Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Santa, this is what I want for Christmas!

I tried putting a link here so that anyone who wants could click it and see her totally nude. For some reason it wouldn't work. So if anyone really wants to see this picture without the annoying black squares, just e-mail me and I'll reply with the picture as an attachment.

I considered putting the un-censored version here, but then decided that my purpose is to talk about the LDS church, not show nude girls. She is hot, though, isn't she?

Putting "Real" Christians In Their Place

You know, bloggers who feel it is their holy calling and obligation to convert Mormons to the real Christianity just make me laugh. It's like god, up in heaven, won't even recognize you if you're Mormon because it was the wrong faith.

Let's get down to the knitty-gritty. "Real" Christians believe that Mormons are going to hell because they worship the wrong Jesus. But these same Christians believe (or at least claim to believe) in a merciful, loving Jesus. Obviously they haven't got the first clue as to what Jesus' message was all about. Why does this loving, caring Jesus turn an absolutely cold shoulder to anyone who didn't accept him the proper way even though they devoted their lives to him? That very idea contradicts everything that Jesus stood for. Would Jesus look at the branch of Christianity that you belonged to, or would he look at your heart?

All you fanatical Christians who think it's your holy duty to convert Mormons to your "true" faith, are complete hypocrites and pharisees. You don't have a first clue as to what Jesus taught. Seriously! You all run around in all your glory thinking that you are saved. But what did Jesus have to say about people like you?

Luke 13:25-27

25 When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are:

26 Then shall ye begin to say, We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets.

27 But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.

This is talking about all the fanatical Christians out there who eat, sleep, and drink Jesus and at the same time, damn everyone around them. Jesus didn't preach this message, therefore he doesn't know you. You will knock at his door and say, "We did everything Jesus and tried to save all the wicked people who thought they knew Jesus."

And the reply will be: "Depart, you fools. You don't know me. I don't know you. You preached a message but it was not my message. My message was love and acceptance. Your message was hell and damnation. I didn't tell you to damn everyone around you. I told you to love your neighbor and your enemy alike. You are no different than the Pharisees, which I despised because they were so 'holier-than-thou'. Hypocrites!"

And then all those fanatical Christians will really be screwed, won't they? It's so ironic that in trying to be Jesus freaks, they are actually the opposite.

Since Mormons are Christian (because the definition of 'Christian' is someone who believes in Christ) does it make any sense that they need to become Christian? It's like, why don't you spend your valiant efforts for the cause of Christ on people who don't believe in him?

It's like me going up to a Jew and saying, you're not a real Jew because your beliefs are slightly different than mine. Therefore you need to stop being a fake Jew, and become a real Jew. It's just stupid!

Will Jesus accept you into heaven because of a lousy belief, or because of the desires of your heart? Let's think about it so that it's really clear.

Christian A believes that Jesus is white.

Christian B believes that Jesus is black.

Christian A is cheating on his wife.

Christian B is faithful to his wife.

Jesus really is white.

Which Christian will make it into heaven?

If you fanatical Christians even believe your own professed beliefs, then Christian A will make it into heaven because he had the correct belief. But anyone with half a brain will realize that Christian B is more Christlike and even though he might have had an incorrect belief about Jesus, his actions show that he is pure in heart and is a good person. Anyone who understands Jesus' message will know that Christian B is going to heaven and Christian A is an adulterer.

But you fanatical Christians will probably try to argue that Christian A is saved by grace alone. Even thought he committed adultery, he is still saved because he believed in the correct Jesus and therefore his little "I-accept-you-Jesus" prayer made it to the real Jesus. Christian B had an incorrect belief and therefore didn't accept the true Jesus and is therefore damned, even though he is pure in heart.

Your beliefs about Jesus are ASININE!

Show me in the Bible where is says "Accept the real Jesus and you'll be saved no matter what you do." I'm pretty sure it doesn't say that anywhere. When Jesus said "Come follow me," he meant that you are supposed to watch his example and then do the same. Jesus' message is not about damning everyone who doesn't believe in the white Jesus, but rather simply love and acceptance.

