon what can be seen observed and tested.

Religion determines the conclusions, then searches for evidence to fit.

Science looks at the evidence to determine what is most likely correct.

The Bottom Line:

Religion claims to be the ultimate source of unchanging truth and yet those involved in it often disagree on basic concepts.  Religion claims to be infallible and the power of god is said to be able to do anything.  Even the religious will admit that there is no evidence for this, and they take every day happenstance as evidence that their beliefs are correct.  Religion provides people with the idea that they alone are right and therefore superior.

Science does not claim to be the ultimate source of truth. Science is always expanding and adding to existing ideas and information.  Scientists are largely in agreement among themselves and across different branches.  Science provides a greater understanding of our natural world and has provided countless benefits to all humankind. 

Science flies you to the Moon. Religion flies you into Buildings.”

Friday, January 9, 2015

Oh, To Understand the Religious Mind!

I can't believe I haven't posted since November!

I've been wondering lately - but am too lazy at the moment to go find out - if there is a book about the "Science of Religion".

It would be fascinating to find out if there have ever been any scientific studies on the religious mind and what it is exactly that causes people to cling so desperately to the "truths" they have been raised in from infancy.

Why does the human mind so easily believe such nonsense?  Why is it so difficult, nearly impossible in fact, to pull people's minds out of this delusion?  Why do people ignore simple facts and believe in ancient myths?  Even when presented with the common sense arguments that their beliefs are false, they cling to them desperately.  In fact, it only makes their resolve to believe even stronger.

There never has been - and I daresay there never will be - any evidence AT ALL that religion is true and god exists.  Religious people often make the claim "there is indisputable evidence of X, Y, and Z" but when asked to produce said evidence they either can't, won't, or just make extremely ignorant arguments.

I am absolutely baffled that we live in such an age where information is so abundant that we have virtually unlimited knowledge streaming right into our homes (thanks to science), and yet the world is still full of people who would give their lives in defense of stone-age stories.

I am dumbfounded.

In fact, that brings a thought to mind.  I'm not that great of an artist, so I will write a cartoon with no pictures (if anyone could help, that would be awesome!)

Picture a young religious boy being talked to by his religious leader.

Leader: "With the word of the Lord, you can confound the unbeliever, the wise, and the learned."

Picture now this boy debating with an atheist.

The boy makes some comment and backs it up with a verse from scripture.

The atheist walks away, speechless.

The boy thinks to himself, "He is confounded!"

The atheist thinks to himself, "I am dumbfounded!"