Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jesus, Buddah, or a Rock... Which Can Save You?

I was having a discussion with my TBM wife the other day. We were talking about religion, of course. We were driving and I asked her, "If I pray to Jesus to help us travel safely, and we make it to our destination safely, does that prove that Jesus answered my prayer?"

I fully expected her to say no.

But when she answered yes, I realized that I needed to rephrase the question.

"If I pray to Buddah to help us travel safely, and we do, does that prove that Buddah answered my prayer?"

Now she starts with the mental gymnastics.

"It's all about faith".

"I know it is... believe it just because I told you so."

How about this one!

What if I pray to a rock to help us travel safely, and we do, does that mean the rock answered my prayer?

What if I pray for safety and end up getting in a car wreck? Does that mean Jesus just told me "Fuck you"?

What does it all mean???


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