Monday, March 31, 2008

The Huge Mormon Lie

This is a continuation of my last post. It was starting to go in a different direction so I thought I'd end that post and start a new one. This post will be all about the vicious Mormon cycle and how it takes a lie to live it.

First, I need to tell a story, which most everyone is familiar with. Then I'll show how several aspects of Mormonism follow this story to a tee...

There was once a great emperor who was one day approached by a clever salesman. The salesman offered the emperor something which only the elite could have. It was a new wardrobe of special clothing. The clothing was special because only the wise could see it.

Excited at the chance to own such valuable clothes, the emperor placed his order. When the clothes arrived, the emperor was excited to see what they looked like. He opened the box and saw... nothing. The emperor was dismayed to find that he could not see them; not being able to see them means that you are a fool. The emperor could not have his entire kingdom thinking that he was a fool, so he marveled over how exquisite and beautiful his new clothes were.

He called in his wisemen to have them see. None of them could see the clothes either. But they were afraid of what the emperor would do to them if they admitted that they couldn't see the clothes. So they too ranted and raved over how beautiful the clothes were.

No one could see the clothes, and yet, for fear of the social implications, all played along with the lie, thinking that they were the only ones who could not see the clothes.

Naturally, no one wants to be labeled a fool, so the entire kingdom marveled and awed over the emperor's fabulous wardrobe. There was just one problem... there were no clothes. They didn't have any special powers and no one could see them no matter how wise they were, because they weren't there!

Finally, one day as the emperor was walking down the street, proudly sporting his new clothes, a child made the comment, "That man has no clothes on!" For the first time, the emperor realized that he was naked and that no one could see his clothes. It turns out they were all played for a fool and it took a child to state the honest and simple truth before anyone else would admit it.

This story is Mormonism. I'll start with the temple, which I mentioned before. All his or her life, a Mormon child is prepped and prepared to go to the temple. Making it to the temple means that you are cool! Many are called but few are chosen. That means you are one of the chosen! You are the fucking Mormon bomb!

When they come of age, they enter the strange and mysterious temple. They are expecting to be taught many great and marvelous things. Instead, they stand up, sit down, change their clothes a dozen times, bow their head and say yes, learn handshakes, passwords, and get threatened by the devil! It is a wierd and creepy experience and it is absolutely nothing like you were expecting or were told that it was. They promise never to talk about what they just experienced. Oddly enough, the new temple attendee is even given new clothes to wear, garments.

Seeing as how the temple is built up to be marvelous and wonderful, the newly endowed Mormon can't say what it was really like. So they return and report in testimony meeting and they all say the same thing... "It was beautiful and wonderful... I've never learned so much about god before... I felt the spirit stronger than I ever have before..." They can't say that it was wierd and creepy. They would get laughed out of the building. So they just go along with the lie, telling everyone how marvelous and wonderful it was. It is passed on to their kids and...

...the vicious Mormon cycle continues.

Shortly after attending the temple, most young men go on a mission. From the time they are able to speak, they are engrained with the idea that they can't wait to serve a mission. All worthy young men are called to go. Naturally, any Mormon young man wants to be the fucking Mormon bomb, so he goes on a mission... even if he has to tell a few fibs to his bishop to get there.

If you don't go on a mission, you go from Mormon hero to Mormon zero. No one will like you or date you. If you don't go, rumors will start and people will wonder what sin you committed. So, whether you are worthy or not, you lie to the bishop and go on a mission. Everyone goes. Almost everyone lies about their worthiness. But you can't not go... what will everyone think of you? What would everyone think if you admitted that you can't see the clothes? You must be a fool! So everyone goes!

The young man goes on his mission where he is monitored day and night for two years. He goes through hell and shit. He has tremendous pressure put on him by a greedy mission president who is only interested in numbers. When you don't convert a million people, you are given a huge guilt trip... you are not worthy enough. So a missionary goes through two years of hating himself for being so inadequate. It is literally mental torture.

The two fucking years is finally over and the young man returns home to his ward to report on his mission. Since a mission is supposed to be the most spiritual time of your life, the returned missionary tells everyone how marvelous and wonderful it was. It was so wonderful, in fact, that they made him leave... he didn't want to go home.

All the Mormon girls are extatic that there is a fresh young bachelor just home from a mission and it's not long before this Mormon studmuffin is married and popping out kids. From the time those kids can speak they are engrained with the mission propaganda and...

...the vicious Mormon cycle continues.

Let's talk about this returned missionaries wedding. You're only half a bomb if you don't get married in the temple. As soon as you get home, your ass had better be hunting for an eternal companion, to be married to in the temple for time and all eternity. Just attend BYU (which is nothing more than a dating and marriage service) and your eternal companion is sure to be there looking for you!

