Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just Some Thoughts...

I'm just sitting here after a hard busy day, taking it easy, having a drink (alcoholic), and just in awe about how this whole system works.

I've just been to a meeting with some very successful people. They have built successful businesses and are very intelligent people. But they still fall hook, line, and sinker for the LDS religion. It just amazes me how smart and intelligent people still buy into the whole LDS / Jesus thing.

On another note, I met with a female "client" today and we began talking about religion. It turns out she is in my position: being raised Mormon and saw the real truth. The only difference is that she was baptized at 8 years old but didn't even believe it then. Wow, as an 8 year old, she could see it was all a lie.

We talked about Gordo's embarrasing moments in the spot light, basically admitting that he speaks to god the same way everyone else does: through prayer and feelings. Nothing more. This supposed "prophet" gets his inspiration through feelings. But isn't it pretty much Mormon lore that the man walks and talks with god? Out of Hinckley's own mouth, he does not.

Oh, and get this! When the leaders select a new prophet, guess how it is done?!?! You would think that the bretheren would meet and pray and then a voice from heaven would declare the name of the next prophet. Anything but... They vote on it. Can you believe that? If the vote is not unanimous, then how can they claim to be inspired? Why would god inspire Boyd K. Packer to vote for someone and then inspire Thomas S. Monson to vote for someone else? Um, duh!

It is so blooming clear that there is no inspiration involved whatsoever. I spent years of my life believing that I was born into the truth, into the only true religion where the leaders truly are guided by direct communication with god; they then turn around and pass that guidance on to us. Oh, no. It is nothing like that.

I find out that it is nothing but a huge cult and the leaders are living it up, and laughing all the way to the bank with your hard earned tithing dollars. Well, I've given my last penny to LDS, Inc. It's not like that will break them, but at least it won't break me either!

Just another evil apostate...

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