Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mormons and Polygamy Today

When people hear the word "Mormon" they automatically think of "polygamy". The two can never be separated. No matter how much the church denies it today, they do and did practice it. I have seen it first hand.

I know a person who's father has been married three times. All three wives have been sealed to him in the temple and this person's TBM father is seriously counting on being with three women in the next life (and any more he might score before then). His first two marriages ended because the wives died. Therefore, all three marriages are still in place because they were performed in the temple.

Now the LDS church today will come out and declare that they no longer believe in polygamy. And yet they absolutely do. While a Mormon man today is not married to two LIVING women at a time, they do believe that a sealing lasts forever, beyond this mortal life. Therefore, if a person is sealed to three different women, he is married to three different women, alive or dead.

Mormons will outwardly deny that they believe in polygamy. The church now tries to distance itself away from it, and yet it is the foundation of Mormonism. They do believe it. They believe that someday god will re-instate it.

Now, other than the variety in sexual partners, why would anyone want to be married to more than one woman? Most men can hardly handle one! I for one would never want two wives!

The LDS church believes in polygamy. They do practice it to this very day, no matter how much they try to deny it.

The Fruits of Mormonism

I once had a very bizzare conversation with my TBM mother. At this point, I was seriously doubting the church but was still a semi-believer. Now the things I am going to say in this post are scary and will make my mother look bad. That is not my intention. I realize that her viewpoints and opinions come from being a deluded Mormon all her life.

My mother was dying. I knew it and so tried to have as many conversations with her as possible while I still could. I don't remember much of what we talked about. It was just spending time and making sure that when she died there were no issues unaddressed. I do, however, remember one conversation because it was so unique and really brought out many of the reasons why mom acted like she did.

It was all about the devil and his evil spirits. Once the conversation was over, I was seriously creeped out.

It started when she recalled the time when my father left the church. During that time, she had dreams and visions of the devil celebrating his victory over our family.

One such dream was about the devil dressed in a suit and disguised as a very handsome man, visiting our home and "selling" something to my dad. My dad was anxiously buying the story. As my mom watched this take place, the devil would glance at her and give her a huge evil smile. She new it was the devil and he was cheating my dad's soul. The devil knew that she knew and so would give her a sneering glance whenever my father wasn't looking.

Finally the devil and my father walked away together. But before they were gone, the devil turned around and changed into his true form (whatever that was). He then spoke to my mother saying, "I have deceived your husband and I will come back for the rest of your family!"

It horrified her and she swore that she would fight the devil to her dying breath.

My mother believed that this was no dream but an actual vision of what was happening. She described how the spirit realm is all around us and we are surrounded on a constant basis by evil snarling devils who would very much like to rip us to shreds. Of course, we can't see them but they are literally there.

She spoke of when a person thinks a bad thought, that it's not really you, but the devil speaking in your mind, using your voice to temp you and lead you astray. The devil is able to control many people in this way because they think that they are thinking for themselves. Therefore she warned against angry thoughts because that allows the devil to get one of his evil spirits inside you to mimic your voice in your head.

The devil hates you so much that he will do anything to get you out of the church. Therefore, my mother was very devout in her church life. In order to keep her children pure and clean (naive and innocent) we were not allowed to watch TV.

When my father left the church, my mother had an extremely hard time dealing with it. She did anything to keep him out of our lives so that he could not influence us. She hated him. She absolutely could not accept his new beliefs or lifestyle so she reluctantly divorced him. She expressed extreme emotions over having a broken home and she was sure that the devil was responsible. Even though she did absolutely everything she could to keep the family together, the devil won, and I don't think she ever forgave herself for it.

After they divorced, she would never see him again unless it was at a wedding of one of their children. She would not speak to him. He was now completely overtaken by evil spirits and so should be avoided. Whenever she caught him "sinning" she would fly into a rage and go absolutely berzerk. I heard one story where she pretended to go out of town just so she could sit outside the house and spy on my dad to try to catch him in a sin.

I heard another story where she followed him to work and publically screamed obsenities and threw his Playboy magazines all over the ground.

In my mothers eyes, when it came to sin there was absolutely no tolerance. No forgivness. No love. The sinner had to be punished immediately. Whether that meant a public face off, tearing the house apart, over-turing furniture, or pretending to go out of town, she was determined to see to it that no one in her house was involved with "sin".

In her desperate attempts to "save" the family, I believe that she was ultimately responsible for it's failure. Just as Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side to gain more power to save Padme's life, it ended up that his turn to the dark side was the reason for Padme's death. By trying so hard to save her, he ultimately killed her. Mom was not much different. If she had simply been tolerant and understand of my dad, things would never have been so bad. But she was absolutely incapable of that. Her Mormon programming would never allow it.

Naturally, my mom was selective about what friends her children had. She disliked non-members, but even more, she disliked Mormon kids who weren't completely active. She down right despised any of our Mormon friends who were not 100% in the church. She was more tolerant of our non-Mormon friends because, I guess, she figured that they didn't know any better.

In fact, as I look back and compare my mothers behaviour with that of many TBM's, it isn't that different: complete intolerance. I can't say that she was a bad person. She wasn't. In fact, she was a wonderful person. But when it came to the Mormon gospel, she stood her ground and would not budge, no matter what the outcome or consequence would be; no matter who it offended.

So I can't sit here and condemn her. She was Mormon. She was in the true church that the devil was working 24-7 to tear apart. She literally believed it. It was all she knew. To consider any other reality was not even an option. She knew the church was true. To her, and to the LDS church, the end justified the means.

My mother carried around so much hate and guilt and anger that it's no wonder she died. She was completely intolerant to anything non-LDS. But again, I can't blame her. She was raised in a cult that taught her elitist thinking. It was all she knew. And even though the system abused her all her life, she never turned away from it. It was true. The priesthood holders that abused her were acting unrighteously, but it never even occurred to her that it might not be true.

