Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mormonism Is A Prison

The other day I was in the home of an LDS member. I was left alone for a few moments and so had the opportunity to examine the Mormon propaganda adorning every wall. Above an arched door way was a large sign reading, "Remember who you are." On another wall was displayed a picture of a young man putting on a tie and looking in the mirror. The reflection he sees is that of a young man dressed in armor, complete with shield, helmet, and sword.

The Mormons think they are the Jedi Knights defending the galaxy from an invisible but continuous attack from satan and his minions. They literally think there is a battle raging just inches from our faces, but beyond the vail so that we can't actually see it.

They alone have the truth, the power to save the world. It is their holy mission and calling to save as many people as they can from becoming a victim in satan's siege. It is literally in the hands of 4 million active Mormons to defend the world from billions upon billions of evil spirits, devils, and demons.

The only problem is that there is absolutely no evidence for any type of a raging battle. The Mormons are fighting an imaginary battle with an invisible enemy. The only real enemy they can see are the "noble souls" who are deceived by satan's lies and become evil apostates. We are quite literally their enemies. When we try to tell them, "Relax, calm down, there is no battle, they fight us all the more because we are deceived and are in turn trying to deceive them. To a Mormon, the fact that someone leaves the church is proof that satan and this so called "battle" is real.

It's really no wonder then why they hate us. They see us as the enemy. But there is no enemy. The Mormon church is a brainwashing cult that has all it's members engaged in an imaginary war. It's a delusion. In fact, it's not unlike schizophrenia, where the mind produces all sorts of situations that aren't real. Mormons live in a world that is not real. But if you try to tell them that, they think you are trying to deceive them.

It is truly a mind prison, and only a few ever escape it. Those few, the true elite, are labeled apostate. It's ok, Mormons, you can label us with anything you want. But the truth is that we are free and you are not. It's quite ironic how you defend and fight for your own bondage. You live in an imaginary dream world where it is your holy calling to save the world. Sound like a fairy tale? Because it is!

There are several things that need to happen for a person to free themselves from this prison, and the first is knowledge. This is the first step, but unfortunately for most prisoners, it is also the last. People come across the truth about Mormonism and shun it off as lies of the devil. There are only a few who take it to the next level.

The next level, then, is taking that knowledge and thinking about it logically. It is having an open mind and having the desire to learn more. This leads to the next level...

Letting the facts decide the outcome, rather than the outcome decide the facts. It's that simple.

The final step, and probably the most difficult, is standing up with all eyes on you and walking out. Unfortunately, each step gets progressively harder and harder. That is why so many people are comfortable in their imaginary Mormon world. It is a fundamental law of nature for ALL THINGS, living and non-living, to take the path of least resistance. The only way you will reach the next step of enlightenment is to abandon the easy path. (Damn, I sound like a Buddhist monk, LOL!)

Looking at the world without the demented Mormon view is new and beautiful. It's not an evil, horrible, awful place. You are in a strange, but wonderful new world. Where you go from there is up to you. There is no more angry, vengeful god to please all the time. There are new beliefs to discover and form. There is dealing with the labels and social rejection that you will most likely face. But there is no more tithing, hometeaching, temple, church, callings, fasting, praying, reading "scriptures", worthiness interviews, bearing your testimony, trying to convert your neighbors, unquestioned obedience to the "prophet", etc.

I never said it would be easy; I only said it would be worth it.

Free yourself from the Mormon lies and discover a whole new world!

Just another evil apostate...

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