Monday, December 31, 2007

Everyone Gets Saved in the Mormon Gospel

I'm on a roll today, so one more post about how silly the Mormon gospel is.

The purpose of life is learn to become like god.

The Mormon church has that knowledge; no one else does.

What about all those people who never were or never will be Mormon?

They will be given the chance to accpet it in the next life.

That all sounds good, BUT...

Doesn't that idea undermine the entire purpose of life?

If they can just accept it, why even bother coming to earth?

Why do they get to be saved even though they never paid their tithing?

" " " " " " " " " " " went to church?

" " " " " " " " " " " had a temple recommend?

" " " " " " " " " " " read the Book of Mormon?

" " " " " " " " " " " got baptized?

The Mormon gospel is just stupid. Only by doing all those things can you be saved. Yet the dead get to be saved even though they didn't do any of them. Doh! Doh! and more Doh!

Why the hell should I "put my shoulder to the wheel" if I get to be saved anyway? It's all a bunch of blooming bullshit! God's only true church is lousy, self contradictory, and confusing. Get a clue, god! You suck!

The Truth Is Hard

Now that I am out of the church, it is so blooming obvious it is a fraud that I can't believe that I didn't see it before. Then I look around at some very intelligent people, and they all gobble it up, hook, line, etc...

Why do people believe such nonsense? Believing in Mormonism or Christianity is just like believing in Peter Pan or Donald Duck. And yet they believe it!

It took me way too long to figure out that my special "priesthood" really didn't do anything special. I was in the church far too long, but I saw the truth a whole lot sooner than most other people do. Many people live their whole lives in the church.

As a TBM, I did believe it was true and therefore followed all the requirements. But it really wasn't out of desire, it was out of fear. In the Mormon culture, you just do it, or god will damn you. I (and many others I am sure) followed because of the damnation factor, and nothing else. I can hardly stand the thought of being Mormon my whole life! It gives me the creeps!

For 10% of my income, they will let me pretend that I am wielding the awesome power of god. What a lie! What a fraud!

What can I say that will open the eyes of those who are trapped in the mind numbing clutches of this cult? This cult has them convinced that they are saved and I am damned. They all know Santa isn't real, but they still believe in Jesus! The truth is right there, dangling in front of their faces.

But when you're an LDS member in good standing, proudly waving your temple recommend for all to see, it feels good. You're saved and you belong to the true church. You are elite and you have the true power of god. It feels good "knowing" the church is true. Knowing that you are in a group of the only people on earth whom god loves. You will live forever in mansions and glory!

So it's pretty hard to go from all that glory to the hard truth, the church is a fraud. The priesthood is a lie. And you are a worthless piece of shit that "god" doesn't give a rat's ass about. When you die, a few people will cry, but then they'll forget about you. There is no mansion in heaven and you are only the king of your own shit.

Many people would rather believe the fantasy because the hard truth is just that, hard. It kinda sucks when you realize that you're just an average Joe and in 100 years your life will have made zero difference. You don't have any special powers and your 10% investment brought you zero return.

The truth is hard, but I would rather have the truth than live in a fantasy. I would rather go to my grave expecting nothing and maybe getting something, than go to my grave expecting everything and getting nothing.

The truth is hard, and that's why everyone would like to just ignore it. In the end, does it matter? My new truth is that there is no truth. It's just life and we live until we die. Since my truth is my truth, I guess it doesn't matter what anyone believes. Whether you believe the fantasy, or believe the truth, it will have no effect on the ultimate outcome of your life... death.

Just How Heavy Were the Golden Plates?

I have a weight in the back of my pickup truck that serves to give me traction in the winter. This weight is solid steel and is about six inches tall and one foot in diameter. When I say that sucker is heavy, that is an understatement. I can't even pick it up, and I am no wuss. The thing has to weigh about 300 lbs.

I would imagine that a golden book large enough to contain the story of the Book of Mormon would probably be about the same size. If so, it would be even heavier, because gold is very heavy.

According to the Book of Mormon, this guy named Moroni basically put the golden plates together. After the great war which left all his race dead, Moroni wandered in an attempt to avoid being discovered by the Lamanites, keeping the precious golden plates with him, writing in them as he went along.

The Book of Mormon story "happened" in Central and South America. So is it very logical that Moroni would have hiked, on foot, all the way from Panama to New York? Not very likely. Add to that the fact that he is lugging around 300 to 350 lbs of solid gold with him. Even more not likely.

1,000 years later, after Joseph Smith had discovered the plates, is it likely that he would be able to tuck the golden plates under his arm and RUN through the woods in order to get away from his enemies? If you think it's possible, then I challenge you to try it. Take my truck weight and see how far you can run with it, if you can even get it off the ground!

Although the Mormon church has a very feel-good story, it just doesn't make sence once a dose of pure logic is applied. I will be talking about the Book of Mormon in my next few posts and I will be comparing the original Book of Mormon to the modern version of it.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

My 3rd Birthday

This Christmas season marks three years since I have been to church. So while everyone is busy celebrating the "birth" of Jesus, I am celebrating my freedom from the disease that is religion!

Just another evil apostate...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas and Santa

It's been a few days since I have posted anything. I was just sitting here thinking how nice it is to just live life without worrying about pleasing god and obeying all the commandments. I know I've said it many times, but life outside the superstitious beliefs of Mormonism and Christianity is so nice.

If it's Sunday and I need something from the store, I just go. I don't have to worry about offending god on one day of the week. Really, something is a sin just because of what day it is? Come on!

I don't really like Christmas. You've got to spend a ton of money. Besides, just realizing that we are celebrating the birthday of some dude who supposedly lived 2000 years ago, really brings home the reality of the Jesus Myth. There is no Jesus and there is no saviour. There is no such thing as sin and there is no such thing as good or bad.

Besides, a few days after Christmas, we forget all about Jesus and we even forget what gifts we got.

Santa is a lot like Jesus...

  • They both give gifts depending upon your behavior
  • They both know if you've been bad or good
  • You believe in both of them, at first
  • Then as you mature you realize that both are not real
Yep, just as Santa isn't real, Jesus isn't real either. But as a kid you believed in Santa. Santa brought you gifts. Your parents actively lied to you about the reality of Santa. Ironically, no adult believes in Santa, and although Santa represents Jesus, almost all adults believe in Jesus. Go figure.

Free yourself from the Mormon lies and discover a whole new world!

Just another evil apostate...

Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Christmas Time Again...

...but is it really?

What is Christmas? It is the most commercial time of the year. Christmas is supposed to be the time when we remember Christ and celebrate his gift for us. Yet, turn on the TV and what do you see? Is there one, even one, commercial reminding us to remember Jesus?

Christmas has become the season of make a buck. It's the time when gifts are bought and sold and there is probably no more profitable time of the year for retailers worldwide, than December. Jesus' name is being used for financial gain.

Thus, the whole spirit of Christmas is destroyed. Jesus had nothing, not a penny nor a pillow. If Jesus were alive today, he would chastize the entire Christian world for making a mockery of his name. It would be no different than Jesus chasing money changers out of the temple.

That's not to say that absolutely no one remembers Jesus anymore. Even in my own extended family, every year, we sit together while reading the Christmas story from the Bible. The LDS church, to their credit, encourages members to remember Jesus during the holidays.

But out in the real world, Jesus is used for the single purpose of making money during the holidays. Ironically, in the religious world, Jesus is used for making money as well. It's really quite sad since that concept totally contradicts Jesus and his entire message.

The holidays are nice and fun, but I think the true spirit of Christmas has been forever lost to the almighty dollar.

Just another evil apostate...