I don't think she ever forgave my dad for his apostasy. I don't think that she had the ability to. She did not attend my sister's wedding, simply because it was not a temple wedding. Talk about intolerance. And yet, I blame the church, not my mother, for this incredibly irrational behavour. It's a cult and that's what it does to people when they turn their complete will over to it.

It's very sad. People are so convinced that the church is true that it doesn't matter how you retaliate. I have seen ex-Mormons threaten to kill apostates. I have seen them throw insults and call names. To a TBM, it's okay. You're defending god's kingdom so anything goes.

I love and miss my mother dearly. But inside I'm glad she's not here to see my apostasy. It would break her heart.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Want Me To Prove That Jesus Doesn't Exist?

I can't...

But, if Christianity can be shown to be false, then Mormonism and every other Christian-based faith will be false by default.

It's funny to me that when I challenge a Christian, they always want me to prove to them that god doesn't exist. But I don't believe in their god, so why should I have to prove anything? The burden is on the believers to prove the existance of their god, not the other way around.

So basically they will just keep on believing in their little fairy tale until it is proven that it's not true. Honestly, how stupid is that?

...but I also can't prove that Santa Clause doesn't exist either!

Even though we all generally agree that Santa Clause is not real, I can't even prove that he doesn't exist! Although the idea of flying reindeer, toys for every single kid in the world, fitting down everyones chimney, etc., is highly unlikely, I can't actually prove that it's not true.

So you'll just have to judge things by their face value. Just as reindeer, etc., is highly unlikely, so too is walking on water, feeding 5,000 people with 2 loaves of bread, bringing people back from the dead, and commanding the weather.

As an ex-Mormon and ex-believer in Jesus, I have learned one very valuable lesson... just see things as they are. When you do that, the truth becomes glaringly obvious. You don't need proof or self-brainwashing. It's just the truth in it's simplest form. No debates, no evidence, no faith. Just plain old truth staring you in the face.

So I'm not going to prove that Jesus doesn't exist. I wouldn't even if I could! There is no need to as the truth stands on it's own.

I pray (pun intended) that my words will help guide someone to the peace and simpleness that I have found.

Please remember, Mormons and Christians, I am not your enemy. I am simply a person who has found the simple truth and am just trying to share it with anyone who will listen. It is not because I am afraid you will go to hell. It's not out of a sense of duty. It is simply because I have found my inner peace and it is so wonderful that I want everyone to feel it too.

Many will not listen to me and that is okay. To each their own. But I hope that I can someday be able to claim that I, personally, was responsible for bringing this freedom to someone's life. That is my hope.

To all of you who wish to continue worshiping your imaginary god, I do wish you happiness as well. I'm sure many of you are happy. I just wish you would allow me to show you more. Once I realized that Jesus is a myth, my fear of damnation vanished like a puff of smoke and I can now live my life without the false belief that I am under a heavenly microscope. Now I am free from all that superstitious nonsense. And when you're not wasting time praying to "god" and trying to explain him away, you now have time for more constructive thinking. The new discoveries you will make will astound you. And it will suddenly be so clear that you'll wonder how come you didn't see it years and years ago. It's all so simple. All you have to do is eliminate Christian programming out of your head. When you do that, the clarity is amazing.

Now I'm not sitting here claiming that I know all the absolute truth. Not even close. I guess I could say that my truth is that there is no truth. Just live your life and get rid of superstitious beliefs. See things as they are and don't read too much into stuff. That's all I've done, and I've never been happier or more sure of things.

How About A Little Comic Relief?

After all this Blood Atonement issue, how about we lighten things up a little and have a good laugh or two.

Now just because these are meant to be humorous, it doesn't mean that there is not an important, underlying message.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Did Joseph Smith Preach the Blood Atonement?

The following comment was recently left by an annonymous commenter in response to my post "Does Mormon Doctrine Allow For the Killing of Apostates and Non-Believers?".

"I am amazed anyone would consider this a "true Mormon doctrine". What nonsense. When was the last time anyone was killed for apostatizing?"

This person is just like any other who is completely ignorant of the fact, and probably shrugs it off as a lie of the devil.

Maybe this video will help clear things up for you...

This is some scary shit!

John D. Lee, as mentioned in this video as the destroying angel, lead the Mormon attack which resulted in the event we remember as the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Although he was just following orders, he was put to death for it. Later, he was forgiven by the LDS church. Go figure.

Mormonism is a dangerous cult that does indeed believe that the sin of apostasy is punishable by death. Apostasy, lying, adultry, sex with a negro, and catch this, NOT RECEIVING THE GOSPEL. That means that technically, if the Mormon missionaries knock on your door and you tell them to take a hike, it is okay for them to kill you!

The fundamentalists are the worst, as they still practice Blood Atonement to this very day as you can see in this video. I just don't know how people can know about this stuff and still believe that "it's all true". The kingdom here on earth as established by the creator of the universe teaches that killing is perfectly okay. Yet that very same god gave the direct commandment to Moses on Mount Sinai, "Thou Shalt Not Kill".

Mormonism in all it's forms is a terrible cult disguised as a Christian religion. When you pull off the pure and white sheets, underneath is evil, darkness, and corruption.

People, you can no longer afford to be so naive. You need to educate yourselves about the true order of Mormonism.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

As An Eight Year Old, Did You Really Have A "Choice" to be Baptized?

As a child, Mormonism was all I knew. I thought everyone believed it and followed it. I didn't even know it was a religion; it was just the way it was. I once had a friend who was not LDS and I just could not comprehend why he would rather go to basketball than to scouts. I didn't understand that not everyone is Mormon.

