Saturday, March 31, 2012

Follow the Prophet For Dummies

Here is a perfect example of LDS brainwashing and backwards logic at its finest. This is a link to an article in the March 2012 Liahona entitled, "Why Do We Need Prophets?" I have taken a screen shot of the image:

What a stupid way to teach children why they should follow the prophet. I have replaced it with my version (editing pictures of half naked chicks is very distracting so it took me a while to get done).

As you can see, their anaolgy of using a maze with prophets to guide you through it is a very misleading reason to submit to LDS, Inc. The same logic can be used to prove anything. I could have put images of other gods, the flying spaghetti monster, music artists, etc. But hey, I like half naked babes so everyone needs to join my Bikini Babe Church. Just follow the pussy. You can't go wrong as I have clearly demonstrated.


Exhalted Outcast said...

I want to follow the boobies all the way home. hehehe

Anonymous said...

This one. This is an obscene and disrespectful post. So long as you stay away from this kind of garbage I will visit your blog.

Karen said...

Yes, you can put anything in a maze to act as a guide. However, the end result (especially in the maze you made) is NOT happiness, even if some think it is. It is disrespectful to use children's material in this way.