Monday, December 31, 2007

The Truth Is Hard

Now that I am out of the church, it is so blooming obvious it is a fraud that I can't believe that I didn't see it before. Then I look around at some very intelligent people, and they all gobble it up, hook, line, etc...

Why do people believe such nonsense? Believing in Mormonism or Christianity is just like believing in Peter Pan or Donald Duck. And yet they believe it!

It took me way too long to figure out that my special "priesthood" really didn't do anything special. I was in the church far too long, but I saw the truth a whole lot sooner than most other people do. Many people live their whole lives in the church.

As a TBM, I did believe it was true and therefore followed all the requirements. But it really wasn't out of desire, it was out of fear. In the Mormon culture, you just do it, or god will damn you. I (and many others I am sure) followed because of the damnation factor, and nothing else. I can hardly stand the thought of being Mormon my whole life! It gives me the creeps!

For 10% of my income, they will let me pretend that I am wielding the awesome power of god. What a lie! What a fraud!

What can I say that will open the eyes of those who are trapped in the mind numbing clutches of this cult? This cult has them convinced that they are saved and I am damned. They all know Santa isn't real, but they still believe in Jesus! The truth is right there, dangling in front of their faces.

But when you're an LDS member in good standing, proudly waving your temple recommend for all to see, it feels good. You're saved and you belong to the true church. You are elite and you have the true power of god. It feels good "knowing" the church is true. Knowing that you are in a group of the only people on earth whom god loves. You will live forever in mansions and glory!

So it's pretty hard to go from all that glory to the hard truth, the church is a fraud. The priesthood is a lie. And you are a worthless piece of shit that "god" doesn't give a rat's ass about. When you die, a few people will cry, but then they'll forget about you. There is no mansion in heaven and you are only the king of your own shit.

Many people would rather believe the fantasy because the hard truth is just that, hard. It kinda sucks when you realize that you're just an average Joe and in 100 years your life will have made zero difference. You don't have any special powers and your 10% investment brought you zero return.

The truth is hard, but I would rather have the truth than live in a fantasy. I would rather go to my grave expecting nothing and maybe getting something, than go to my grave expecting everything and getting nothing.

The truth is hard, and that's why everyone would like to just ignore it. In the end, does it matter? My new truth is that there is no truth. It's just life and we live until we die. Since my truth is my truth, I guess it doesn't matter what anyone believes. Whether you believe the fantasy, or believe the truth, it will have no effect on the ultimate outcome of your life... death.


Paul Manning said...

Hey Joey

if that is what you think, why waste any of your precious time on your blog. surely there must be better things to do as at most you only have 70 years left of existence.

you velly clever boyo

Mormon411 said...

Ah, very good question. I was thinking that very thing as I finished writing this post. If there is no truth, then why even bother? I was hoping someone would pick up on that.

The bottom line is that we all have an opinion, and we all have the right to express that opinion. I post here, because I believe that I do have something important to say. If it helps improve someones life, then that is a good thing. If it does nothing, at least it was a vent for me.