Monday, September 24, 2007

The God/Jesus Myth

I used to be afraid of some angry, vengeful god in a galaxy far, far away. I actually thought that god cared about me and cared about every little thing I did. I believed that if I obeyed this god, he would reward me. If I disobeyed him, he would punish me. The leaders of the LDS church were the mouthpiece for god so anything they said must be obeyed.

When I received my enlightenment, I realized that the leaders of the LDS church are lying frauds and that not one of them has ever seen or spoken with god. Those assholes run around pretending to be god's messengers so that they can control all their followers and most importantly, keep the tithing dollars flowing in. They are not holy men; they are business men, and they are in the business of selling salvation. The only problem is that the gospel they are selling is supposed to be FREE!

When I realized all these things, my fear of this hateful god vanished. Now I can tell that god to suck my dick and go to hell because he is not real. Jesus is a complete myth. He may have been a real person two thousand years ago. But he is no god. Just think about it...

Can a virgin be pregnant?

Can anyone walk on water?

Can anyone do interplanetary travel through space with no spaceship?

Can a person who has been dead for three days suddenly come back to life?

Can 5,000 people get full from 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish?

Now, is this starting to sound like reality, or like fantasy? Believing that Jesus is real is no different than believing Spiderman is real. Spiderman is cool, but he is not real! Jesus and Spiderman both go around saving people and are great heroes, but the only problem is that they are both fiction. Jesus has no place in this information age. We know too much about chemistry and science to know that the things the Bible says about Jesus are just plain bullshit!

Jesus doesn't care what you do with your life! Jesus doesn't care what you do with your money. Why? Because Jesus isn't real.

Just as Jesus isn't real, the concept of the devil is also a lie. There is no devil. Sin is a man-made concept. If there is a devil, where is he?

Just open your eyes and look at the world. It is full of millions of different life forms that are each struggling to survive each day. They kill to survive. Sure bad things happen to good people, but that is not evidence of a devil. It is just life taking it's course. Good things happen to good people. This is not a reward for righteousness; it's just life. Bad things happen to bad people. This is not god punishing all the bad people; it is just life. Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to good people. Religious fanatics can explain these things away all day long but the bottom line is that: LIFE HAPPENS. It is not directed by some god on a plant millions of miles away. Things just happen.

Sure, there are things that science can't explain, and I am not ruling out the possibility of a higher power. I am just saying that this higher power, if it exists, does not interfere with events on this planet. It does not care if you "sin" or if you are "righteous".

Here's an interesting angle on the whole god idea...

According to god fearing people, god knows everything. He knows everything that has ever happened, and everything that will ever happen. Since god is all powerful, he interferes with certain events to prevent things from happening that he doesn't want to happen.

Say a certain young lady gets pregnant out of marriage. According to the Mormon church, this young lady is only slightly less wicked than a murderer because she obviously had sex. (Mary was pregnant out of marriage and yet everybody thinks she was great) So because the girl was allowed to get pregnant, it must have been god's will because god did nothing to stop her from getting pregnant. So that must mean that god wanted her to have sex, since he didn't stop her. (Maybe god is a pervert and likes watching other people get it on). If god wanted her to have sex outside of marriage, then sex outside of marriage must not be a sin, because god only wants good and righteous things to happen. Sure, he "allows" things to happen, according to religious fanatics, but if he allowed it to happen, then it must have been his will, because nothing happens if it is against god's will.

Now catch this. According to the Mormon church, we are supposed to have kids to give them physical bodies. This young lady, broke a commandment by having sex, but fulfilled another commandment by providing a body for a spirit child of god. So in the worse case scenereo, she is neutral. Her bad act is wiped out by her good act. God obviously wanted this "spirit child" to get a body or he wouldn't have let the girl get pregnant.

So which is it, god? Is it a sin or is it an act of compassion? Your own doctrine is fucked up and confusing. But isn't Christianity supposed to be clear cut and simple? It's anything but that!

Do you start to see how stupid and ridiculous this whole idea of god controlling everything is? Life just happens! The girl had sex and she got pregnant. There are no angels crying over this lost soul. Her body is just doing what evolution has designed it to do.

There is no god in heaven keeping tabs on every bad word you say and every evil thought you have. If god loves you soooo much, why does he keep tabs on everything bad you do so that he can damn you to hell? The Christian god is a bully and someone needs to kick his ass!

Very funny, god! You made me want to have sex and then tell me I'm evil for wanting to have sex! The Christian god can go FUCK HIMSELF!!! He's not real and there is no such thing as sin. People who want your money and your will are the ones telling you that you need to strictly obey. That is why Mormonism is a cult and it's why I no longer fear that asshole of a god and all the assholes of prophets running around pretending to talk to god.

It's all a lie and I have risen above it.

Just another evil apostate...

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