Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fruits of the "Family Oriented" LDS Church

I've recently been contacted by a young woman who has recently announced her non-belief to her family. I'll give you three guesses how the family reacted, but you're only going to need one.

Thats right, they yelled at her. They told her she was deceived by the devil. Her sister has now shunned her.

What can be said about a church who's members act this way when a family member no longer believes? Not too much that is positive!

For being the only true church of Jesus, where is the love? Where is the support? What about the Biblical parables of the shepherd leaving the 99 to find the one that was lost? What about Jesus sitting and eating with sinners? What about the greatest commandment: to love your neighbor?

I replied to this girl and told her that her family's reaction is normal and that it is not her fault. If feelings are hurt, it is because THEY chose it. If ties are broken, it is because THEY chose it.

From what I could deduce from the letter, this young woman is very depressed over the whole situation. She turned to me for help or advice on how to handle it.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix in a situation like this. This young woman simply wants the love and acceptance of her family, even if she no longer believes in their religion. Instead, they turn the fire hose of hell onto her; a truly Christ-like act.

The reaction of this family, and thousands others just like them, only re-affirms that the LDS church is not a church of love and tolerance. It is a cult and a dictatorship. It's members are brainwashed prisoners who have absolutely no sense of true family values.

If it was truly a family oriented church, then they would treat family members, member and non-member alike, equally. There would be no shunning, no name calling. I wouldn't have to receive emails like this one from people who are absolutely heart broken and hopeless and have no idea what to do.

What kind of a church would put people into a situation like this? A situation where it is basically "choose the church or lose your family". Anyone who knows even a fraction of what Jesus taught would NEVER do this to a family member! The only time I would shun someone because of religious beliefs would be if I felt that my life was in danger.

This "family oriented church" tears families apart. Every year, thousands of people leave the church and thousands of families are broken because of the intolerance and supremacy taught by this evil cult.

Shame on the cult and the frauds who run it!

To the person who sent me this email: I hope you don't mind me sharing your story. I left out any info that could be used to identify you. It is a sad story and I really felt that it needed to be shared. If you want me to remove this post, just let me know and I will.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Annoying Yappers

I'm sure we've all experienced walking past a fenced yard and having a little yappy dog bark all along the fence at you until you have passed. I couldn't help but draw a comparison between those annoying yappy dogs and hardcore Jesus fanatics.

You see, as you are walking past the yard with the yappy dog, you have no intention of crossing the fence or entering the property. To the dog, however, you are an invader and it is his/her job to scare you away. As you approach the property the dog barks and growls as you walk the entire length of the fence.

From your paradigm, you have just walked past a yard with a yappy dog, but to the dog, he has successfully defended his property and driven away the invaders. Of course, the dog just thinks he has won a great victory, when you could have easily jumped the fence and kicked the annoying little dog over the house!

The yappy dog is not unlike the hardcore Jesus believers who see every coincidence as a miracle performed by Jesus. The yappy annoying barking drove away the evil, just like their continual praising of Jesus keeps making little miracles happen all over the place. Every breath they breathe is because Jesus blew it into their lungs. When they piss, Jesus is squeezing their bladder...

The little yappy dog is so proud every time it chases away an invader just as the fanatical Christians take the fact that they can breathe and piss as proof that Jesus is real.

And I seriously don't know which is more annoying... those damn yappy dogs or Jesus fanatics!