Sunday, October 12, 2008

Endure to the End

In Mormonism this is what you have to do to be saved... 1) be baptized, 2) obey all the commandments, and 3) endure to the end.

According to the dictionary, "endure" is defined as: "suffering without yielding".

What does that imply? That makes it sound like a pretty horrible journey, does it not? Do I endure a good movie, or do I enjoy a good movie? Do I endure a good meal, or do I enjoy a good meal? Therefore, anything you have to "endure" must be miserable. If you are to endure until you die, then your life must be miserable!

You are expected to suffer your entire life. What makes you suffer? The 1001 commandments that are in place to "test" you and any other challenges which come your way. Your life as a Mormon is supposed to be miserable and god has given you 1001 ways to fail the test!

But isn't being Mormon supposed to be all about being happy? Aren't Mormons the only truly happy people in the world? Here we have a contradiction: how can you be happy and miserable at the same time?

If you have to endure your life, then your life is nothing but a task, a chore. But you only get one life. Why waste it being miserable?

Don't endure your life; enjoy your life. If there is a god, he never meant for us to have to endure to the end; he meant for us to enjoy to the end.

But if you're Mormon, you can't enjoy. There are too many commitments to fulfill, too many meetings to attend, too many guilt trips over pointless things, too much time given to the church. What do you get in return? Being told that you're supposed to be miserable. You're supposed to be burdened down.

When I talk to Mormons about the huge wave of relief I felt when I left the church, nearly all of them accuse me of not being able to endure to the end. That proves what I have been saying. Mormonism is nothing but work, work, work. In the end, the church itself benefits and you are told that your suffering, on behalf of the church, will guarantee you your salvation. In Mormonism, you can't be saved unless you are miserable.

But how can the fruit of the one and only true church be misery? It's a self contradictory idea. Since it contradicts itself, it can't possibly be true.

I was miserable. How about anyone else?


Anonymous said...

Ditto on the misery. I think most mormons who claim to be happy don't know any other way to be happy. They are so brainwashed that they think anyone without the gospel is a miserable person and therefore it is their job the "save" them. If only they could see that the grass is truly greener on the other side.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right about life being hard and the vital importance that we endure to the end.
However, you are also correct that the lord put us here to be tested and to be happy! Man are that men might have joy. We have so many things that can beat us down and WILL because satan would love to have it that way. But because god loves us and knows our strengths...he'll lead us to those ultimate joys and at the same time help us learn who we are and how we will be better at the end.

Look at the leaders of the church. The Prophet, First presidency... These men are truly happy and faithful despite their endless amount of meetings and chores. It's an ultimate happiness that we are finding in this religion. Why would we go through such hard things.....if we never felt that PURELY true happiness.
it's a relief you would wish everyone in the world to feel.

Mormon411 said...

Whoa, whoa! You're putting words in my mouth. Where did I say that we must endure and that the lord put us here to be tested? I never said that.

I don't even know how to respond to the rest of your comment. How do you know the first presidency is soooo happy? Do you know them personally or something? What kind of "such hard things" do you go through to achieve your ultimate happiness? I bet you don't suffer even a fraction of what some other people suffer (like starving children in Africa). Since they suffer more than you, does that mean their religion is more true than yours or that they are more happy than you? I don't understand your point and I don't think I want to.

I know that Mormons think they are truly happy and that everyone else just has the illusion of happiness. What if that was actually true for you? Tell me this: do you actually LOVE doing your home teaching every month? Do you LOVE handing over 10% of your hard earned money? Do you LOVE going to the temple to sit through that god-awful, boring ceremony? Do you do all those things and much more because you truly LOVE it? Or do you do it because you'll go to hell if you don't?

Be honest now!