Saturday, August 16, 2008

How LDS Members View Apostates

I've touched on a lot of this briefly, but wanted to dedicate a post just to that.

Obviously an apostate is someone who once embraced the truth and has fallen away and been deceived by the devil. Because this person once embraced the truth, their betrayal of god's kingdom is most bitter. By leaving the church, they have switched sides, and since they are no longer on gods team, then by default they are on the devil's team. Therefore, they must be avoided at all costs, since they could use the devil's trickery to deceive you as well.

Many annomyous TBM's will lash out horribly at ex-Mormons. They cuss, swear, and call horrible names. They have this mistaken idea that deeply insulting us will make us feel the spirit and want to come back. Many ex-Mormons are accused by loving latter-day saints of being gay, angry, or bitter. Since we couldn't "hack it" in the true kingdom, we now hate that kingdom and fight against it will all our power. The most elite have become the most bitter enemies.

Another typical view of LDS on those who leave is reinforced by their infallable leaders. They either sinned, were offended, or just couldn't hack it anymore. Nearly every TBM will accuse us of falling into sin and being too prideful to repent. Since the system requires that we repent, we have become prideful and now fight against it. This is because our pride is overwhelming and we refuse to submit to the system.

According to TBM's many people leave the church because we couldn't stop masturbating. And since I just used the word "masturbate" I am obviously obsessed with it. I just can't stop. And since I am miserable for it, I want everyone else to be miserable too.

Although Jesus showed the proper example of how to treat a sinner, the LDS completely ignore that example. Jesus sat and ate with sinners, even though he was mocked for it by the pharasees. LDS people are taught to despise, shun, and avoid those who sin. Afterall, they might have an evil influence on you.

The bottom line is that you now work for satan. Since satan is the ultimate enemy, then you are an enemy as well. Anything you say is designed to fool them and deceive them. Therefore, nothing you say is listened to or given any credit. The evidence and common sense you provide is simply a lie designed by the devil to carefully drag you down to hell.

Mormons claim to be loving, caring people and yet they have zero tolerance for anything that even might threaten their testimonies. Therefore, you must purge that evil as quickly as possible. If you want to see TBM's at their worst, simply read the comment section of any popular ex-Mormon blog. There are the true fruits of Mormonism shining out bright and clear... cussing, swearing, name calling. Sure makes me want to go right back to church!

The ironic thing is that Mormons themselves have a persecution complex. They think the entire world hates them just because of their unique beliefs. They don't understand why the world won't just leave them alone and let them believe whatever they want. Then they turn right around and demean other people who have simply exercised their right of religious freedom by no longer believing in the church. Hypocrites.

You can't blame the individual member however. Their leaders are the ones who are preaching elitism. If you're not Mormon, you're not saved. Therefore any non-Mormon is inferior. But not only are they inferior, they are also still on the other team. They are your enemy and, until they have been converted, are seen as a potential threat to your salvation. No wonder they act towards us the way they do. They belong to a cult and that cult teaches them that they are special and elite. So put away the love and the civility... ex-Mormons are the enemy and must be dealt with at all costs!

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