Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If You Pester Them, They Will Come

I can't even recall how many stories I heard about a faithful home teacher who just wouldn't give up. He was assigned to an inactive family who was not only inactive, but seriously involved in un-approved church activities.

In spite of the family repeatedly telling the home teacher that they were no longer interested in the church, that faithful home teacher just wouldn't take no for an answer. In spite of the family telling this home teacher not to come by anymore, that faithful home teacher listened to the spirit and just kept going back...

... and it's a damn good thing he did. Eventually he reactivated this family and now the father is a stake president.

While this story might be true OCCASSIONALLY, when it does happen it is made to appear as if it happens every single time.

This is why they can't take no for an answer. They are spoon-fed with the idea that if you pester your family and friends long enough, eventually they will feel the spirit and join the church. Afterall, their salvation is more important than their request to be left alone. And if you don't pester them, then their sins will be on your head.

So Mormons pester away, completely disregarding peoples' privacy and requests to be left alone. They really think that if someone doesn't get it right away, they eventually will if you pester them long enough!

Mormon Apologetics and Accountability

I was browsing around on YouTube the other day and I came across a real gem...

This is the first video in a series of lectures by Daniel C. Peterson, hardcore Mormon apologist. He is desperately trying to convince the world that in spite of all the evidence against the church, it is still true. All you need to watch is the first couple of seconds...

He says something to the effect of: "I hate being filmed because it means that I'm accountable for everything I say... which I don't much like." I almost shit myself when I heard him say that! Notice the courtesy laugh from his audience. Also notice how he doesn't say anything to the effect of "just kidding".

Aww, isn't that just a shame? Imagine any Mormon defender or leader who is accountable for the bullshit they drum up!

I had a good laugh!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some (Real) Early Church History

Have you ever wondered: if the Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the gospel, then how come it says nothing about temple attendance? Or the word of wisdom? Or tithing? Or the celestial kingdom? Or a dozen other of the Mormons' ridiculous doctrines?

In it's earliest days, this church that does not change was evolving rapidly.

Joseph Smith was sending his male members away on missions and then enjoying their wives while they were gone.

Smith had a secret sexual life and when it started surfacing, he came up with the polygamy idea to justify it. Well learned Mormons are aware (as I was) that Joseph secretly practiced polygamy for years and years before he announced it publicly. According to Smith, it was all done by commandment of the lord and he reluctantly obeyed it.

When some people started to discover the real truth, they abandoned Joe. As a young Mormon, I wondered why even his own First Presidency councilors would apostatize. Now, of course, it's very clear... he was banging their wives. The very fact that apostles and councilors would leave the church SHOULD BE a major red flag to any Mormon who is aware of it. But they justify it away saying that the devil worked really hard on them and the most elite were deceived. Do Mormon lies know no end?

Joe ordered the destruction of a printing press that was planning to expose his lies. The destruction of the press put the non-Mormon citizens into a fury. He was arrested.

Now Mormons believe that Joe went willingly to Carthage Jail. The fact is, however, that he had no intention of staying there or dying. He dispatched a secret message ordering the Nauvoo Legion to come break him out of jail. When the mob appeared that ultimately killed him, Smith at first thought it was his rescuers. He reassured everyone that their savlation had come.

During the attack on the jail, Smith shot and killed two of his attackers. This automatically removes his status as a myrter. A myrter dies willingly for his cause. Smith had no intention of dying.

Mormonism is a disease that was founded by a pervert.

The Temple and Mormon Secrets

Just received another wedding announcement in the mail...

A cousin of mine is getting married in the temple and we are invited to the ceremony, as if it will be interesting or exciting. A temple marriage ceremony is word-for-word verbatim from a script. It is always the same. So if you've ever witnessed (or been part of) a temple marriage ceremony, then you've seen them all.

Every bride and every groom is dressed exactly the same. There is no music, flowers, or rings. Each "sealing" room has barely enough seats to allow for maybe ten guests.

In the center of this small room is an alter with pads for the bride and groom to kneel on. They kneel on opposite sides and face each other. Then they engage in one of the secret handshakes they just learned about when getting their endowments. They hold this handshake while the officiator mumbles out the sacred sealing words.

This cookie-cutter wedding is what thousands of young Mormons anxiously wait for their entire lives.

But of course, the ceremonies that take place inside the temple are too "sacred" to speak about outside of holy walls. Therefore, a young Mormon goes through the washings and annointings, endowment, and marriage ceremonies without having a first clue as to what they will all be about.

You are asked to make several strong committments to LDS, Inc. All of them are given right on the spot and you agree to them without even being given a chance to think about it. Before the ceremony begins, they give anyone the option to walk out, but that is before they have revealed any of their secrets. Besides, what would everyone think if someone got up and walked out? I don't think it's ever happened.

To be perfectly honest, I wanted to walk out when I first did my endowments.

As I see it now, the covenants I made with "the lord" are null and void. Why? Because the Mormon church is built on lies. I, like millions others, were only told half the story... the half that made the church look good. But if I had been given the rest of the story, I would have told my bishop to shove that temple recommend up his ass!

Like the temple, Mormonism is full of secrets. The church lies about and hides it's shady past from the gullible and trusting members. Shameful! Then they preach about being honest. They teach their doctrine as if it is literal truth. Funny because science and common sense both prove it to be false.

Mormonism is shrouded in secrecy because that is how it got started. Joseph Smith was banging every pussy he could get his hands on and it was all done by commandment of the lord. Temple weddings and polygamy all came about to cover up Joe's promiscuous sexual adventures.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Let's talk about those fanatical whack jobs.

First of all, they are so in love with Jesus that they can't see any type of common sense or reason. And yet they are so quick to condemn you to hell just because you don't believe in their version of Jesus. How pathetic!