Now when the age of eight rolls around, you are taught that soon you will be baptized into the lord's kingdom. I don't have a perfect memory of everything that was involved. But I do remember being asked if I wanted to be baptized. I was a little nervous about it, but of course I wanted it. Mormonism was all I knew. Why would I not want it?

I had no reason to doubt what my parents believed and taught me about religion. I had no reason to believe that someone would make it up. Bottom is that I had no reason in the world not to.

So did I really have a choice? Did someone ever tell me that the Book of Mormon was false, therefore giving me a reason to question my baptism? No. Was I ever told any part of the other side of the story, therefore giving me a reason to not desire baptism? No.

So was I really given a choice? No. When a person is on trial, does the jury only listen to the argument of one lawyer before making their verdict? No. Both sides of the argument are presented, the facts are weighed, and the verdict is made. No court room would be fair if only one side of the story was told.

But as a child Mormon, I was given only one side and then asked to make a choice. What child, who loves and trusts their parents, would choose the bad way? So I made the "right" choice and was baptised shortly after my eighth birthday.

My children will be given a real choice. After they have heard both sides of the argument AND when they are old enough to understand what they are choosing, then they may choose. Eight years old is simply not old enough to understand what you are "choosing", let alone understand the HUGE commitment you are making to religion, let alone one as demanding as Mormonism. A decision of this magnitued should not be placed on the shoulders of an eight year old. Eighteen, at least, is more like it.

Unlike myself, who was at least asked if I wanted to be baptized, many children are simply forced into it whether they want it or not. But it's okay, because one day they will thank you for shoving it on them since it saved their soul! In Mormonism, the ends justify the means. It is okay to ignore someone's request that you leave them alone. You are fighting to save their soul and while they may fight you now, they will thank you later. Mormons are indirectly taught that completely ignoring someone's requests to be left alone is okay because you are trying to save them.

As an eight year old, did you really have a choice? I propose that you didn't.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Bit On Mormon Apologetics

Whenever there is a new issue challenging the validity of the LDS church, the church itself completely ignores it and goes along just as if it didn't exist. The problem gets handed down to the apologetics department, where it is their "unofficial" job to excuse or otherwise explain the problem.

I find it funny and ironic that all apologetic productions come with the following disclaimer in one form or another: "This message is unofficial and does not reflect the doctrine or the view of the LDS church."

Now, if the church cannot recognize or endorse their own apologetics, then why the hell should anyone else?

Does Mormon Doctrine Allow For the Killing of Apostates and Unbelievers?

Ok, I am actually very excited to write and research this post, as it deals with true Mormonism and what the world would be like if Mormons were in charge. Many people were seriously afraid when Mitt Romney was running for president. This post will help you see why. What does the Book of Mormon have to say about government? This is going to be fun but also a little scary. After reading this, I bet that you will never vote for a Mormon politician ever again.

Jacob, chapter 7, summary... Sherem the Anti-Christ

Sherem comes to the people and declares that there is no Christ. He desires to debate with Jacob. Jacob confounds him. Sherem demands a sign and is smitten by god. He repents and confesses publically. Then he dies.

Alma, chapter 1, summary... Nehor the Anti-Christ

Nehor begins preaching priestcraft and establishes a church. He debates with Gideon and kills him with a sword. He is taken to the judges and condemned to death for murder. He is executed on the hill Manti.

Alma, chapter 30, summary... Korihor the Anti-Christ

Korihor, an anti-Christ, comes into the land of Zarahemla and preaches. Many are deceived and fall away because of his flattering words. The government can't stop him because of his beliefs. They can only intervene if he has actually committed a crime.

After he deceives many, he goes to Jershon and tries to preach there, but the people bind him and kick him out. He then travels to Gideon where he is bound again and taken to Ammon who is a high priest. Ammon and Korihor debate. Afterwards, they bind him again and send him back to Zarahemla to Alma, the high priest.

He continues to blaspheme and demands a sign. He is stricken dumb. He is then thrown out of the city and is forced to beg. He somehow gets "run upon and trodden down, even until he was dead."

These are three stories in the Book of Mormon about apostates, publically denying Christ. In all three cases, the person dies. It doesn't matter if they have repented or not. In Jacob 7:19, Sherem is quoted as having said, "I fear lest I have committed the unpardonable sin, for I have... denied the Christ..."

There are two powerful messages here. First, if you deny Christ, you can never be forgiven. Second, because of that, you will die.

In addition, doesn't it make you wonder why Korihor had to be bound and brought before the judges simply for his religious views? Especially when that same chapter just declared that the law can do nothing against a person simply for their religious views? But Korihor gets tied up THREE TIMES and taken before the judges. Now if he has committed no crime, why does god punish him?

You see, at this period in the Book of Mormon, the prophets are also the political leaders of the people. They are the political leaders as well as the spiritual leaders. Therefore, you would expect that the laws of the land and the laws of the church to be quite similar, if not identical. If prophets make the laws of the land, then god must have inspired them. So I go back to my question before. Why does god punish the man even though they admit that he has not committed any crimes?

So, according to the Book of Mormon, it actually is okay for the law to punish people based upon their religious views. This makes you wonder... what would the world be like if Mormons were in charge of the law? Mormons have a strict code of living and have been known to force people to obey by taking away their available choices.

A small yet effective example: if you eat in an LDS cafeteria anywhere, you can buy caffine-free Coca-Cola. They do not even offer regular Coke. You have no choice but to drink the decaf. You are forced to live the word of wisdom by not being given any other choice. So if the church was in complete control, Coca-Cola Corporation would be forced to only produce the decaf.

According to the Book of Mormon, if you deny Christ, you will die. Whether god takes you (Sherem) or you are executed (Nehor) or you meet with an untimely accident (Korihor) you will die. Therefore, the LDS church, if it was in complete control of the government, would have full authority to see to it that apostates and "anti's" are eliminated.

