Friday, November 2, 2007

Why The Priesthood Isn't Real

This is an issue that I've wanted to address for a while now. That is the issue of the holy priesthood and how it doesn't do shit for anyone.

Mormons, and myself included when I was a believer, think that they have the holy priesthood, the literal power to act in behalf of god himself. This is a very real power. One has the ability to do anything, if it is the will of god.

But the problem, is that you don't ever see Mormons moving mountains. You don't ever see them using any type of supernatural power to do anything. All you see is a bunch of guys running around thinking they have all this tremendous power at their disposal.

Let's take an imaginary trip, for a moment, to a galaxy far, far away. We live in the Starwars world, and if you become a bad guy, a Jedi Knight will kick your ass. People fear and respect the Jedi because their power is real. They can deflect bullets back at you and they can pull your weapon right out of your hand with some unseen power. It is not some power that they all pretend to have. It's power that they really do have and people respect them because of it.

I dare say that if the Mormons really had the power of god, they would not be unlike Jedi Knights. Everyone would have no doubts that this elite group of people do indeed have some terrible power, and everyone would fear and respect them. The whole world would know who the Mormons are, and people would be lined up by the thousands to be baptized.

No one on this planet has any special, supernatural powers. It is a fantasy fairy tale. As a Mormon, I used to believe that I was truly special, a Jedi Knight if you will. I really did believe it.

Of course, now that my eyes are opened, I can see that I was just living in a made up fantasy world. I didn't have any special powers. I couldn't heal anyone any better than the next guy. Let's talk for a moment about how Mormons view healing and why it works sometimes and why it doesn't sometimes...

A Mormon is sick and asks for a blessing. Two priesthood holders come and annoint their head with special oil. They then place their hands upon the persons head and proceed to give a blessing where they command the person to "become whole". There are two possible outcomes. First, the person will get better, and second, the person will not get better. No matter what happens, Mormons rationalize about it.

If the person got better, then it was a miracle. The blessing obviously worked and the church must be true!

If the person doesn't get better, then either the person giving the blessing was not worthy to do so, OR it wasn't god's will that the person be healed and the church must be true.

Now don't you see that this type of thinking is terribly flawed? Sometimes the person gets better and sometimes they don't. It sounds like random chance to me. If the person got better after the blessing, he would have gotten better anyway. If the person did not get better after the blessing, then he wouldn't have gotten better anyway.

It is just a matter of how severe the person's ailment is. The blessing does nothing to actually cure the person, and the outcome manifests itself. No matter what the outcome, it is taken as proof that the church is true; that the priesthood is real.

Isn't it repeated over and over that faith can move mountains? Well, how about if you mix faith along with the true power of god? That should make a mighty powerful individual! But have you ever seen in the news that a mountain was moved? That even a stone or pebble was moved? You don't, because it doesn't really happen. Faith doesn't do shit and the priesthood doesn't do shit! We all know that if the Mormons really had that type of power, the whole world would know it! They would be moving mountains and preforming all kinds of miraculous feats. But they don't! They don't do anything special except give a blessing that depends upon the "will" of god.

Mormons, your priesthood is an illusion. It's not real. You don't have any special powers. I know that you all view me as deceived by the devil and inspired to write lies and spew hate, but if you stop and think about it, it is you who are deceived. You have been lead to believe that you have special powers. But you don't. I'm not spreading lies; I am spreading common sense. If you really think you have the magical power of god, and I am the enemy of god, then use your power to strike me down. I challenge anyone. Shock me with your amazing power like Nephi did to his brothers.

If anyone of you can do anything supernatural, then I will take back everything I've said. If you have the awesome power of god, then prove it. And don't tell me "Why should we prove it? You are wicked because you want proof." You will refuse to give me proof, just because I asked for it. Then you will go to testimony meeting and share sob stories about how this happened and that happened. But if the priesthood was real, testimony meeting would not be all about sharing stories about the priesthood; it would be all about doing miracles, right there in front of everyone.

You all want proof and stories to make you feel that it really is true. General authorities get up in general conference and "spew" miracles (otherwise known as Faith Promoting Rumors) to the members, who lap it up and go home having been edified and uplifted.

It's all a bunch of bullshit and the occasional "miracle" that does happen is nothing more than a coincidence. It would have happened anyway. "Miracles" happen to everyone all around the world, no matter what religion they are; not just to Mormons. So stop getting all puffed up with your self-back patting. Miracles that occur in the Mormon church are no more miraculous than a miracle that happens somewhere else, so get over yourselves!

Free yourself from the Mormon lies.

Just another evil apostate...

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