Monday, October 29, 2007

TBM Cry Babies

I've been browsing around a few different anti-Mormon blogs. It's interesting to read TBM's and their responses to us apostates.

1) First, they almost always accuse us of falling away because we wanted to sin.

2) Then they wonder why we won't leave the church alone.

3) Then they call us liars and ask for facts and proof to back up our claims. When we provide it, they brush it off and explain it away.

1) There have been very few TBM's who DON'T come in with their holier-than-thou guns blazing! Every anti-Mormon is an evil apostate who has literally been possessed with an evil spirit. This happened because they masturbate, look at porn, drink, smoke, stopped going to church, stopped praying, etc.

Even though we explain it again and again, TBM's just don't understand that we apostates are still very good people who just happen to no longer believe in the LDS religion. Since we blog our new opinions about it, we are directly working for Satan to tear down the true kingdom of the true god.

2) They wonder again and again, why don't we leave the church and then leave the church alone? They think it is perfectly alright for them to blog and promote their pro-Mormon propaganda whenever and wherever they want. But only they have the right to say their opinions.

They wonder why we "won't leave the church alone". And yet they send out thousands of missionaries all over the world in an attempt to convert EVERYONE. Anti-Mormons don't go door to door. At worst, we publish our views, but we never force or manipulate anyone to read it! But they do! They knock on your door and attempt to manipulate you right from square one!

And then they have the nerve to wonder why we are working sooo hard to tear down the work of the lord. I have news for TBM's. Catholics believe their church is true, so when you go around promoting your pro-Mormon bullshit, they see you as tearing down their faith and religion. But they don't come up to you, whining that you are working for satan.

When a group of people has the "ultimate truth" they also have the ultimate intolerance. Mormons display this perfectly. They have no tolerance for anyone who does not believe as they do and ESPECIALLY for those who actively work against them. So just get over it, you Mormon cry babies! Your god has decreed that the work will never stop, so you might as well just forget about all us puny anti's who will end up being roasted in gods frying pan!

3) My blog, along with many others, is packed full of real sources and quotes that shed serious light on the LDS religion. But TBM's come proudly marching in, claiming that all our evidence has been disproven and debunked again and again and again. Yet, this easily disproven evidence continues to come to light and convince many people to leave the church.

They call our quotes and sources lies made up by the devil to deceive man. If they do find that our sources are correct, they rationalize and explain everything away. Here is one brief example. I will expound on it some other time.

The Book of Abraham was supposedly written by Abraham upon papyrus and translated by Joseph Smith many thousands of years later. Unfortunately, the original papyrus that Joseph had was lost and presumed gone forever. However, it turned up in 1967 and analyses and translations showed that Joseph Smith got it all wrong. The papyrus itself dates to 2,000 years after the time of Abraham. The correct translation has nothing to do with Abraham whatsoever. Bottom line, Joseph Smith made it all up while pretending to translate from a random scroll that he happened to come across.

Mormons defend this outright proof of the lies of Joseph Smith by making several outrageous claims. A common one is that "the entire collection of scrolls was not found. Some are still missing." This is true. However, to quote Mormon missionaries all over the world, "Do you need to eat the whole cake to know that it tastes good?" They use this logic when trying to convince people that the Book of Mormon is true. The idea is that you read a little bit and then pray about it. You can get the witness even if you haven't read the entire book. So, likewise, you don't need the entire collection of scrolls in order to know that The Book of Abraham is a complete fraud.

Their second argument is that since Joseph Smith translated by the gift and power of god, that the deeper meaning of the scrolls came out and that secular knowledge of Egyptian hyieroglyphics completely misses the real message. In other words, the scrolls were encoded and only Joseph Smith could desipher it. Come on! Isn't that putting just too much effort into defending your pathetic religion? If that was the case, why was the church so anxious to have them analyzed in the first place? They were sure it would prove their religion, but as soon as negative reports started coming in, they put the bag on the whole thing.

Now, you only hear about the damning scrolls from an ex-Mormon or anti-Mormon. Mormons don't talk about it because 1) they simply don't know about it, or 2) they know there really is no satisfactory explanation that ends up with them on top.

As someone I know always says, "If you need an excuse, any excuse will do." If you need a rationalization, any rationalization will do.

How about putting together the clues and letting the evidence determine the truth, not the other way around? My point in explaining all of this is that even though we present REAL facts and evidence to heavily support our views, the LDS shrug it off if it in any way discredits them. Oh, if there is any evidence, no matter how small, they jump all over it and get little hard-ons about how true it all is!

So TBM's scream and cry for evidence but when it is presented to them, they shrug it off and call us liars.

Just remember everyone, THE CHURCH IS TRUE NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

Just another evil apostate...


Anonymous said...

I think the saddest part of your blog is that instead of seeking to build up you seek to tear down. So you had a bad experience as a member. If your sins/faults led you to fall away it doesn't mean that all we believe is false. I also think you never really understood or had a testimony of the church, its teachings, and its doctrine. If so, how could you turn for things you know to be true. I hope for you that you stop seeking to destroy, and seek to better your life. See, you only seek to destroy one church, and so I must conclude that it IS the true one. You aren't "wasting" time looking at other chruches or beliefs. Good luck to you. I hope you someday find peace and happiness. Because I know right now, you haven't!

Mormon411 said...

Thank you for that comment! It demonstrated exactly what I was explaining. You accuse me of sinning and because of my sins, I now hate the church.

Just because "I" am attacking the church, "the church" must be true? Get a clue. "I" attack the church because it is what I grew up in. If I had been born Jehovah's Witness, then I would be "tearing them down". So, does that mean that if I was born JW, then the JW church is true? You need to seriously rethink your extremely faulty logic.

Yes, it's true. I once believed the church was true. But once I heard the other side of the story (the side that the church won't tell you) then I had to make a decision based upon the facts. Show me where I ever said, anywhere, that I left because of a sin!

So again, thank you for that cookie cutter TBM response. That is exactly what I was demonstrating. 1) I sinned. 2) I couldn't hack it. 3) I never had a testimony. Thank you, thank you, Mr. Genius. You've got me entirely figured out.

In fact, since you "know" that I am now miserable, I will consult you from now on to intrepret all my emotions for me, since you are obviously the authority on how I feel.

Now, please come back when you actually have something worthy of sharing, besides attacking my character and current emotional status. You've got the spirit on your side, so it should be really easy to confound me.