This is why people are afraid to ever see a Mormon get into the White House. This would directly link Temple Square to the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in the world. Who knows what might happen?

Not only that, but imagine that if the church grew enough so that a majority of the Congress and the Senate were Mormons... our freedoms would really begin to slip away. They would pass law after law that would eliminate sinful choices from the people. In Utah it's already like that. The church is opposed to alcohol (so they claim) and so Utah highly regulates alcohol. While they can't outright forbid it, they see to it that Utah beer is watered down and ALL bars and clubs require memberships. If you want to drink in any club or bar, you have to basically register with the state. That way they can keep tabs on who's drinkin' and who ain't.

The church claims that it is politically neutral, which is complete bullshit. The LDS church runs the state of Utah. In fact, it is not uncommon for the church to issue official letters to bishops to be read in sacrament meetings. These letters encourage members on how to vote on certain issues. The most recent that comes to mind is the vote on legalizing same sex marriages in Utah. Remember that the church is anti-gay.

People outside of Utah are no dummies. They can see that Utah is under the direct control of the church. They can see what would happen if the Mormons took over. The LDS church boldly claims that it's main objective is to fill the whole earth. Joseph Smith even ran for US president, even though he died before the election. In other words, Mormonism is all about world domination and submission. If the church ever came into power, the new form of government would be a dictatorship.

If you're still not convinced that the Book of Mormon condones the killing of wicked people, just read with me in 1 Nephi 4:13, where it states it clearly:

"Behold, the Lord slayeth the wicked to bring about his righteous purposes. It is better that one man should perish then that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief."

According to the Book of Mormon, it is okay to kill the wicked. This is the entire verse and it is not taken out of context. Nephi goes on to kill Laban by cutting his head off.

If a "true prophet" today goes out and kills someone, they could just simply claim that the lord commanded them to do it. They would be able to kill anyone they want and get away with it every single time.

This is why the world with a brain is afraid of Mormonism. In this demented religion IT IS OKAY TO KILL. This is why the world does not want a Mormon president. Can you blame them?


I should add that while the doctrine of the church allows for murder, the church does not currently preach it or practice it as far as I know. However, with the absence of a government to regulate it, it could be the case, as it was when Brigham Young brought the saints to Utah. It was partly to get away from the persecution but also to get away from the government. Brigham Young ruled the church with an iron fist and had no one to check him. (Why do you think the government had to send troops to Utah? Because Briggy was doing whatever the hell he wanted and it was not always good!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Atheism Video

I did a search for "atheism" on YouTube and came across this amazing video. This guy has simple, yet extremely logical arguments against Christianity. This video is about ten minutes long but it is amazing. I sat there spell bound after hearing his incredibly powerful points.

The comment section on YouTube is full of Christians who completely ignore this amazing advice. Not one of them tries to answer the hard questions, they just spew out the same old crap:

"God still loves you."

"I'll pray for you. May you come to find god's saving grace."

Christianity is pure nonsense and after you view this video, you will see why. There is definitely more of this to come!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

How LDS Members View Apostates

I've touched on a lot of this briefly, but wanted to dedicate a post just to that.

Obviously an apostate is someone who once embraced the truth and has fallen away and been deceived by the devil. Because this person once embraced the truth, their betrayal of god's kingdom is most bitter. By leaving the church, they have switched sides, and since they are no longer on gods team, then by default they are on the devil's team. Therefore, they must be avoided at all costs, since they could use the devil's trickery to deceive you as well.

Many annomyous TBM's will lash out horribly at ex-Mormons. They cuss, swear, and call horrible names. They have this mistaken idea that deeply insulting us will make us feel the spirit and want to come back. Many ex-Mormons are accused by loving latter-day saints of being gay, angry, or bitter. Since we couldn't "hack it" in the true kingdom, we now hate that kingdom and fight against it will all our power. The most elite have become the most bitter enemies.

Another typical view of LDS on those who leave is reinforced by their infallable leaders. They either sinned, were offended, or just couldn't hack it anymore. Nearly every TBM will accuse us of falling into sin and being too prideful to repent. Since the system requires that we repent, we have become prideful and now fight against it. This is because our pride is overwhelming and we refuse to submit to the system.

According to TBM's many people leave the church because we couldn't stop masturbating. And since I just used the word "masturbate" I am obviously obsessed with it. I just can't stop. And since I am miserable for it, I want everyone else to be miserable too.

Although Jesus showed the proper example of how to treat a sinner, the LDS completely ignore that example. Jesus sat and ate with sinners, even though he was mocked for it by the pharasees. LDS people are taught to despise, shun, and avoid those who sin. Afterall, they might have an evil influence on you.

The bottom line is that you now work for satan. Since satan is the ultimate enemy, then you are an enemy as well. Anything you say is designed to fool them and deceive them. Therefore, nothing you say is listened to or given any credit. The evidence and common sense you provide is simply a lie designed by the devil to carefully drag you down to hell.

Mormons claim to be loving, caring people and yet they have zero tolerance for anything that even might threaten their testimonies. Therefore, you must purge that evil as quickly as possible. If you want to see TBM's at their worst, simply read the comment section of any popular ex-Mormon blog. There are the true fruits of Mormonism shining out bright and clear... cussing, swearing, name calling. Sure makes me want to go right back to church!

The ironic thing is that Mormons themselves have a persecution complex. They think the entire world hates them just because of their unique beliefs. They don't understand why the world won't just leave them alone and let them believe whatever they want. Then they turn right around and demean other people who have simply exercised their right of religious freedom by no longer believing in the church. Hypocrites.

You can't blame the individual member however. Their leaders are the ones who are preaching elitism. If you're not Mormon, you're not saved. Therefore any non-Mormon is inferior. But not only are they inferior, they are also still on the other team. They are your enemy and, until they have been converted, are seen as a potential threat to your salvation. No wonder they act towards us the way they do. They belong to a cult and that cult teaches them that they are special and elite. So put away the love and the civility... ex-Mormons are the enemy and must be dealt with at all costs!

