Monday, January 28, 2008

The Hoffman Case

Many of you know about Mark Hoffman and his story of deception and murder. What you may not understand is why it is significant. Gordon B. Hinckley was in direct contact with Hoffman and as a true prophet, should have acted differently.

I don't know the whole story myself so I'll just cover the main points. Mark Hoffman was basically a conman. He figured out a way to produce phony documents and make them look authentic. He produced false letters and documents about church history and presented them to LDS church leadership. These documents shed a negative light on the church and naturally, if they were authentic (which we know they weren't) then the church wanted them out of the public's eye.

Gordon B. Hinckley was directly involved in purchasing these documents for thousands of dollars from Hoffman. The documents were purchased, but were they ever shown to the church membership? Of course not! Gordon B. Hinckley, prophet of the LDS church which claims, "We believe in being honest," took the document and locked them up in the churches vault.

You see, the man believed he had purchased authentic documents from Hoffman. The documents were negative to the church. So that strongly suggests that Hinckley knows the church is not true and is trying to suppress any and all proof of it! If the church really was true and if Gordo was a true prophet, couldn't he just get a little message from Jesus telling him that Hoffman was a fraud? And what happened to his awesome power of discernment? Isn't a true prophet of god just supposed to know when he is being lied to? Apparently not, because Gordo had no idea.

Hinckley passed away yesterday, so it is too late to ask him: What do you have to hide, Hinckley? If the church is so true and if you are a prophet of god, why do you have to purchase and hide documents that suggest otherwise? Like all profits before him, Hinckley knows the church is not true and spent his whole life openly lying about all of it.

If the church is true, why hide the documents? Why not show them to the world and let "the Spirit" testify of truth? It's because those lying frauds know that, while many of their followers would still believe anyway, many would leave. This story is documented and it shows proof that Hinckley and all the other lying frauds would do anything to hide the real truth from public knowledge.

It turns out that some people began getting smart to Hoffman. They figured out what he was doing but before they could expose him, he killed them. He built bombs and blew them up. He killed two people before one of his homemade bombs went off accidentally and he nearly killed himself. Today he sits in jail.

Hoffman made up false documents and lied about their origin. Hinckley, and other church leaders who were desperate to make sure this did not come to public light, completely abandoned their spirit of discernment about his character and bought up all the documents he produced. Believing the doucments were real, their intentions were to buy they so they could lock them in the vault so that no average member would ever see them!

So much for "We believe in being honest." Hey, now if I lie and deceive people, I'm justified... If a prophet of god can do it, then I guess anyone can. This is a modern day example of the liars and frauds that are the LDS leaders. They preach that the "spirit" testifies of truth and then they turn around and suppress any negative information that they can. Some examples to live up to, huh?

Of course, on the news and in his funeral, and most likely in his biography/autobiography, none of this will ever be mentioned. While he may have accomplished many things, I can't respect a man who preaches one thing and does another. No one is perfect and even I am guilty of it, but come on! This is a prophet of god! He holds his members to extremely strict standards, and fails to live up to them himself.

It's quickly becoming Mormon tradition... The church is true no matter what. Defend it, lie about it. It doesn't matter. The Mormon church is the one and only true church and there is no such thing as sucker punching when it comes to keeping the real truth under wraps. Even though the Hinkster is dead, "Lying for the Lord," is alive and well.

Just another evil apostate...

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