Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Temple and Mormon Secrets

Just received another wedding announcement in the mail...

A cousin of mine is getting married in the temple and we are invited to the ceremony, as if it will be interesting or exciting. A temple marriage ceremony is word-for-word verbatim from a script. It is always the same. So if you've ever witnessed (or been part of) a temple marriage ceremony, then you've seen them all.

Every bride and every groom is dressed exactly the same. There is no music, flowers, or rings. Each "sealing" room has barely enough seats to allow for maybe ten guests.

In the center of this small room is an alter with pads for the bride and groom to kneel on. They kneel on opposite sides and face each other. Then they engage in one of the secret handshakes they just learned about when getting their endowments. They hold this handshake while the officiator mumbles out the sacred sealing words.

This cookie-cutter wedding is what thousands of young Mormons anxiously wait for their entire lives.

But of course, the ceremonies that take place inside the temple are too "sacred" to speak about outside of holy walls. Therefore, a young Mormon goes through the washings and annointings, endowment, and marriage ceremonies without having a first clue as to what they will all be about.

You are asked to make several strong committments to LDS, Inc. All of them are given right on the spot and you agree to them without even being given a chance to think about it. Before the ceremony begins, they give anyone the option to walk out, but that is before they have revealed any of their secrets. Besides, what would everyone think if someone got up and walked out? I don't think it's ever happened.

To be perfectly honest, I wanted to walk out when I first did my endowments.

As I see it now, the covenants I made with "the lord" are null and void. Why? Because the Mormon church is built on lies. I, like millions others, were only told half the story... the half that made the church look good. But if I had been given the rest of the story, I would have told my bishop to shove that temple recommend up his ass!

Like the temple, Mormonism is full of secrets. The church lies about and hides it's shady past from the gullible and trusting members. Shameful! Then they preach about being honest. They teach their doctrine as if it is literal truth. Funny because science and common sense both prove it to be false.

Mormonism is shrouded in secrecy because that is how it got started. Joseph Smith was banging every pussy he could get his hands on and it was all done by commandment of the lord. Temple weddings and polygamy all came about to cover up Joe's promiscuous sexual adventures.


Cherish Life said...

LMAO - I love your brazen bluntness. Your blog is a nice change of pace. There are plenty of calm, rational,"nice" ex-mormon blogs out there to read so I'm glad you're keeping it real here.

Mormon411 said...

Glad you like it. I figure, why not say it like it is?