The Church IS A Cult

No matter what any TBM thinks, the actual truth is that the LDS church is not true. There are a myriad of reasons why I make this claim and the purpose of this blog is to discuss as many of them as possible. In truth, the LDS church is a cult that has brainwashed its members into thinking that they belong to an elite group. They alone have the truth and the power of god.

There is a mountain of evidence against the church. However the church hides this information from it's members by telling them which books to read. They warn that apostates are going directly to hell, no passing Go, no collecting $200. Hence, most members live in total ignorance of the many issues facing their true church, just the way the leaders like it. The members are so brainwashed and afraid that they do not even look in the direction of "anti-Mormon" literature. What issues they may be exposed to, are shrugged off as lies spun by the devil to tear down god's true kingdom.

Those who leave are looked upon as evil and dangerous. An apostate is literally more dangerous to you than a stalker or a murderer. A murderer can only take your life... an apostate can take your soul.

Because this organization is led by a living prophet who receives inspiration directly from Jesus Christ, the prophet must be obeyed at all costs. The church puts heavy emphasis on complete and total obedience to any commandment, whether it be new or old. The church leaders claim infallability by stating that it is impossible for them to lead the saints astray. It's just impossible. Therefore, the leaders can say anything and since they were allowed to say it, it must be from god.

Great emphasis is placed on the members gaining their own testimony, or witness that it is all true. Based on no evidence, brainwashing, and "the spirit" a member can know for sure that it is all true. Because "I know it's true" is pounded into their heads ever since infancy, members truly believe that it is. No other religion focuses so much on "self brainwashing". Leaders of the LDS church have been known to say that if you don't have a testimony, you must repeat it to yourself until you do believe it.

Members born into the church believe that their birth into the church is a reward for good behaviour in a past life. In fact, a persons position in the church is a reward for behaviour in the pre-earth life. Mormons believe that they lived with god before they were born and their loyalty to god earned them a place in a righteous Mormon home. If you are a convert to the church, you were not quite as elite. If you are black, then you barely passed.

Mormons believe that all their righteous and worthy males hold the holy priesthood. This is literally the authority to act in god's name. If you were not baptized by a Mormon, then your baptism is invalid and you cannot be saved. The priesthood, if wielded worthily, can allow a Mormon man to preform amazing feats, such as heal the sick.

Only by being Mormon can you be truly happy. In fact, members are taught that the world in general is confused and clammering around in darkness. The Mormon gospel brings joy and happiness. Therefore it is your duty to convert as many of your family and friends as possible. If you don't, then you will pay the price for their sins, since they might have joined if you had tried to convert them.

Mormonism is a deep religion that requires much of your time, money, and talents. If you try and convince a Mormon that the church is not true, you are seen as an agent of the devil who is trying to cheat and deceive your soul to hell. Numerous Book of Mormon scriptures warn about the devil who tries to lead you quietly down to hell. Therefore, a Mormon will not listen to any type of reasoning. He sees you as trying to destroy his soul, so any argument you make will be shrugged off and explained away.

As you can see, this religion holds its members in STRONG mental bondage. That is why few ever escape. Everything in this system is designed to keep members in and paying. Tithing is a big issue. If you do not pay your tithing, you will be burned in a great fire at the second coming of Jesus. Additionally, you will be denied a temple recommend, which is the highest honor an LDS person can have. A temple recommend is like a golden ticket to heaven. If you don't have a TR, then you just aren't cool. It takes a lot of work and dedication (or just a good lie to the bishop) to get a TR.

The purpose of going to the temple is to preform many ordinances, in addition to baptism, which are necessary for salvation. (Can't you see by now that the LDS church has a LOT of requirements for salvation?) These ordinances are hightly cult-like and are regarded as "sacred" so they are not spoken of outside the temple. A person attending the temple for the first time will make covenants and promises not knowing beforehand what they will be.

A worthy man and woman can be married in the temple. This will seal them together for time and all eternity (why anyone would want to be married FOREVER is beyond me) and they will not be permanantly separated by death. The idea of "Families Are Forever" is a strong theme used by the church to keep members in and attract new ones. Your sealing is only valid as long as you live your entire life as a devout Mormon. In fact, your level of spirituality in the church may determine who you see and where you go in the next life.

If you weren't a very serious Mormon, you may be denied the right to be with other family members. Therefore, it is crutial that you strictly obey all the rules.

Thinking is discouraged. All you need is the voice of the prophet. If you doubt or have questions, then something is wrong with YOU. Since the church is perfect, if you have a problem with it, then the bottom line is that the problem is YOU. Obviously you have not prayed enough or don't have enough faith. Maybe you committed a sin which made the holy ghost leave.

That's another aspect of Mormonism. Members are taught and believe that once they are baptized then they have the companionship of the Holy Ghost. This HG serves as a means by which you can receive your own personal revelation from god. It can also act as a means to find out for yourself that the church is true. Sometimes it warns of impending physical danger. You can have the HG with you all the time, but if you sin it is easily offended and can withdraw itself from you. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are worthy and following all the rules so it can stay with you.

Hopefully you can see that the LDS church is a cult. Every aspect of the church is designed to scare and manipulate people into complete and total obedience. For fear of hell and damnation, the members willingly hand everything they have over to the church. The church literally wants your very will, and once you hand it over, they will not hesitate to tell you every little thing that you should do (mission, BYU).

And yet, they claim to have this principle called free agency. Anyone is free to choose if they want to obey. So basically, these are your two choices, 1) obey every rule unquestioningly until you die, or 2) live however you want and go to hell when you die. Now who would willingly choose to go straight to hell? Therefore, the only real choice is to obey. So the people do.

