Friday, January 18, 2008

What Is This Blog Even For?

There are two purposes of this blog.

The first and most important is just to express myself. As a Mormon, you don't question, you don't doubt. You just obey.

The second reason is to reach out to anyone who might feel suppressed in the Mormon faith. Hey, if you are a true believing Mormon and honestly love the church and all it's rules, then great. I'm truly happy for you. But if you're like I was, that is, believe in the church but feel weighed down by all the rules and expectations, I'd like to show you why I came to understand that it is not true. By making this discovery, I had a huge burden lifted off me and my life will never be the same.

A TBM will most definitely ask the question, "How can you possibly be helping someone by trying to convince them to leave the church?"

Well, you see, from my point of view the church is a cult. It does nothing to save you. I don't believe you'll be damned by being Mormon and I also don't believe you'll be damned by not being Mormon. A lot of people will come knocking on your door with a warning: join my church or you'll go to hell. No, no, my message is nothing like that. I don't even believe in damnation.

All I'm trying to do is offer a new perspective to someone who might be sitting on the fence. I'm just offering my thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. I couldn't care less if anyone agrees with me or not. If you choose to stay Mormon, that's entirely your business.

All I know is that for me, once I did the research, added up the facts, and put two and two together, I came to the conclusion that I no longer believed in Mormonism or even Christianity.

I want LDS people to know that the church they believe in has a very shady history. Naturally, the church isn't going to print all the negative things about themselves. No, they are going to try and keep you from it, which is exactly what they do. They know that if they come clean about their past, they will lose members by the thousands. So while they hide the truth from you, they are lying to you indirectly by not sharing all the facts.

LDS church leaders are lying scumbags. I've already proved it in this blog. But a brainwashed TBM will not believe me. They see me as having been deceived by the devil and now working overtime to tear down the lord's only true church. That's exactly what the church leaders want them to think, which is why I say they are lying scumbags. They work overtime trying to keep ignorant people in their very profitable cult.

If you are superstitious, believe in fairy tales, and like having someone else tell you everything to do, then you should be Mormon. If you are logical, common sense oriented, and like to make your own decisions, then you should not be Mormon. Why do you think the church tells people to stay away from evil anti's like me? Why do they tell you not to read certain books? Why do they tell you to only read their approved materials? It's because they want to keep you from the truth; they want to keep the blinders over your eyes. If they have the real truth, then what are they so afraid of, I wonder?

There was actually a time in church history where the leaders boldly challenged anyone to prove Mormonism wrong. They claimed that science, history, and common sense were all going to prove the church true. Once science, history, and common sense began actually proving them wrong, their tune changed. They no longer want people to challenge the church; they now want people to leave them alone.

Mormonism is like a two-legged stool. It just can't stand on it's own.

The day of reckoning is coming. There will be a time when the church is forced to come clean about their past and about their lies. Until then, evil apostates like me will do our little part to spread the real truth... the church is not true and the leaders just want your money and unquestioning obedience.

That's the purpose of this blog. To bring out and expose the real truth about Mormonism, it's past, and it's horny founder. I want to show everyone the other side of the coin and let them make an informed, rather than ignorant, decision about whether or not to remain a Mormon.

Free yourself from the Mormon lies and discover a whole new world.

Just another evil apostate...

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