I mean, they are all so convinced that everyone except them is under the direct influence of the devil.

Now, if all you have to do, according to them, is say the simple words, "Jesus, I accept you as my personal saviour," then why do they need Bibles and churches? If that was all it took, the "good book" would only need one page, one paragraph, one sentence.

Christians are so busy damning everyone to hell that they don't realize that they are the Pharisees as described in the New Testament. They went around condemning everyone, thinking that they, and they alone, were saved, and that they were better than everyone else.

The most hardcore Christians have missed Jesus' message entirely. While they preach damnation and hell, Jesus preached love and acceptance. I find it so ironic that in their hardcore pursuit of Jesus, they not only missed the boat, they missed the whole river!

Now get this... According to Christians, if I don't believe in THEIR GOD, exactly as they believe him to be, I am damned forever. Their god is so jealous that if I don't believe every jot and tittle like the "saved" then I'm going to hell. Now, I ask, why would I want to believe in or worship a god who is so unforgiving that if I didn't pray to him in a certain building, then I'm damned? That god is a hypocrite who doesn't even understand his own Bible! That god is shallow and superficial.

If the only thing he judges me by is my beliefs, and he completely ignores any of my actions and the fact that I am a good person, then that god is pathetic. I'd rather go to hell then believe in a god like that. I'd rather be athiest than running around with the false belief that it's my holy calling to judge and condemn everyone around me to hell.

Warning to all fanatical Christians: remember, in your own book it says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

It also says, "Behold, there are many who will say, did I not cry low here and low there? And the lord will say, depart from me; I know you not. They draw near to me with their lips and with their mouths do honor me, but their hearts are far from me."

That would be you, fanatical, judgemental, condemning Christians. If anyone is going to hell, it's you! So enjoy all your righteous glory while you still have it! Hypocrites!

Evil Apostate...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

God's Top Priority: Sex For Joseph Smith

ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Deconstructor

According to Joseph Smith, God kept sending an angel with a sword to command him to secretly marry more women. This angelic visitor appeared and literally threatened Joseph Smith's life on at least a half-dozen occasions.

At least that is what he told the women. (Remember the scene from Blazing Saddles where the Sheriff threatens himself with a gun?)

The Prophet's repeated testimony regarding this visiting angel is more consistent than his stories about the First Vision.

Mormons should recognize an important message from the Prophet Joseph Smith's experiences with the Angel.


What a shame God didn't send an angel with a sword to straighten Smith out on these other occasions:

  • No angel tried to stop him ordaining blacks to the priesthood
  • No angel corrected him for writing contradictory versions of the First Vision story
  • No angel coerced him into not ordering the destruction of the Nauvoo expositor press
  • No angel tried to stop him from ordering the Danites to kill Governor Boggs
  • No angel corrected him for repeatedly saying that Native Americans are Lamanites.
  • No angel warned him to stop having sex with his adopted daughters
  • No angel warned him not to claim he had accurately translated Egyptian
  • No angel came to tell him what happened to the lost 116 pages
  • No angel stopped him from committing bank fraud
  • No angel stopped him from trying to sell the copyright to the Book of Mormon
  • No angel told him to take naked touching out of the endowment ceremony (that didn't happen until Jan 2005)
  • No angel tried to stop him from using a gun at Carthage to kill two men, thus preventing him from dying like an innocent martyr
  • No angel chastised him from declaring he was greater than Jesus Christ.
Nope. Angelic messengers were complete no-shows, except for when Smith supposedly didn't want to seduce teenagers and other men's wives, and then WALA, A MIRACLE! The Lord sends His angel to force Smith into secret adultery!

What kind of God do Mormons worship?

Unrighteous Dominion of an LDS Bishop

I mentioned briefly in my last post that my mother had conflicts with the bishop of my home ward. I have never talked about that and don't know the whole story. But what I do know I will attempt to share.

Just before my mission I lived with my mother who had just recently divorced my father because of his apostasy. My mom was going to school and my dad either could not or would not pay child support, I'm not sure which. But either way, my mom was hard up and was getting desperate to put food on the table.

My mom was staunch LDS, to the point that she hated my father for leaving the church. She was nowhere near perfect as she was completely intolerant to his new beliefs (or lack of). In the ward we happened to live in, my fathers divorced sister also lived. My aunt.

Well, my mom and my aunt's ex-husband started seeing each other. Kinda wierd, I know, but nothing harmful, except that my father's side of the family LOVES something to gossip about. So when they caught wind that my mom was dating my ex-uncle, the shit really hit the fan.

My aunt went to the bishop and told him all kinds of lies about my mother; that she was sleeping with this guy and yada, yada. Naturally, the bishop believed her and so refused to give my mom any type of help from the bishop's storehouse. He would grill her for her wickedness and tried to excommunicate my uncle, who was not living in the ward.

So this bishop completely overstepped his bounds by trying to excommunicate someone who was not even under his jurisdiction. He then made my mother feel horrible by refusing to help her and by accusing her of basically being a slut. My mother finally had to start attending a different ward.

This same bishop once asked me in an interview if I masturbate. I told him no, knowing that the question was not appropriate and was completely none of his business.

Fortunately, my mother was able to get help from the state. When they heard about her situation, they immediately gave her foods stamps. In spite of all the shit from an authorized bishop of the lord, my mother never lost her faith. The LDS church was true and she knew it. She had every opportunity to see the real truth, but somehow missed it.

My mom is dead now, rest her soul. She was an angry person who was abused by the very system that she loved so dearly. She had very little tolerance for anyone or anything that was not LDS. Even though she was abused by priesthood holders all her life, she never doubted that it was true. I admire her for her devotion, but wonder why she was never able to see the real truth...