Mormonism is deep and its members are heavily brainwashed. They are oppressed and yet they think they are free. They are manipulated and yet they think they have the true priesthood of god. Many people are unhappy in Mormonism but say nothing because they think that the problem is them. To escape from the trap of Mormonism requires many things.

1) Knowledge - which the church tries desperately to keep away from it's members.
2) Desire - a person can get out at any time, but they have to want it. They have to be completely tired of the system.
3) Acknowledge the possibily of losing everything - if you leave the church, the Mormons will make you pay the price. LDS women are strongly encouraged to divorce their apostate husbands. In Utah, you may be denied work, friends, even family if you leave. Ironically, once you lose everything, the Mormons will point their fingers and say, "See? If you leave the church god will punish you."
4) Getting over the fear of what other people think - Mormons believe that you have actually chosen to serve the devil. You are an agent of evil and therefore must be shunned and avoided.

It is a cult. It's members are brainwashed. This is a fact.

Mormonism Is The Lifelong Denial Of Adulthood

Original Author: lightfingerlouie

When I look back on it all, I realize they did not want me--or anyone else--to be able to grow up. The older I became, the more controlling and intrusive the church became. When you were a kid, they treated you as a kid. But when you grew up, they never stopped treating you like a kid.

I had thought the mission would be the "coming of age" test, the step between adolescence and adulthood. Little did I realized that most kids had far more freedom than missionaries. I was rather shocked to learn what Mormonism really meant. I expected rules--not cult orientation and control.

I was told when to sleep, when to wake up, what to eat, what to read, when to walk, when to talk, when to bore others with my testimony, when to sit, when to stand, and when I could go home. This was a totalitarian system, carefully designed to ingrain mindless and complete obedience. Good Mormons follow this "discipline" for the rest of their lives. They learn to do what they are told.

When you go to the temple--another coming of age event--you get the same damned thing. You learn that the church will now control every aspect of your life. And you swear to it. You promise, to obey, follow, and not complain. You are given special underwear, and a lifetime pattern to stick to. You lose your individuality, and your freedom. You are made into a permanent child.

For normal people, adulthood means things a Mormon will never understand. Adults can drink alcohol, choose how to spend their money, and how to make their way through life. They get to attend the church of their choice--or attend no church at all. No-one bothers them. They have enough burdens as is. Adulthood is a struggle. In Mormonism, adulthood is slavery.

The brethren ensure adulthood is not something for the faithful. Mormons become aging children, unable to function comfortably in the rest of the world, unable to choose what they want, and unable to define their own happiness. We know Joseph Smith liked adolescents a great deal. His attitude has carried over into everyday Mormon life. Mormons are owned and controlled, browbeaten and bullied. And if they don't like it, they have to suck their thumbs and shut up. When the brethren have spoken, the thinking has been done. When you are a Mormon, you are a child, and you do what you are told.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Response to Thomas S. Monson's "Come Back" Speech

Original Author: Demon of Kolob
Minor spelling and punctuation corrections have been made.

Response to Thomas S. Monson's "Come Back" Speech

"LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson invited 'the less-active, the offended, the critical, the transgressor' Sunday to come back and 'feast at the table of the Lord and taste again the sweet and satisfying fruits of fellowship with the Saints.'"

Tommy Boy Talk is cheap. You do not really mean what you said. If you did, you would extend an olive branch with those words; you would do something to back them up.

For example: Be honest about the church's history. Stop excommunicating and disfellowshipping scholars who present you with mountains of scientific and historical evidence that Joseph Smith was an imaginative fraud and the BoM is a hoax. Repeal the 132nd section of the D&C and admit polygamy was a mistake. Apologize for the slander and mistreatment of blacks, gays and women by the church. Welcome back into full fellowship excommunicated members whose only sin was to criticize the church or write about the history of the church. Allow criticism of church leaders, be human. If you are unwilling to do anything to show that the church has changed, then your words ring hollow and their is no reason for us to believe them.

You weren't really speaking to those of us who left anyway were you?, just saying words to the flock to calm them down about all the members who have left the church.

Comment from the SLC Tribune Article
Elder George Carlin: said on 4/7/2008 8:51:00 AM

Article sates: "President Thomas S. Monson invited 'the less-active, the offended, the critical, the transgressor' Sunday to come back and 'feast at the table of the Lord and taste again the sweet and satisfying fruits of fellowship with the Saints.'"

Wow, instead of using negative terms like "the offended, the critical, the transgressor", how about using more accurate terms to describe people who left like "intellectual, vocal, critical thinker, and spiritually progressive"? Oh yeah I forgot, many of these people didn't leave...they were kicked out for simply voicing their views and/or questioning historical issues within the church. Instead of having a "feast at the table of the Lord and taste again the sweet and satisfying fruits of fellowship with the Saints", I feel it would have been much more of an accurate description to state "stay away from the table of the Mormon Church and it's judgmental members. Don't keep eating the B***S*** they try to jam down your throat at every turn."

Monson's speech is just further evidence, the Mormon hierarchy and many devout members "just don't get it." As much as I love my friends and family who are LDS, I feel every wardhouse is simply a "non-thinking ghetto".

Note: The church absolutely can't have it's faithful members knowing the real reasons why people leave. Therefore, they make up the traditional excuses, offended, sinned, etc. Notice how the church turns all of the blame onto the apostate. I allowed myself to be offended. I allowed myself to fall into sin. Once again, the church comes out shining and squeaky clean while the "angry, bitter apostate" is just brewing in his hate and intellictualness. Then Monson takes the "high road" by humbly offering sweet salvation to the bitter and angry. Then he turns around and directly lies to millions of people who are counting on him to lead them to spiritual safety. He comes out looking like the hero, and the apostate is labeled and judged. Since we don't come back and take advantage of his humble offer, it is obviously us that has the problem. Although Monson has millions of members greedily eating out of his hand, we apostates know the real truth. We see the lies and and the brainwashing. We got out because it is a damn cult. Words like "sweet fellowship with the saints" is proof enough. Monson may have them fooled, but we know the real truth and even though we are currently the minority, we are growing. We are showing the world the cult and the fraud that is Mormonism.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Parking Lot

I dropped my wife off at church today.