(Just a quick pause here. Are you starting to see how Mormonism eliminates all your need for thinking? Your entire life is planned out for you before you are even born. You just unquestioningly follow the schedule and everything will be fine!)

Your marriage! That special day! First of all, it takes place in a teeny room in the temple. There is only room for about 10 family members to witness. Keep in mind, only your righteous and worthy family members are allowed to be there at all! The bride is wearing her MODEST wedding gown but guess what? It's covered up by all those silly temple clothes! You both kneel at an alter, facing each other and do one of the secret handshakes you learned about in the temple endowment ceremony. Then you listen as the officiator gives a monotone and word for word ceremony. There is no exchange of rings and there is no procession music. There are no brides maids or bestmen. There are no flowers or special decorations. There is nothing. The temple wedding is a cookie cutter ceremony that is completely impersonalized.

Now, most people want their entire family, worthy or not, to attend and witness their wedding. What a special wedding it is when 90% of your family has to wait outside! You can then go to your reception where you can do traditional wedding "stuff". But really, the ceremony you looked forward to all your life was nothing but a huge disappointment. You walked out of the temple feeling like a number, just another temple marriage.

But your family is now safely sealed and your salvation is guaranteed. So even though the entire wedding sucked, you rant and rave about how wonderful it was. When your kids are born, you immediately teach and prepare them for a temple wedding, which will inevitably be exactly the same as yours was. Your children look forward to their temple wedding and...

...the vicious Mormon cycle continues.

The newly wed couple begins their life together. They attend church, pay their tithing, go to the temple as often as they can. In short, they do the whole Mormon routine.

Their life is just like any married life. They have their problems just like everyone does. They fight and call each other names. Money is tight (because they got married immediately and started popping out kids before getting a proper education). The marriage is stressful and yet they endure (because Mormonism is all about enduring).

They go to church where they learn that only by being Mormon can you be truly happy. Everyone else around them looks so happy. "Why does our marriage have problems?" they wonder. "We are doing all the right things and yet we're not really happy." They look around and see that everyone else looks so happy and conclude that they are the only couple with problems and that it must somehow be their fault. But they've got to fit in! "What will everyone think if they knew we were having problems?" So they go to church and they put on their happy, smiling faces and bear their testimony about how wonderful and true it all is. They look and appear just as happy as everyone else. Then they go home and fight. Then they return to church and bear their testimony again about how true and wonderful it all is, all at the same time wondering what the hell is wrong with them! "Why is everyone happy except us?" They never do figure it out... everyone is going through the same thing, miserable but putting on the happy face just for appearances. Remind you of any emperor's wise men?

They are all afraid of what everyone would think if they admitted that the gospel just wasn't working for them like it should be. So they keep blaming themselves, smiling, and bearing their testimonies about how happy it makes them. They get more and more miserable and...

...the vicious Mormon cycles continues.

And it is vicious! If you ever come clean about how you really feel, you will be shunned. If you admit that you are miserable, you are told that something is wrong with you. Just look around... it obviously works for everyone else; get with the program!

Mormonism is supposed to represent honesty and integrity... but what it really represents is the emperor's new clothes, which don't exist. In short, in order to be a functioning Mormon who fits into the collective, you have to lie! You can't be a Mormon and be truly honest. It just can't happen. If you are honest, you are shunned. Mormons don't want to know the truth. They can't stand honesty! They despise it with all their hearts.

To be Mormon is to live a lie. The products of Mormonism are professional liars. Just look at the general authorities. They have lived the lie for so long that they even lie about being able to see god! They have no problem telling you to pray, pay, and obey in exchange for your salvation. If you completely conform, you will be free and happy! That is a lie. Mormons are unhappy prisoners who go about their daily Mormon tasks wondering why everyone is happy except them.

So here I am stating the simple, plain, and obvious facts. Just wait, it won't be long before some "happy" Mormon comes in here and starts condemning me to hell with f-ing this and f-ing that. I challenge you, go read the comments on this blog and other blogs from true, believing, "happy", Mormons. The things they say will only confirm everything I've talked about in this blog. They are miserable, condescening, arrogant, fools who all swear on their lives that they can see the invisible clothes!

They are miserable and all I'm trying to do is show them the vicious Mormon cycle that they are stuck in. I found my way out and for once in my life, I can be truly honest. I don't have to lie about everything in order to fit in. Sure, I no longer fit into the Mormon community, but why would I want to? Why would I want to return to that vicious cycle when I have found such peace and tranquility out here?