And do you know why you just don't get it? Because you're a Pharisee who is so blinded in self-praise that you can't even see past the end of your own nose! You're a Pharisee with a frickin' beam that is lodged so deep in your eye that if you pull it out, your eye is coming with it!

It's not your job to make sure that everyone else believes in your Jesus. If you truly believe in Jesus, then just give service and kindness to those around you. It's not about who is damned and who is saved; it's about loving your neighbor as yourself.

If you want to scream to the whole world that you are saved and everyone else is damned, what did Jesus have to say about people like you? "They have their reward." Your reward is having everyone know that you think you're saved!!! LOL!!! Losers!!! Those who are HUMBLE get to go to heaven!!! Losers!!! Dip shits! Your own precious Bible tells of people just like you who are complete and utter fools!

The more you scream "Jesus!", the more you just look like a damn fool!

These so-called Jesus experts don't have the first clue as to what Jesus taught. Here I am, an apostate and a non-believer, and I have to explain it to them. That's sad! Read your Bible again and this time, do it with your eyes open!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mormonism Is A Drug...

...and they want you to be addicted.

Just like the drug business, there is good money in religion, especially Mormonism. If you can keep your customers addicted, you will have income for life.

For a while I wrestled with the question of why. Why does the church care what I do with my personal life as long as I am faithfully paying? Why do they care if I smoke or drink or have sex? I finally realized that it all comes down to money.

Why does the church emphasize the Word of Wisdom so heavily? Money. The more heathly you are the longer you live, and the longer you live the more tithing you will pay. Simple.

Sex? Everyone wants it; everyone does it. They know this. In Mormonism, any form of sexuality outside of marriage is a serious offense: masturbating, viewing porn, making out, petting, oral, all-the-way, and even thinking about it. If you've done one, you might as well do them all! Sex is a serious no no in Mormonism and I had to wonder why?

Sex is normal and natural. Its what we do; it's what our bodies were designed to do. Mormonism has made it a sin, only slightly less serious than murder. Can you believe it? If you even think about sex in Mormonism, you are slightly less wicked than a fucking murderer! Incredible! So what do you have? Every single LDS person feeling as guilty as hell! And that's just the way they want it.

You see, every Mormon is a sexual sinner and only the churches authorized priesthood holders can declare your sins forgiven. So they teach you that it's a huge sin and only they can help you overcome it, just like a drug. The Rx is the priesthood and you keep coming back to get cured. They know that everyone thinks about sex and so if they can keep everyone relying on the church to overcome this horrible "problem", then they have you addicted.

Of course, in order to be forgiven for your sexual transgressions, you have to what? Pay your tithing!!! They know that if they can keep you feeling just as guilty as hell, you'll keep praying, paying, and obeying in order to earn your forgivness! But you're human, right? So of course, there will be that moment when you think about sex again and you're right back in the shit can. So you keep praying and paying to convince god to forgive you.

So while you're miserable and guilty as hell, they actually have you brainwashed so deeply that they can get you to stand up in front of everyone and boldly declare that you're happy and fulfilled.

Isn't that an amazing little system they've got going on there? They have people eating out of the palms of their hands, thinking they are horrible sinners, just for being normal and natural human beings! I dare say that the LDS church is anti-humanity! They turn you into a groveling dog just for being human and having human thoughts and desires! It's absolutely incredible!

So once I realized that their so-called sins are nothing more than natural human nature, all of the guilt I once felt melted away. Gone without a trace. I can enjoy a good drink or a good pair of titties and guess what? I feel ZERO guilt and it's wonderful! The LDS church makes people hate themselves, which sometimes leads them to commit suicide. This is why Utah leads the nation in teen suicides. The church absolutely drives them to self-loathing. The only way they can escape their horrible sexual urges is by ending their own lives.

The founders of Mormonism were murderers and the tradition is still alive and well today. They might not be directly involved, but their teachings are destructive and unhealthy. Get out of Mormonism. Quit letting those bastards poison your mind with all their doctrine of destruction. Just remember, the Mormon Jesus loves you so much but absolutely can't wait to damn you forever!

Free yourself from the Mormon lies and discover a whole new world!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ten Questions Every LDS Person Should Be Asking

1) If both the Bible and the Book of Mormon claim that the gospel is free, why does the LDS church make the paying of tithes a requirement for heaven?