Three years ago when I was active, the parking lot was stuffed every Sunday. Today I was shocked to see that the parking lot was only about 20% full.

Granted, most people don't live more than three or four blocks from the church and many walk. But still, I've never seen the parking lot that empty on a Sunday.

It looks like good things are happening!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Latest Prophesy From Temple Square!

This Just In!

For those of you who might not have gotten the underlying message, it is basically making fun of the true LDS prophets who never seem to prophesy anything. All they ever preach is the same old stuff: tithing and unconditional obedience. That's it! You would think a true prophet of god would come up with something a little original once in a while!

Oh that's right! They did! Their latest commandment or revelation from on high: Ladies, only one earring per ear. No, it's not the destruction of a city or the hiding places of terrorists... it's a humble revelation about your ears. It's so nice to know that god cares about your ears and that our leaders are so inspired!

TBM's will explain the absence of real revelations this way: "We have been given commandments from the lord and as soon as the people more strictly obey the lower laws and commandments, more will be revealed. Until then the heavens are silent. We can't have more until we understand and obey what we already have."

Now, keep paying, praying, and obeying. And take out that other earring, damn it!

The Time I Confessed To My Bishop

During my teen years I engaged in the occasional make out which usually included hands going where they shouldn't. Naturally, as a young Mormon boy, what I was doing was horribly bad. Any kind of sexual sin is extremely serious. In fact, it means you're only slightly less wicked than a murderer.

As fun as this forbidden activity was, I carried around guilt for it for years and years. I wanted to confess and get it off my shoulders but I was too afraid. For one thing, I had a reputation of being very "Mormon". I had no idea what my bishop would say or what he would make me do to repent. What if he forbade me from taking the sacrament? If he did, then everyone would know that I did something bad.

So I went for years without saying anything. I was interviewed for temple trips for baptisms for the dead. I lied when asked if there were issues in my past that had not been repented for.

I went on a mission. This involved a shitload of interviews. I lied through all of them. I went on a mission not having fully resolved my past issues. I was a good missionary, but it was always there in the back of my mind. It doesn't help that the church puts TREMENDOUS pressure and guilt on missionaries. They scare the shit out of you by telling you that if you serve unworthily, you might go to hell. They do whatever they can to weed out the unworthy and send them home in a heap of shame.

Couldn't go home in shame! That was worse than going to hell for being an unworthy missionary! So I went my entire mission without saying a word.

After I had been home a year or so, I was being eaten alive by guilt. I wanted to talk to my bishop and be forgiven, but the same issues came up again. What will he say? What will he make me do? What if he makes me confess to my prior bishops that I had lied to them? I was horrified at the prospect of wondering what they would do to me. But the guilt was getting so strong that I finally decided that I had to just confess and humbly accept any punishment I was given.

It was probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I made an appointment with the bishop. When I met with him, I told him that there had been past transgressions that I had never repented for, of a sexual nature. He asked me if I had ever gone all the way, which I truthfully answered no. He didn't ask for very many details. In fact, he didn't seem to care much about it. He told me that I needed to ask the girls involved to forgive me. He told me I had to write a letter to each of them and apologize and encourage them to repent as well.

That wasn't so bad. I went right home and wrote the letters. Because several of the girls were married by now and some of them I didn't even know their name, he didn't make me deliver them. That was it. I gave the letters to the bishop and it was done.

After leaving the bishops office, I went to a nearby park and sat on the swing, glad to have that out of the way. But was I forgiven now? I didn't feel any different. I didn't feel any huge wave of relief. I didn't feel happier. I didn't feel the Saviours forgiving grace. I felt nothing except confused. I sat there on the swing for a long time and pondered and prayed. Naturally, I had prayed many times earlier for forgivness, but never felt like I had been forgiven. Now that I had confessed and done it the churches way, I still didn't feel any different. Maybe it took time. Maybe Jesus had to review everything and take it to a committee. I didn't know.

I thought that I would feel immediate relief. I thought it would feel like a huge burden was taken off of me. Maybe people say that because it's what they were supposed to say. I don't know. All I do know is that I didn't feel any different.

I never did get that special feeling I was expecting. I never did get confirmation from anyone that I was officially forgiven. I just assumed that because I had confessed to the proper priesthood authority and had done what the bishop instructed me to do, that I was forgiven.

WTF Jesus?


I should mention that as an ex-Mormon and realizing the truth about the church, ALL of the guilt from past "transgressions" is totally and completely gone. I realize now that sexuality is normal and natural and if it is such a huge sin to be horny, then why did god make me that way? I can't even describe what a HUGE relief it was for me to discover the real truth about Mormonism. Guilt, fear, and expectations are gone, Gone, GONE! It's wonderful.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why Do People Find Comfort In Christ, Even Though He Is Just A Myth?

Good question. I have been asking myself that a lot lately especially since I have encountered several people over the last few months who have "found Jesus" and had the void in their life filled.

It's even more strange to me because once I un-discovered Jesus, I felt like a new person.

I believe these people are sincere in their life-changing experiences with Jesus. So why is it that they find comfort in finding Jesus, when I find comfort in finding that Jesus is a myth?

Part of the issue is that they believe they have become involved in something greater than themselves. They have found the winning team and are comforted in believing that all they have to do is join the team and they can never lose.

That is a comforting thought and I WISH it was that easy. But things I see in the everyday world testify to the fact that the Jesus story is just that: a story.