Ironic, I am honest and they are all so willing and eager to condemn me to hell for it. That is the fruit of Mormonism! That is why I do what I do. I am honest and I am free.

I have never felt so peaceful than I have for the last three years knowing that the LDS "church" is nothing more than a cult and a fraud that produces liars and hypocrites. I'll never go back and I'll never stop until I die or until the Mormon cult ceases to exist.

Get out of the vicious Mormon cycle!

Just another evil apostate...


Anonymous said...

I'd like to just start off with "I'm not a mormon!" I am however, a Christian! You probably are saying what the heck is the difference? Mormons would probably call themselves a Christian, but Christians would never call themselves Mormon... I'm not familiar with the Mormon background or the religion, but I have been raised in Christian home, but not until a few years ago did I say I was a Christian. No lies, no confusion... God is real! I don't see invisible clothes. I may not see him directly, but I see him in things that he does. I've seen people be healed, I've seen miracles, and I've seen the grace that he gives, to me and many others I know. I can feel from your anger, you're ready to stop reading this, but let me leave you with this... I once wanted nothing to do with my church, I once wanted God to just leave me alone, but that was only because I had no relationship with him... I didn't understyand who he was and what he wanted. Trust me... you CAN have a relationship with him. Now that I have known his grace, his mercy, and his forgiveness I can truly tell you that there is nothing in this world that I've tried, that can heal my heart they way he has, and fill me with true joy the way he has. Yes true joy, not fake, no lie... In times of stuggle it is God that fills my need, in times of pain it is he that comforts me, in times of trials it is he that guides me through. I'm not perfect, I sin, but by the grace and mercy of God I am forgiven and can turn back to praise him without shame. I've lived in both worlds without God and with God and I'm telling you I wouldn't go back, I wouldn't want back anything I had then. There is no shuning and no shame in the real problems that we face as people. Just like the Bible says (The Holy Bible) "the flesh is weak" and it takes the strength of God to come through these trials and temptations. I would really love to chat more with you. my email is

Mormon411 said...

I know the difference between Mormons and Christians. I also know that mainstream Christian sects do not recognize Mormons as Christian. Well, to each their own. I was Mormon for 30 some odd years and I feared Jesus for all 30 of them. A Christian is someone who believes in Jesus. Mormons believe in Jesus. Therefore, Mormons are Christian. But since that doesn't matter, let's get on to something else.

I've seen miracles too. But that doesn't prove a thing. Bhuddists see miracles, JW's see miracles, Mormons see miracles... they all think it is proof that their religion is true.

So let me get you straight... anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus is full of anger? (And you say you don't see invisible clothes). I'm not angry at all; I just opened my eyes and realized that god is an imaginary friend for adults. Believe in him all day if you want; it doesn't matter to me. There is a ton of evidence that Jesus never existed and that he is, in fact, a mimic of an earlier religion. Stick around on my blog because soon I'll be sharing that very information.

I'd love to have a relationship with god, and as soon as he gets the balls to show himself to me, I will humbly submit to anything he says. But until then, no bet baby. Why should I seek a relationship with someone who I have never seen or met?

I have no doubt that you feel joy at the thought of god. And that's fine. It feels good, doesn't it? Religion provides a very real sense of security for people. Even thought it is totally fabricated, most people would rather ignorantly believe than educate themselves about the Bible, the history of Christianity, and the evidence that Jesus was most likely never even a person.

It's funny. I've lived in both worlds too and I wouldn't do the Mormon or Christian thing even if you paid me. My life has only been better since I told "god" to take a hike.

I do hope that you'll stick around and I hope that our difference of belief will not cause any hard feelings as I'd love to chat more with you as well.

Drop me a line... you know my email

Anonymous said...

lol.... As I'm quite sure that 90% of the people that comment your blog are mormons and with out proper you said. And like I said before -I am not one of those. I'm a Christian college student majoring in Theology with an emphesis in Ancient History... And I would have to argue for a momment that the statement "Jesus was never a real person" is simply a defense that has no ground to fight. And I would sit here again, for two hours, and give you every reason why I believe that and all the proof that he did live and that he is God, but that won't change your mind. So all I can say is... if you truly are hell-bet on proving God and Jesus unreal and a myth that needs to die, then I would suggest that you go and do the research to prove your right. Otherwise people will only read your blog and think you're an angry mormon that got kicked out of the temple and is seeking revenge. By the way... someone has already done the research, propbably 200 or more schalors over the course of 3000 years... and have proven his existence...
And don't worry God will make himself known to you... but you must be careful..if you wait to long to chose to know him it may be too late.
Just remember HE is God, we must go to him if we want to see him... He waits for us. He wont' invade your life unless you want him too.
I will be praying for you.
What's your name?


