Thursday, March 20, 2008

Picture of Joseph Smith?

Most everyone has probably seen the controversial picture that is supposedly Joseph Smith himself.

I really don't have much to say about it. In my opinion, it would be kinda cool to know what he really looked like, but then it doesn't really matter. He's been dead since 1844 and it's not his face that is important... it is the work and the religion he started.

If he was telling the truth, then truly it is an amazing message that the entire world needs to hear.

But if he was lying, then the entire world needs to hear that as well. The people trapped in Joseph's Myth need to be given an opportunity to hear the real truth.

Joseph Smith once made the prediction that his name would be spoken of for good and evil. At first, it sounds like a correct prediction. People do indeed either revere him as a true prophet, or as a lying horny scum bag. But keep in mind that by the time Joseph had written this prediction, he was already well established into his church and already had many enemies. He knew that his story was so convincing that his new religion would last for many, many years, which it has so far. He also knew that there were those who saw him through different eyes. There were those who didn't buy his story and wanted to expose him. His prediction was already taking place by the time he wrote it.