For example, I've never seen anyone walk on water. Since it can't be done, the Jesus story is not true. Since it's not true, Jesus' claims are not true.

But in the Christian mind, Jesus is a type of super hero. Super heroes do things that regular people can't... like walk on water. So it is not irrational to believe that it's all true.

Yet it is irrational. Are there any real super heroes? No. They only exist in movies and in the minds of the imaginative. In fact, lately Hollywood is coming out with dozens of superhero movies. Have you noticed?

But since superheroes aren't really real, then believing in them as if they literally exist is stupid. But that's exactly what believers in Jesus do. They believe in a superhero. Just like Superman goes flying around saving people, so does Jesus.

Anyone who feels that they have been saved by their hero, are naturally going to believe it, even if it makes no sense at all. People who find Jesus literally think they have been saved. They think that because it feels good to be on the winning team, it must be true.

The human mind is easy to manipulate. Just try it. Walk into a group of people and start humming or singing a song. Do it as if you've just heard the song and are singing it because you like it. It doesn't have to be loud. You'll notice that several people in the room will unconsciously start to sing or hum it too, some without even realizing it.

Or give someone a nickname. You will find that most people will also start calling that person by the nickname.

So if you suggest to people that they need to be saved, they will believe it. People think that if it feels good, then it is good. Since being saved feels good, Jesus must be real. It's completely irrational, but yet the human mind isn't always rational. The mind believes anything it hears. Since most of us grew up in a society that believes in Jesus, it doesn't seem irrational at all to believe in him too.

But if you suggest to this group that a different saviour exists, many of them will boo you out of the room. This saviour can have exactly the same attributes as Jesus, except a different name. All of a sudden, the idea becomes extremely irrational, and the mind rejects it immediately.

People believe in Jesus because it is socially acceptable. That's the bottom line. Our society generally dictates what we should believe. If you were born in China, I'd bet $1,000 that your parents would die if you announced that you are Christian. Over in China, Jesus is not socially accepted, so few or no one believes in him.

That is why a person like me, who does not believe in Jesus, is almost viewed as an enemy. How dare I not believe in the social norm? How dare I start using my brain and thinking for myself?

My first step towards enlightenment was the discovery that superheroes like Jesus aren't real. That statement sounds dumb, right. Duh! Of course superheroes aren't real. Everyone knows that superheroes aren't real, and yet they turn around and believe in one! Go figure.

There are no superheroes, except for Jesus, and I know it's true because this really ancient book says so.

Like I said, people believe irrational things all the time! Irrational can be made to sound good, and if it sounds good, then it is good.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mormons Are The Shit (So They Think)

Seeing as how Mormons believe that they alone have the true authority to act for god, what I am about to write shouldn't even surprise you.

An LDS ward is a geological area and all members living within the boundaries belong to that ward. However, Mormon power goes beyond just the members... it even extends to the non-members.

I once had a bishop explain to me how he is the spiritual leader of EVERY SINGLE PERSON living in the ward boundaries. Whether they recognize it or not, and even if they go to a different church, he is their true leader.

This type of thinking is exactly what got the Mormons driven out of state after state. They literally think that they rule the world.

In spite of all the evil on the internet, god allowed it to be invented for one reason: and family research.

America, a country built on the premise of religious freedom, was founded for one reason: LDS, Inc.

Telephones and planes were invented so that the LDS gospel could be quickly spread.

In fact, ever since the true church was restored and the priesthood is back on earth, man, in general, is once again able to receive revelation and therefore, technology has grown by leaps and bounds.

Folks, we owe it all to Mormonism.

Generations Past

For 178 years, the LDS church has been spreading it's lies and keeping millions of people in mental bondage. I wonder exactly how many people have been Mormon since it's conception... maybe 20 million.

In comparison to the rest of the population of the world, that's not really very many at all. Thank goodness. I wonder how many of them had a testimony and believed it was true but secretly felt weighed down and overwhelmed by all the demands.

Given just a little bit of real church history, I wonder how many of them would have told the so called church to take a hike?

As I look back on my very TBM family, I see a very interesting pattern. Both sides of my family are very Mormon at least as far back as my grandparents, and very likely even further. When my dad left the church years ago, that was absolutely unheard of. The entire family was in major shock.

Other than my father, all of my living aunts and uncles are actively engaged in the LDS cause. Up until recently, apostasy just didn't happen very often. Sure, it happened, but not nearly like it is now.

People just didn't question, but more importantly, they didn't have information. As I look at my TBM family, I see many of their children (my cousins) telling the church to take a hike. Back in the day, one child going astray was unusual, but nowadays, it is getting more and more common for half the children to leave the church.

Literally within the last 10 years, something has happened that has triggered mass exodus out of the LDS church. I believe that something is information.

Up until now, the church has had many well hidden secrets. But the internet has made massive amounts of information available to to the computer literate people of this generation. We are on the verge of a massive revolution, one which the LDS church might not survive more than a few generations.

It wasn't just 10 years ago that if someone requested their name be removed from the records of the church, the church would ex-communicate them. Apparently, someone sued the living shit out of them and now it is estimated that the church processes 250,000 resignation letters each year! Up until the internet came along, no one even knew what to do to get their name removed. People like my father are truly pioneers in bringing about this movement.

If people continue to fall away from the church like they are, I wonder if the church will survive. I wonder how long it will be before they are forced to come clean about their past. Someday they will have to and when they do, even more people will leave. This is why they just run things as if nothing is wrong. They know that if people find out the real truth, they will leave by the millions. Yet, on the other hand, if they come out and admit that they made huge mistakes, it will discredit their "only true church" which is guided by Jesus himself.

It makes me laugh because no matter what they do, it will end up hurting them! Frauds!

It may not be in my lifetime, but eventually the church will have to come clean. That will be a beautiful day. I do hope I'm around to see it.