Mormon411 said...

"Jesus was never a real person" is simply a defense that has no ground to fight. And I would sit here again, for two hours, and give you every reason why I believe that and all the proof that he did live and that he is God, but that won't change your mind."

You don't need to spend hours, but if you can give me the jist of it, I'd look it over. I've always said if you can prove me wrong, then I invite it.

I realized, along with research, that Jesus is no different than Santa Claus. Like I said before, I'll be sharing that research very soon.

I appreciate your offer to pray for me but I can assure you that it is not necessary. I don't need an invisible god to help me. In fact, ever since I went "solo" I'm not only doing just as well as before, but even better!

Very soon, I'll post the information I've been talking about and in the comment section there, you can share all your evidence with me. I will give it a sincere review.

Can't give you my real name. Just call me Joe or Joseph (after the man Joseph Smith).

Chad Hardy said...

This was my favorite line:
"I challenge you, go read the comments on this blog and other blogs from true, believing, "happy", Mormons. The things they say will only confirm everything I've talked about in this blog. They are miserable, condescening, arrogant, fools who all swear on their lives that they can see the invisible clothes!"

Have you ever read the comments on Deseret News when someone challenges the church? LOL. By their fruits, ye shall know them, and sadly their fruits are that of arrogant superiority and idolatry.

Mormon411 said...

Dear "Mormon",

Thanks for your comment. Actually, I have not read them. Could you please provide a link or something? I believe the Deseret News is online.

Paul Manning said...

Hey Joe

I liked your post. I am, along with the Monkees "a Beleiver". When I went to the temple the first time I immediately thought of the emporers new clothes story. I have either brainwashed myself or I have had some real experiences which keeps me in the LDS faith. So either pray for my deprogramming (to Richard Dawkins of course) or have a deeper look at why people are still LDS. Thats your challenge should you wish to accept it

Mormon411 said...

Well, Paul, since you are still in the church, you probably have a better understanding of why people stay than I do. If the evidence tells you that something is not true, then get away from it. That's what I did. Since you have chosen to stay, why don't you enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found out for yourself that Mormonism is a false religion. Correct me if I am wrong, but your post almost sounds like you don't believe in ANY religion, is that true? Not all "religion" is bad, according to James: "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." James 1:27 Basically, when you are in service to your fellow Man, you are in service to your God. I can't think of anything bad in that. However, know that helping others has nothing to do with what formal religion you belong to and has more to do with wanting to help others for the sheer joy of it. Don't let anyone put you in a box.

Mormon411 said...

Hi Anon,

Yes, currently I have no religion. I am looking into Buddhism as I have found that many of my core beliefs fit in nicely with Buddhism.

Oh, I agree with you. I give service to others as often as I am able. I love giving service and don't see anything wrong with it either. I just don't believe that one has to be religious in order to love and serve their fellowmen.

Anonymous said...

I can truly understand your anger at the Mormon Church. You were spoon fed a horrible lie and forced into a mission you hated. Moreover, you were not allowed to question your beliefs in a safe environment. I can't possibly imagine how much pain that has caused you.

Right now I am trying to gently steer my daughter away from a very "nice" group of Mormons who love her and had her to their house, to Mormon Girls Camp and to their church for dances. We raised her to be open-minded and to question everything. I am a Christian, but a very liberal, non-church attending Christian. My husband is a scientist. Neither of us believe one word of the Mormon religion and we have told her why.

But peer pressure is daunting. I am praying she will be led away from the Mormons by her non-mormon friends, but how do I keep it honest with her while at the same time fearing the sneaky conversion tactics in place for her? And the irony is that we're considering attending a local methodist church just put a roadblock in front of the mormon crusaders.

The wedding you described might help. My daughter currently wants to go to Disney World to get married.

I wish you peace and will continue to read your blog... I already ordered the Godmakers and debunking mormonism for my own info.

Mormon411 said...

The Mormons are genuine people and by trying to befriend your daughter, they are honestly trying to do her a favor. Let your daughter go with them. Just make it clear, right from the very beginning, that she will not be baptized until she is old enough to make that decision for herself.

When they understand that you are serious, they will probably stop calling and inviting her. However, keep in mind that they believe that by being persistant they will eventually "soften your heart" with their cookies and testimonies.

Sit down with her and explain that the reason they are being so friendly is because they want her to join. Explain to her why you don't agree with the church.

The most important thing you can do is put your foot down. Let her go with them but make it perfectly clear that she will not be getting baptized.

Thanks for sticking around and reading my blog. Feel free to comment anytime or if you have a story, type it up and I'll publish it for you. Peace to you as well.

