Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cognative Dissonance At It's Finest

Thus far, I have tried to reveal as little about myself as possible in order to maintain my privacy as well as sanity. I believe I have mentioned before that I was married in the temple, and as such, have a TBM wife. I normally wouldn't do this, but we had such an interesting conversation last night that I have to share parts of it in order to demonstrate how indoctrinated some people are.

As we were talking, about my feelings about the church, she asked me if I have ever cheated on her. I told her no which is a truthful answer. However, she didn't believe me. She said that she has a feeling that I have been unfaithful in the past. When I assured her that I never have, she looked at me skeptically and said, "Well, you're the only one who knows the truth, and there is no way I can ever know for sure that you're telling the truth." I had to agree with her. I could be lying; there's no way she will ever really know.

She trusts the "spirit" more than me, which is nothing new.

Well, later we got on the subject of god and she says she knows he's there because she feels it. So I asked her, "You feel it? Just like you can feel that I'm cheating on you?" I decided to give her a dose of her own logic... "You can never really know for sure. How do you know 100% that god is there just based on a feeling?" Of course, she couldn't answer that.

Our conversation progressed, with her getting more and more defensive. All the evidence I show her is just my "opinion". Why can't I leave her alone? I informed her that I was not forcing her to sit there and talk to me.

So in the end, my "opinions" were wholeheartedly discarded and she chooses to continue relying on that special "feeling" which is totally misguiding her. The spirit that testifies of the literal existance of god is the same spirit that has her convinced that I'm having an affair. Truth my ass! I do know the truth; there is no affair which tells me that the "spirit" she is relying on is nothing more than her out-of-whack female emotions.

When I asked her how does she know 100% that god is there and that he has ever done anything for her, she couldn't answer. But it's all true, folks!

The really amazing part, is that she will totally agree with me one day and then turn around and totally disagree with me the next day. Last night she even admitted that all religion is nothing but business. And yet, somehow the church is still true. I guess god is running a huge business and it is very profitable! She is drowning is cognative dissonance.

And this is what Mormonism does to people. It makes them deny outright evidence. It makes them follow their emotions to completely absurd conclusions. It makes them deny reality. It makes them unrational and impossible to have an intelligent conversation with. It destroyes families. She is so loyal to the cult that she would pick it over me, especially since her cult has her convinced that I'm a lying, cheating bastard.


Just another evil apostate...


Anonymous said...

It's Cognitive, not Cognative.

Just another evil apostate... said...

Well, excuse the living hell out of me!

Since I no longer have the spirit, I can't receive revelation on how to properly spell