2) If the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel, as claimed by Joseph Smith, why does it say nothing about temples, eternal families, and baptisms for the dead?

3) If the president of the LDS church is a prophet, seer, and revelator, why doesn't he ever prophesy or predict the future?

4) If the priesthood really can cure illness and disease, why are there so many hospitals in Utah? Why can't priesthood holders cure genetic diseases?

5) If the president of the church is called by god, why is he voted into the position by the quorum of the twelve apostles?

6) Why do the apostles of the church claim to be special witnesses of Christ and yet never once actually admit that they have seen him?

7) If the LDS church really is the kingdom of god on earth, why does it have so many characteristics of a cult?

8) If holy garments really protect the wearer from harm, why do Mormons have the same injury and accidental death rate per capita of any other group of people?

9) If the promise that paying tithing leads to so many blessings that there will not be room enough to receive (Mal. 3:10), why does Utah lead the nation in bankruptcies and foreclosures?

10) The only new commandment "revealed" from god lately is the earring commandment. Does god really care about how many earrings you are wearing? (or what underwear you are wearing?)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mormon Defense Tactics

Mormon defenders use three different tactics to attempt to refute ex-Mormon bloggers like myself. They always come in the same order. The first is to try and refute the message with their scriptures or so-called evidence. When that doesn't work, they resort to step two, which is to accuse us of being full of hate and anger and ask why we waste so much time and energy tearing down someone else's religion. Many times, a defender will skip step one and go straight to step two. Step three, when their attempts to confound the agents of satan have failed, is to simply fall back on that precious testimony that no evidence or reasoning can refute.

On a fellow ex-Mormon blog, a person who calls themselves ksowell said in response to a rather amuzing post located at

"How pathetic that you spend such a considerable amount of time on a boring blog about the obscurities about the Mormon religion. So you think they are weird or misdirected or something? So what - why don't you try funneling some positive energy into something worthwhile. Or maybe you just have nothing better to do. Sad. Now if you'd excuse me, I'm off to perform some miracles with my special priesthood power in my magic underwear. Maybe you can blog about that."

To answer the question that has baffled LDS believers for years: why do we spend our efforts tearing down someone else's religion?

Simple, because if your "religion" is a cult, it's not a religion at all. We ex-Mormons saw the real truth about the church and we got out of it. We "tear down" the LDS church because it is a cult and we want to help our family and friends get out.

Besides, what are you all so worried about? Your precious profit, Joseph Smith, boldly stated that "no unhallowed hand can stop this work." So my question right back at you is this: why do you TBM believers waste your time and energy refuting the team that will lose anyway? If the work will progress no matter what, then we are all wasting our time. So what do you care what we do with our time? Instead of spending all the time you do to refuting us, why don't you spend it building up the lard's kingdom by getting your home teaching done? I'd be willing to bet that 90% of the TBM's who challenge us haven't even done their home teaching for the month!

Ha! Ha! Losers! Hypocrites!

You're stuck in a mind-numbing cult. And that's why we actively blog against it. We are fighting to try to set your pathetic asses free!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Tithing Story

Author: KimberlyAnn

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints isn't a joy to it's members, it's a leech sucking the life-blood out of hard-working families financially, spiritually, and emotionally. One of the more insidious ways the cult oppresses it's victims is by making tithing mandatory for a temple recommend. No tithing, no temple recommend. No temple recommend, no celestial kingdom. No celestial kingdom, no eternal family. It's a sick religion that CHARGES families to be together in heaven.

Many members suffer terribly in order to pay tithing. We've read the horror stories of hungry people scraping together the last of their money to pay tithing instead of buying food. I lived a life like that many years ago.

When I was first married my husband was in the service and stationed in Coronado, California, a little piece of heaven on earth. He was a pitiful Lance Corporal and our paycheck totaled about $1,000 a month, and that included a housing allowance because no military housing was available for us. If you've ever lived in southern California, you know how expensive apartments are. We paid $475. a month for a flea-infested dump in a gang infested neighborhood of San Diego where drive-by shootings were par for the course and I was literally afraid for my life. We had $525 a month left for groceries, gas, car insurance, utilities and tithing. We didn't have a dime to spare.

