Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wealthy Mormons and Their Questionable Income

I went to a Utah Blaze (arena football) game the other night and it was fun. The crowd was screaming and I walked out of there with my ears ringing. The game was held in Larry H. Miller's "Energy Solutions Arena".

For those who might be unaware, Larry H. Miller is a very wealthy citizen of Salt Lake. He owns car dealerships, movie theatres, restaurants, the Energy Solutions Arena, and the Utah Jazz. It's an understatement that he is very well to do. He's also Mormon.

At this game, vendors are selling munchies, drinks, and... beer? Larry is a Mormon and yet he sells alcohol at his stadium. His theatres are open on Sunday.

Another famous Mormon who profits from sinful endulgences is Mr. Marriott. You can stay in his hotel and watch pay-per-view porno. I'm sure he makes millions from porn sales. And then, get this, instead of a Bible, he leaves a Book of Mormon in each room for his guests to enjoy. Talk about a double standard!

The church, obviously, eagerly accepts the tithing donations from both Miller and Marriott, knowing full well that their income is questionable when compared to LDS standards. I would imagine that both Miller and Marriott give substantial donations to the church.

It all just goes to show like I was saying in my last post... if the dollar amount is high enough, they will look the other way when it comes to sin.

It's shameful... Jesus would whip the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve right out of the temple.

Your Apostate...

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