Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mormon Sexuality...

... or more appropriately, the lack of.

I've touched on this briefly in the past, but I want to recap. Every normal human being has sexual urges and desires. It's normal. It's natural. But if you're Mormon, it means you're bad.

It's against the law to kiss too much, touch, make out, dry hump, go all the way, etc., or even think about any of the above. If you have committed the sin in your heart, you are as guilty as if you have actually done it. So what that really means is that no Mormon man alive is temple worthy.

I'm a man and so I know how they are. Men are accused of thinking about sex constantly, and they do! Like I said, it's normal and natural. There is nothing embarrassing or shameful about it... unless you're Mormon.

Mormonism takes man's basic urges and turns them into sin. They know that if they can make a person despise sex, while knowing that no one really despises sex, then this is a very confused individual. This person looks at his desire for sexuality as a weakness and therefore clings to the church even more. The church, in turn, tells this person that with Jesus' help, he can over come this weakness. But the more the person tries to avoid committing or thinking about committing sexual acts, they just become more and more frustrated. It's a nasty, vicious cycle where the church makes the person hate themselves and then that person clings to the church to "overcome" this weakness.

The result is a bunch of sexually frustrated people. Mormons are encouraged to date and marry their own. By the time a Mormon man and a Mormon girl get married, they are horny as hell. And since they live in Utah, they have no education and no idea how to "pleasure" the other person. Ever wondered why Mormons get married so young? Not only because of the tremendous pressure to get married right after the mission, but also because they know it is the only way they can vent their sexual frustration without being a huge sinner for it!

Remember, in Mormonism, a sexual sinner is only slightly less wicked than a murderer.

Many Mormon men look at porn, which is easily accessible. It's a safe way to vent some of that frustration without actually "doing it". Of course, Mormon men are railroaded for it. But what are they expected to do? They live in a culture that will condemn them to hell simply for having sexual urges. So naturally, a Mormon man lives a secret sexual life in porn and simply denies that any of it is going on.

That is the natural product of a culture like Mormonism, liars. You can't be Mormon and not be a liar. The society expects impossible things of you and will only accept you if you are perfect at it. Since no one is perfect at it, everyone is a liar! To lie is the only way to fit in as a Mormon. Although they profess honesty, they will boo you to the door if you actually are honest.

Porn itself can be a good thing, in my opinion.

There are different kinds of porn. There's the hardcore slam-bam porn. Or there's the solo girl porn where the woman may just pose nude or may masturbate for your viewing pleasure. Personally, I like the nude posing girl. Whatever each man prefers, doesn't really matter. What does matter is how it's used.

I'm going to talk frank, so if you're offended by explicit sexual language, then you'd better stop reading now.

A man is horny and wants to get off. It's not like there's an abundance of chicks all waiting around to help him out so he shuts the office door and sits down at the computer. He finds his favorite site and pleasures himself while looking. Now, while many people might consider this man to be a porn addicted freak, he's actually being very responsible.
  • He is not cheating on his wife
  • He is not out raping some girl
  • He is not molesting his young daughter or other young girl
  • It's a safe way to vent sexual frustration
  • It is completely harmless
  • It is done in the privacy of his home or office
  • He is viewing women who have given their consent to be viewed
Now what is wrong with that? Instead of promote rape and infidelity, the viewing of porn actually helps prevent it. Porn provides a safe, harmless means for a man or woman to vent their sexual desires and frustration. It also provides sexual education, and partners who view porn together, with an open mind, can have a wild and exciting experience!

Many woman are devastated when they discover their husbands are involved in viewing porn. I'm not a woman, so I can't elaborate, but I do know of many couples where the man looks at porn and the woman is completely okay with it. In fact, the relationship where the woman does not hate and condemn her man for it, is a good relationship.

Many woman may say, "Porn is degrading to women." Porn is made by "willing" women, so don't tell men to stop looking, tell women to stop posing! If the time ever comes where ALL women feel that way, then the production of porn will cease. But I seriously doubt if that will ever happen. If you feel that porn is degrading, then don't look at it! No one is forcing you to.

But if you know a man who looks at porn, and most likely you do, don't judge him. He could be out doing much worse things. He is simply trying to be a man and fulfill those sexual desires. A recent survey done by BYU on over 800 people revealed some interesting facts, as reported by Fox13. 9 out of 10 men admitted that they view porn and half of college women say they think porn is okay!

Even right here in SLC, there are titty bars and adult magazine stands. Many people may not know this, but Brigham Young ran whorehouses right in downtown Salt Lake City. On the outside, Mormons appear to be clean and pure of any sexuality, but a deep look into Mormon history reveals some very distrubing images of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young pertaining to sexuality and sexual conduct. If anyone would like to know more, I would be happy to do some research and post my findings here.

Yes, unfiltered Mormon history is scary and disturbing. There were times when I walked away from my computer literally feeling sick, like I was going to throw up. The Mormon past, the very existance of Mormonism, is based on deep, deep sexual secrets, adultry, rape, and murder all in the name of god. It's a nasty story and I don't even like to think about it, but if any of my readers show an interest, I will be happy to abridge it here.

On a lighter note, anyone know of any good, free porn sites? JK!

Just another evil apostate...


Long Ben Avery said...


You said you wanted a free porn site recommendation, here you go.
Love the blog, just working my way through them. Well written, passionate and incisive.

Mormon411 said...

I've actually been to that one! It is pretty good.

Cj Boren said...

I would like to hear more.. Sisters came to my house and I wanna blow their minds

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