Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Faith and Light Bulbs

We're going to talk about faith and the churches confusing teachings about it.

We've all sat in a Sunday school lesson and heard how the righteous take things on faith and the "wicked" always want signs. It's bad to seek a sign. Only after a trial of your faith do you get to see a sign.

But here's the problem. I never saw a sign even after years and years of faithful dedication to the church.

No one really ever gets to see any signs but we sure get to hear about a lot of them, especially during general conference! So I'm just sitting here wondering, why do they condemn sign seekers but then share story after story of signs and miracles?

How about instead of share a story of an amazing miracle from the pulpit, why don't they just do something? Why not bring up the guy in the wheelchair and heal him, right there for the entire world to see?

I mean, don't they have the priesthood, the amazing power of god? They are supposed to be able to do anything. Faith can move mountains, remember? We all know that if they really did have supernatural powers, they would be out doing stuff for the whole world to see all the damn time. But they NEVER do...

Why not?

There is no priesthood. All "priesthood holders" are just delusional about some magical mystical power that they supposedly have. But the problem is that they are just ordinary people with no special powers at all. If the Mormons truly had the power of god, trust me, the entire world would know about it!

If the system really worked as well as they claim it does, then the whole world would join immediately. Let me expound.

The entire world uses light bulbs. Why? Because they work. People use light bulbs the world over because they work. There is no debating, no bashing. People don't really care HOW they work, they just care that they DO work.

If Mormonism really worked, the whole world would use it, just like they do light bulbs, electricity, computers, cars, etc.

Did Thomas Edison have to send out missionaries to convert people to "Light Bulb ism"? Thomas Edison came along far after Joseph Smith and converted the entire world in a very short time. And guess what? No one speaks evil of him. His name is remembered with reverence. If he had been a fraud, it would have been obvious from the very beginning.

Does "Light Bulb ism" require faith? No, the light bulbs work for you no matter what your belief. They work just the same for everyone black, white, or anything in between. What would have happened if Thomas Edison had invented a faith-based light bulb? The world would still be in the dark! He would have been called a fraud and no one would remember him.

Joseph Smith invented a faith based light bulb, so to speak. But if Mormonism truly worked as well as a light bulb, the entire world would be converted in a few years and there would be no need for missionaries because everyone would already be Mormon. Just imagine if paying tithing really and truly did bring back a literal 100X increase. I would write that tithing check with a HUGE smile on my face. But the reality is that tithing does nothing. Somehow, the LDS church has people convinced that their faith-based light bulb really does work. People are running around in the dark all the while praising Joseph Smith for his fraudulent light bulb that really does nothing for them.

If Mormonism really was true, it would work just like a light bulb and the entire world would be converted in a very short time. But Mormonism is based on lies, deceptions, secrets, and fraud. That's why it will never fill the whole world. Thomas Edison already did that.

Just another evil apostate...

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