FallingUp said...

I don't get it why people think its alright to be horrible. I believe in Christ therefore, and I am Christian. Whats so hard about that?
I get it that you wanted to leave the church. But please, go silently.
I feel sorry for you.
I will pray for you. I know you don't want to here that, but as a Mormon, I was taught not to lie.

Mormon411 said...

Don't bother petitioning your imaginary god on my behalf. I don't want or need help from your myth. I don't want you to feel sorry for me and I certainly don't want you to pray for me. I find the Christian god to be a dispicable character and I want nothing to do with him.

Doesitmatter said...

I don't find anything missing in your description of the never ending cycle many LDS members find themselves stuck in. For those members that read it and deny it, well you probably can't be helped. Think of all those Sunday meetings. From the earliest of ages when you could actually eat hard food, you took the sacrament. No thought was given. It was just something mommy and daddy did. When you learned to speak, you probably got the nerve to go up and share your "testimony". I always found that upsetting. I think it's terribly wrong to allow a mother or father to escort their small child to the pulpit and whisper in their ear "I love my mom and dad", " I know the church is true", etc. The methods for shaping young children to lead an LDS life is countless. Every aspect of their life is geared to making them an "honorable" member of the church. Anything less is seen as a failure.
As adulthood sets in, lets not kid ourselves. It's hard to walk away from everything you've been taught. I don't think anyone wants to accept the lessons taught on Sunday were lies. I surely didn't.
The LDS church is very successful because they address the issue of Family. They promise eternal familes on the condition of obedience. Again, most people would strive for an eternal family. I don't think most people enter a marriage and have children hoping this life is the end. Being with your love ones beyond the grave is something most people want.
Despite these wants, it doesn't equate to the truthfullness of the Mormon Church. It's not like 1+2=3. The LDS church has simply attached itself to a very sensitive topic. By doing so they create a level of fear to leave. If you leave you simply admit "I no longer know if I can be with my wife/husband past this life". It's okay to accept this. Nobody knows what will come. Just enjoy your life together and let the chips fall where they may.
If your a devout Mormon, you really need to do some research. If it really is true, what wrong could become of it? I can promise you, you will find out all the ugliness the Mighty 12 have been wanting to hide. The history of the church is sad and ugly. Their founders were corrupt and nasty human beings. Any religion that can find good in Brigham Young, well thats a shame.

Mormon411 said...

It is very hard for people, myself included, to admit that they were wrong, especially since the programming began at birth. I can't convice anyone to leave the church. They have to do it themselves. They have to be ready. If a person isn't ready, you can show them all the ugly church history in the world and it won't even phase them. I wish there was an easy way to show people the truth and have them all accept it, but there isn't. So I share the truth in hopes that those who ARE ready, will find it.

Long Ben Avery said...

"I'd like to just start off with "I'm not a mormon!" I am however, a Christian!"

Ah another case of my invisible friend is better than your, not believed,invisible friend.
Why can't people just realise that posts like this are sooooooo rude and condescending!
And yes I've seen healing too, easily explained by decent modern medicine, free at the point of supply. Yup, thanks to living in the UK, we have a wonderful health service that means no one has to ever worry about getting or affording any medical assistance. The product of a rationally arrived at policy, no god involved!

Sherry said...

I personally think you are way off base here. We are the land of the free and therefore you can speak and write whatever you think. I detect a lot of hate and anger in your words. I am a Mormon, my husband is a convert. We
believe in Christ, therefore we are Christians. There are 12 million Mormons in the world. WE can think for ourselves! Nobody does what they don't want to do! Nobody! Whats so hard about that?
You wanted to leave the church. That's your right, but you cannot take that away from the rest of us who have testimonies of Jesus Christ and know HE is our Savior.

Mormon411 said...

Of course you detect hate and anger, because you have been trained your whole life to think that anyone who speakes against the church is full of... hate and anger!

As far as the "are Mormons Christian?" debate, I don't care either way. It makes no difference to me as I view both as being entirely BS.

I disagree that nobody does what they don't want to. You go to work when you don't want to. Why? Because you will have no home and no food if you don't. You obey Mormonism because if you don't, you won't get to be in the CK with your family in the next life. Mormonism operates on the fear of damnation. I never felt the love of god as a believer.. only his anger at those who dare disobey.

I'm not trying to take away anyone's right to believe. What strikes me as funny is that YOU believe it's ok to send your salesmen door to door to try and change other people, but when someone tries to tell you you're wrong it's PERSECUTION!

tabby said...

You do know that the story you refer to with the emperor is a Faery Tale by Hans Christian Anderson: The emperors new clothes?