When we went in for our first tithing settlement together, the Bishop didn't think we'd payed enough tithing - we were paying ten percent of his gross check, but the Bishop felt we needed to calculate the free meals DH ate every day on base and the cost of our health insurance. He said we needed to pay about $150. a month, or 15% of our gross check. My husband, being a convert, said to me after we left the Bish's office that the Bishop was "full of shit". I chastised him and said we'd make the necessary sacrifices to pay our tithing as we should.

I was often hungry after we began paying that extra money in tithing. DH ate on base, so I stopped buying very many groceries. My father came to visit and thought I had anorexia. We were so broke that I took some silver dollars that had been given to me by an uncle and placed in my baby book the day I was born and used them to pay the toll it took to cross the Coronado bridge to pick up my husband from work. We were BROKE! But we paid our tithing. And I feel sick about it now. What an asshole of a Bishop we had - he knew how bad off we were, but he didn't care.

Things eventually got much better for us financially, and I shudder to think of the thousands and thousands of dollars we paid into that cult. Since we've left the church, I've found several of those little yellow tithing slips tucked away written for large sums of money and I feel a surge of anger every time it happens. Hopefully, they're all cleared out by now because I don't want to discover another one.

So, if you have high blood pressure, make sure you've taken your medicine and share your outrage at having been duped out of your hard earned money and how it affected your life.

Not being coerced into paying tithing - another benefit of leaving Joe's cult.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Life With the Mormons the Last Few Weeks

Hey there, I'm back. The holidays are busy and I'm just getting over the flu bug. Also needed to take some time off to prepare for finals.

I had a rather interesting thing happen over my break. But first a little background...

I took off my holy temple garments in the summer of 2006, never to wear them again. Now most of my family knows that I don't go to church anymore and I've known that they are all very curious as to whether or not I still wear my garments. Of course, I don't but I wear a white tee shirt under my clothes and to the innocent, it looks like a garment top. I did it that way just to keep them guessing...

But anyway, a close TBM relative of mine recently spent the night at our house and she offered to give me a back rub. Nothing harmful about that, right? So I thought.

As the back rub progressed, I noticed that she was checking the tag on my tee shirt to see if it was a garment or not. How violating! It really pissed me off. What business is it of hers or anyones what underwear I am wearing? I can't even describe how violated it made me feel. Who appointed her the holy judge to make sure I am wearing god's prescribed underwear?

This particular relative recently went to the temple for the first time not too long ago and she is very proud that she now belongs to club elite. All she talks about is temple and garments. Like I've talked about before, it's a social status here in Utah and she is so proud that's she has finally joined the ranks of the elite.

I don't wear garments anymore and I'm damn proud of it!!! The shackles of Mormonism are gone. I no longer have to worry if every little thing I do is a sin or not. I don't have to account my life to some fat bishop. I don't have to worry about the 1001 commandments that all need to be fulfilled each and every month. All that nonsense is behind me.

If you want to know if I'm wearing garments or not, just ask. But to offer me a back rub and then check my tags... what an insult.

On another note...

I was recently assigned a home teacher. I know because the last few days of November the guy called me like 6 times to try and schedule a visit. Now, does he really "love" me or is he just trying to get his numbers? Last few days of the month... hmmm, I've been put off till the very end. I'm just a number to him and although he calls and leaves nice sounding messages, his actions speak volumes.

Now is it really necessary to call me that many times? If I don't return your call, then that should be a pretty strong hint as to my desire to have you bring your Mormon nonsense into my home. One night I believe they even tried dropping by. I didn't answer the door though. It's a good thing he called me to warn me first.

And the thing about it that really gets me is the fact that at one point I wrote a letter to my bishop and asked him to please not contact me. Now, against my direct request, they have assigned me home teachers when I clearly don't want them. It looks like I'm going to have to write another letter, not that it will do any good.

You see, I'm damned and only their efforts can save me. Therefore, my request to be left alone is totally ignored as my salvation is at risk and only they can save me. So in their eyes, it doesn't really matter what my request is. They will keep coming and coming and coming.

Damn Mormons