Sunday, February 17, 2008

We Need to Get Him Baptized

I recently attended a wedding where a relative of mine got married. Her new husband is not a member. It was nice seeing friends and relatives not seen in a long time. I was having a good time until one of my uncles came up to me and said something like, "We need to get him (the groom) baptized."

That made my stomach turn. Why the hell can't you just accept the groom for the good man he is? Why are you so anxious to shove your religion down everyones throat? Why are you so intent on making everyone believe what you believe?

This particular uncle, as expected, is a hardcore Mormon. He eats, breathes, and drinks the church. While I do understand that his intentions are good, it has caused me to feel a little resentment towards him. He is a good man and his only true flaw is that he, like so many others, gobble up what the "profit" says without giving it a second thought.

I can't really blame him. He was born and raised in it. Apparently he has never taken the time to sit back and think for himself. He's just another victim of the brainwashing cult. Very sad...

Just another evil apostate...

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