Thursday, February 21, 2008

Apostacy & the Churches View On It

The churches view on apostacy is simple... we can change our doctrine and beliefs, but no body else can.

The whole premise of the church is based on the idea that Christ's original church fell into apostacy over a period of many years. Since the true priesthood was lost, no one had the authority to preach or baptize. So as reformers tried to restore things back to the original, more and more branches of Christianity sprang up.

Joseph Smith, under divine guidance, was able to restore the true church of christ with all of its original teachings. But since 1830, the LDS church itself has undergone many doctrinal and scriptural changes. According to the Mormon church, if any doctrine or scripture is changed, then apostacy has occurred.

They are indeed guilty of apostacy and yet feel that they are immune from it. Why? Because they hold a direct line of communication with god. Since it is really god's church, god can change it any time he wants to, right? Wrong!

What about the scriptures that say that god is the same yesterday, today, and forever? Not only that but Mormon leaders from the beginning have claimed that the gospel never changes at all, not because of popular demand or because of pressure from governments. Their message has always been that the gospel does not change!

If it does not change, then why do they change it? They will try to take you on this roller coaster ride of "continuing revelation" to justify any changes they make. But if they truly are lead by god himself, why do they need to change anything? Shouldn't their perfect god get it right the first time?

Basically, the Mormons don't believe in change and yet they change and credit it to "revelation". Their perfect god still hasn't gotten it right, so he needs to keep revising things. It makes them look like the blubbering fools that they are!

One great example is the revelation in 1978 that officially allowed blacks to have the priesthood. Despite statements by Brigham Young that god would NEVER allow the black race to hold the priesthood, god felt the need to repent of his racism and allow blacks to have full rights to the blessings of the church. This is a doctrinal change that they attribute to "revelation". And yet, by their own definition, a change in doctrine is apostacy. But the church never changes... One could go crazy trying to sort it all out!

Just remember folks, the church is true no matter what and we can change our history, doctrine, and scriptures, but no body else can!


Just another evil apostate...

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