Saturday, March 31, 2012

Follow the Prophet For Dummies

Here is a perfect example of LDS brainwashing and backwards logic at its finest. This is a link to an article in the March 2012 Liahona entitled, "Why Do We Need Prophets?" I have taken a screen shot of the image:

What a stupid way to teach children why they should follow the prophet. I have replaced it with my version (editing pictures of half naked chicks is very distracting so it took me a while to get done).

As you can see, their anaolgy of using a maze with prophets to guide you through it is a very misleading reason to submit to LDS, Inc. The same logic can be used to prove anything. I could have put images of other gods, the flying spaghetti monster, music artists, etc. But hey, I like half naked babes so everyone needs to join my Bikini Babe Church. Just follow the pussy. You can't go wrong as I have clearly demonstrated.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Religion In the News This Week

Great news! The LDS church is losing members rapidly! Time to pull out the booze and celebrate!

In other news: religious leader rapes a teenager.

Why are religious people so fucked up?

I mean really! Isn't the whole idea of religion supposed to make people better? Then why do we always hear in the news about some religious leader who can't keep his hands out of young children's underwear?

Religion is primitive. We need to move beyond it.

And in other news:

An LDS missionary serving in Brazil is hit by a bus and is in critical condition. I wonder why his garments didn't save him?...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mormon Faith

I was in the home of a TBM Mormon and noticed that in their entry way they had a tile with a saying engraved on it. It reads as follows:

"Faith is not believing that God can; it is knowing that He will."

Let's shorten that a little so it is more obvious what the real message is...

"Faith is not believing; it is knowing."

If someone got up in testimony meeting and said, "I believe the church is true," they wouldn't necessarially be made fun of, but you just don't use the word "believe" in Mormonism. You say you KNOW!

There is a tremendous amount of pressure to know. If you don't know, then something is wrong with you and you better get with the program!

"It is called FAITH because it is not KNOWLEDGE." ~ Christopher Hitchens

Friday, March 9, 2012

Street Preachers

I'm always cruizing around Blogger to find crazy Christians to make fun of. Today I found one:

Project Ezra - Dedicated to the Public Reading of the Bible

Dan Beaudoin - "I am a 30-something evangelical Christian with a passion for street evangelism and open-air preaching."

Ah, you're one of those guys that nobody can stand. You think it's cool to go out into public places and shove your crap on everyone!

Why is that necessary? Why do you think it's cool to shove your beliefs on everyone? Then you hide behind the safety of your blog and refuse to let anyone comment who disagrees with you. What are you so afraid of? If you have the ultimate truth, then why hide?

I've got two ideas about why religions bloggers usually censor:

1. They know that their arguments are all based on fantasy and can't stand the thought of actually having to provide some evidence.

2. They don't want their readers to see any opposition. The more they are exposed to the the opposing arguments, the more likely it is that a few of them will actually turn their brains to the "on" position.

If truth is truth, then it should stand on it's own. You wouldn't need to go out and preach. I assume you drive a car? Have a cell phone? Use the internet? How long did someone have to preach at you with a loudspeaker until you were finally convinced that driving is much faster than walking? That using a phone is much easier than screaming? That the internet is just cool?

I'd bet that no one did, and that's my point. Anyone who has to scream and yell in order to be taken seriously is fighting a losing battle. If your religion could save everyone and was the ultimate truth, then people would be lined up at your baptismal font day and night.

If something works, people use it: light bulbs, wheels, digital cameras, computers, etc. How many of these things operate on faith? None of them.

And the worse part is that if someone else came up to you and started preaching, you would tell him he's insane and to take his nonsense somewhere else. Can you see the irony here?

I would have said all this to him on his own blog, but he censors (surprise, surprise) and he will only let you comment if you kiss the ass of Jesus right along with him.

So, Dan, believe your fairytales and nonsense all day long, but stop shoving it on other people!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why, Damn It, Why?

I have a really hard time understanding how people can cling to religion when it is so obvious that it is false.

The Bible proves that god is evil.

Common sense tells you that it is impossible to walk on water.

You never see mountains being moved by someone with a little bit of faith.

The stories told by religion are ridiculous and poorly written.

And yet, in spite of all this, they cling to it desperately.

Why is the human mind so gullible?

I asked a believer once to give me one good reason to believe.

They starting with "It makes me happy. It makes me feel good".

I stopped them and told them that was not a reason.

They then admitted to me that there is no good reason to believe; however, they still choose to believe.

I don't understand it.

Even when the stories are comically stupid, when the beliefs are irrational, and the evidence doesn't exist, their mind just can't let it go.

Why? Why do people insist on believing in bullshit when the evidence is slapping them in the face?

Why is it so difficult for a person to accept reality?

I honestly don't understand it.

I changed my entire belief structure when I was presented with the facts.

I accepted it after thinking it through very carefully.

So when I ask "why?" to a believer, it is not so I can trap them.

It is because I genuinely would like to know.

I truly want to understand the mind of a believer.

I want to know how they can knowingly choose myth and superstition over evidence, logic, common sense, and reason.

They can't tell me.

I'm stumped. Speechless. Why?

Can anyone out there help me out here?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

When You Put It Like That...

I came across this image while surfing the web. Whoever wrote it is extremely ignorant on what atheists "believe" and how science describes how the universe came to exist. But even if this quote is 100% correct, let's consider the alternative...


The belief that there is a being
who has always existed and has
unlimited magical powers who
snapped his fingers and the
universe suddenly popped into
existence. He then buried
dinosaur bones in the ground
just to confuse everyone. makes perfect sense.