Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have added a new quote on the side bar:

"Too many Mormons are leaving the LDS church only to end up in some other Christian religion. This is like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire."


James Brian Marshall said...

Joseph Smith did not lie. Brigham Young lied. There is a difference.

You sir or ma'm don't know your church history. For an ex mormon that is very peculiar because persecution always causes people to have to know more in order to validate their beliefs to themselves.

For instance I may say I'm a A.C. repair man. And I may have helped work on one. But if I'm going to Impress anyone who truly know's anything about A.C. units, say a real pro, I had better have worked on A.C. units like I said?

Other wise my story will be a trap for myelf and my ill reasearched beliefs structure. My ill reasearched beliefs will trap me just as my well researched beliefs will deliver me.

You are disallusioned with Salt Lake Utah Mormonism. I don't blame you! Having never been a Salt Lake Mormon I have not had the priviledge to be in a multimillion dollar temple.

Jesus Christ said in the Book of Mormon and the Bible to feed the poor with those millions. To feed the hungery, visit the widow, and take that money and use it to make all men free. No I don't see where the Salt Lake LDS church has worked to make men free. No they've done more to kill the true doctrine of Jesus Christ than perhaps the Catholic church did.

I as a RLDS member and priest had to live with the shame of what the LDS church did to Joseph Smith and to the Book of Mormon.

I have had to withstand ridicule for believing in something prophecied in Isaiah chapters 28,29,30. For believing in Ezekeil 37 and for believing Mathew, Mark, Luke and John as well as the words of John the Beloved. For believing Revelations and the very words of Jesus Christ!

I have had to see archaeological artifacts scoffed at, I've been called a liar for my beliefs by Protestants because a bunch of Salt Lake LDS men wanted to wet their willies with more than one wife. And then frame Joseph Smith for the crime

I have had to live and watch the good name of Joseph Smith slandereded by people who don't even really know their own church history, because they think the Salt Lake LDS church is all that in a bag of chips. Either for good or for evil purposes

That being said, there are many good Mormons out there and I don't hate them. Nor do I blame them for being Mormon. The Book of Mormon is true.

If you don't believe me go to my blog and see the pictures, read the biblical scriptures. Posted on my Blog is a sermon preached by Joseph Smith one month and one day before his death against polygamy.

Also read the Testimonies of his son and grandson testifying Joseph Smith never had anything to do with polygamy.

If you don't believe me click on one the links and go to the Price Publishing Web site and see the evidence for yourself about Joseph Smith being framed for the shame and sin of those men who first started the Salt Lake Church.

While it cannot conclusively link Brigham Young for the Murder of Joseph Smith, it casts some seriouse light upon what really happened those last fateful days of Joseph Smith's life. It also help you understand how long the arm of satan truly is. And who really is of God and who is the church of the devil.


James Brian Marshall

Just another evil apostate... said...


We are all entitled to our own beliefs and if you believe that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and never lied about anything, then that's fine. But I wonder if you're living with a little bit of wishful thinking?

Joseph Smith is totally guiltless and everyone else around him are lying and deceiving con men who framed Joseph Smith for rape, affairs, etc...

As a Salt Lake City Mormon, I understood their history as they teach it. I come to find out that it has been imbellished, white-washed, and in some cases, outright fabricated.

I don't know much about the RLDS faith other than that it was started by Emma after Joseph's death. They believed that Joseph's son should be the next leader of the church. That's literally all I know.

Joseph Smith went to Carthage Jail because he order the destruction of a printing press that was about to expose him. How do you explain that?

Jospeh Smith shot and killed at least two of the attackers that stormed the jail.

There is a ton of great information about Joseph Smith and in my opinion it doesn't matter if you're LDS, RLDS, FLDS, whatever... if you believe Joseph Smith, then you are in a cult.

That's the bottom line. The man was caught lying in several instances. Most of his prophesies never came true. Those that did, were later found to have been made after the fact. I'll post something about that as soon as I am done with my reply here.

How do you explain the Book of Abraham? You can't unless you do a shit load of mental gymnastics.

The man, and any who succeeded him (whatever branch is was) are/were con men, liars, murderers.