Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Christmas Time Again...

...but is it really?

What is Christmas? It is the most commercial time of the year. Christmas is supposed to be the time when we remember Christ and celebrate his gift for us. Yet, turn on the TV and what do you see? Is there one, even one, commercial reminding us to remember Jesus?

Christmas has become the season of make a buck. It's the time when gifts are bought and sold and there is probably no more profitable time of the year for retailers worldwide, than December. Jesus' name is being used for financial gain.

Thus, the whole spirit of Christmas is destroyed. Jesus had nothing, not a penny nor a pillow. If Jesus were alive today, he would chastize the entire Christian world for making a mockery of his name. It would be no different than Jesus chasing money changers out of the temple.

That's not to say that absolutely no one remembers Jesus anymore. Even in my own extended family, every year, we sit together while reading the Christmas story from the Bible. The LDS church, to their credit, encourages members to remember Jesus during the holidays.

But out in the real world, Jesus is used for the single purpose of making money during the holidays. Ironically, in the religious world, Jesus is used for making money as well. It's really quite sad since that concept totally contradicts Jesus and his entire message.

The holidays are nice and fun, but I think the true spirit of Christmas has been forever lost to the almighty dollar.

Just another evil apostate...


Julie said...

Is this the "evil apostate" I've read? Because this sounds like an endearing Christian post...
I like it!
(you're losing your touch)

Just another evil apostate... said...

Yea I probably didn't say anything that any type of Christian already feels. Maybe I am losing it

Anonymous said...

Touche' about using Jesus and the bible to make a buck. Just check out the Holy Land amusement park. LOL!